European Poker Players Participate in WSOP

Zwei Männer halten Pokerkarten in der Hand. Bei einem Mann sind die Karten sichtbar.

Lange At the time it was questionable whether the WSOP would even take place live this year. This was due to the corona pandemic, which would most likely not be over until the start of the WSOP. After the good news was published that the WSOP, like in previous years - with the exception of 2020 - will be live in the usual casino... (read more)

Pennsylvania allows WSOP website

Aus mehreren Pokerkarten wurden zwei mehrstöckige Kartenhäuser gebaut. Davor liegen fünf Würfel mit unterschiedlichen Farben. 

Hardly anyone knows that the WSOP isn't just the world-renowned and popular poker tournament that annually determines a new poker world champion. WSOP also has an online presence where poker fans can play. Exactly this page will soon be online in Pennsylvania.

Las Vegas in normal operation from June

Las Vegas: MGM, das New York-New York und die Achterbahn.

While the Canadian casinos and arcades are still waiting for an opening, things are different in the USA the end. At least in Nevada, casinos will be allowed to resume regular operations from June. That was decided by the incumbent governor. We would like to briefly explain which measures are associated with this. Las Vegas casinos may completely… (read more)

New WSOP tournament schedule prepared

Zwei Hände im Vordergrund halten viele Pokerkarten. Eine Hand im Hintergrund ist verschwommen und hält nur eine Karte.

The WSOP tournament was the most important one for decades and most exciting tournament for numerous poker fans. But the corona pandemic ensured that there was no tournament on site last year. For the first time in the history of the WSOP, most of it was played online. Therefore, the hope of the pro players and the fans lay in the fact that in… (read more)

World Poker Tour to get new owner

Pokerkarten, Spielchips und Geldbündel.

Bislang glaubten Pokerfans, dass die WPT von Element Partners gekauft wird. Der Kauf war theoretisch schon abgeschlossen, lediglich die Aktionäre hätten noch zustimmen müssen. Jetzt kommt eine neue Meldung: Womöglich erfolgt dieses Geschäft doch nicht, da nun Bally´s Corporation ebenfalls ein Kaufangebot unterbreitet hat. Die WPT soll verkauft werden. Allied Esports hatte bisher nur ein… (read more)

Los Angeles casinos in lockdown again

Los Angeles Downtown.

Sounds like one Injustice to: While Las Vegas casinos are open, Los Angeles casinos have to close again. The operators had come up with creative ideas there, but they were not enough. On the other hand, the new lockdown affects not only the casinos, but numerous other companies. Basically, it's quite... (read more)

WSOP enters its final round

Royal Flush mit bunten Chips.

This year hasn't been a normal one for anyone Year. This also applies to the local casinos. These had to close again and again and open again after a short opening. What else could players do but turn to an online casino? It was similar with the popular poker tournaments, for example the… (read more)

Gambling in Basel-Landschaft now legal


In Switzerland, things have so far been similar to those in Kenya: Each canton was allowed to set its own rules for or against gambling. So far there has not been a unified law. However, there is a gambling law in Switzerland that has been in effect since January 2019. The canton of Basel-Landschaft has now based its own law on this law.... (read more)

Bellagio opens famous poker room

Eingang Executive Boardroom.

Las Vegas is waking up stronger and stronger from the involuntary Corona sleep. For some time now, players have been able to try their luck again at slot machines. Only a few days ago the table games were allowed to be offered again. Now the world-renowned Bellagio Resorts & Casino has announced that the legendary poker room has reopened. Play poker here regularly... (read more)

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