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William Hill will rely on Mr Green

Auf einer Tastatur liegen Pokerkarten, vier rote Würfel und eine Lupe.

William Hill ist bei allen Glücksspielfans bekannt, besonders bei Liebhabern von Sportwetten. Deshalb haben mit Sicherheit die meisten verfolgt, wie der Verkauf von William Hill vonstatten ging. Damit sind die Meldungen um diesen Glücksspielanbieter noch lange nicht beendet. Laut den neuesten Nachrichten möchte sich William Hill von drei Online Casinos verabschieden und sich zugleich auf… (read more)

Italy: Legal gambling should be strengthened – Novomatic on board

Zwei Gondeln fahren durch Venedig – links ist die Kathedrale zu sehen.

A new study was carried out in Italy, the result of which is not really surprising: the legal range of gambling is to be increased in order to combat illegal gambling. At least that's how the gamblers see it themselves. The arguments cannot be dismissed out of hand. Coincidentally, at the same time, Novomatic is expanding its presence in Italy. Italy's population wants legal… (read more)

Tipico offers online casino in the USA

Jersey City – typisch sind die Hochhäuser.

Like we did a few weeks ago have reported, Tipico has already established a foothold in the USA. Although Tipico cannot yet offer its sports betting in the whole of the USA, only in a few states. Now, however, Tipico has managed to offer an online casino in the United States of America. Tipico… (read more)

Ireland: New gambling law provides for high penalties

Drei Spielfiguren-Männer stehen vor einer gefüllten Geldbörse. Ein Männlein zieht an einem 100-Euro-Schein.

In Ireland online casinos are still not regulated . This means that online gambling is still illegal in this country. But that should change next year at the latest, as the current gambling law is being revised. Online casinos will also be included in the new law, but if they do not comply with the new regulations, they will… (read more)

Entain does not go to DraftKings

Ein leeres Fußballstadion, in dem weder Spieler noch Zuschauer vorhanden sind.

A few weeks ago there was an announcement that DraftKings was interested in Entain. The former would have offered the second-named company several billion US dollars, which the group wanted to pay with both cash and shares. As surprising as the offer was made at the time, DraftKings withdrew its offer. The takeover negotiations between Entain and DraftKings are… (read more)

GH in Austria: Pokerstars has to reimburse losses

Abbildung einer Aktie, deren Kurs im Moment steil nach unten fällt.

Always have to the courts of various countries deal with compliance with gambling laws. Either the gambling operators turn to the courts when they see their own rights violated, or the players go to court. The latter happened in Austria after a player lost tens of thousands of euros. There is now a verdict on this. The OGH in… (read more)

Greentube available online in the USA

Ein für Atlantic City – New Jersey – typisches modernes Gebäude.

The corona pandemic with its many lockdowns has clearly shown how popular online casinos are. It's no wonder that many gambling companies are shifting their product range to the online area or expanding their existing online range. Novomatic also pursued this idea, at least its subsidiary Greentube: The offers of the Austrian gaming group will soon be available in the USA. Greentube offers… (read more)

BOS: Restrictions for online casinos in Sweden must be removed

Schwedens Hauptstadt Stockholm.

The BOS is with the current Situation in Sweden dissatisfied. The government just wants to gradually lift the existing restrictions on gambling. According to the BOS, the restrictions are lifted too late for online casinos. Therefore, the association turned to the Swedish government. The Swedish government would like to extend the restrictions for online casinos by mid… (read more)

South Korea abolishes gaming curfew

Eine Szene aus dem beliebte Online Spiel Minecraft.

Many young people like to play computer games - sometimes interest in games begins in elementary school. In theory, there is no problem with children playing video games as long as it stays within limits. South Korea saw things differently and introduced a night-time curfew for children and young people. Now a rethinking took place and the… (read more)

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