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Sweden wants to lower betting limit

Auf einem abgedunkelten Smartphone liegt ein Zehn-Euro-Schein.

Sweden's players were allowed Deposit a smaller amount at online casinos during the Corona pandemic than they were used to before. As a reason, the government mentioned player safety, which should be given special attention during the corona pandemic. According to a new report, the current betting limit is to be reduced again. Sweden is planning to increase the weekly betting limit again… (read more)

Sweden: Casino is being built in the trotting track

Eine leere Trabrennbahn.

In the end Sports betting and games of chance like roulette, poker and slots can be seen as competition to each other. On the other hand, there are many gambling fans who like to play all kinds of gambling games. Seen in this way, it seems logical that a casino should be built as a supplement to a trotting track in Sweden. The horse racing track Aktiebolaget Trav… (read more)

BOS: Restrictions for online casinos in Sweden must be lifted

Schwedens Hauptstadt Stockholm.

The BOS is with dissatisfied with the current situation in Sweden. The government just wants to gradually lift the existing restrictions on gambling. According to the BOS, the restrictions are lifted too late for online casinos. Therefore, the association turned to the Swedish government. The Swedish government would like to extend the restrictions on online casinos by mid… (read more)

Online casinos advertise banned players in Sweden


Schweden hat im letzten Jahr bereits beim ersten Lockdown scharfe Sanktionen gegen Online Casinos eingeführt. So gab es beispielsweise ein Einsatzlimit, das von vielen stark kritisiert wurde. Nun gibt es eine aktuelle Meldung, die klar wiedergibt, dass die Ideen der Regierung gar nicht so schlecht waren: Online Casinos bewerben in Schweden gesperrte Spieler und wenden… (read more)| ||82

Schweden: Casino-Restriktionen gelten bis Sommer 2021

Das schwedische Parlament in Stockholm.

Especially in recent months, the Scandinavian country of Sweden has been a focus of attention in Kenya. The Swedes went their own way during the corona pandemic and relied on an orderly everyday life. There were initially no plans to close companies, restaurants or bars. Exactly the same was true for arcades or betting shops. While… (read on)

Swedish Luck Authority punishes two online casinos

Vier rote Würfel stehen auf einem geöffneten Laptop.

Not every online casino adheres to the Rules why black sheep are called dubious. Now two online casinos have been penalized in Sweden, which are reputable and comply with all regulations. The corona pandemic with its special rules was to blame for a rule not being observed. The Swedish Gaming Authority has warned two licensed online casinos… (read more)

Sweden imposes restrictions on online casinos

Stadtansicht von Stockholm.

In Sweden you can Online gambling providers have only received licenses since 2019. And less than 1.5 years later, the government imposes restrictions. These were originally issued due to the corona pandemic and should only be valid until the end of this year. It has now been announced that the restrictions will apply until the middle of next year. The restrictions decided in the spring of this year… (read more)

Sweden limits deposit amounts


Sweden had the brilliant idea of ​​reducing deposit amounts to limit at the online casinos. This should increase player protection. Now the Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen has announced that this plan has failed. The new regulation states that each player may only deposit the equivalent of 480 euros per week. However, players are getting very creative with this… (read more)

Sweden: Legal form annoys the gambling industry

Symbole von einem Spielautomaten.

The joy was great when Sweden opened its gambling market just a few months ago. So far, however, this opening has not really turned out to be a great success story. Again and again there are discussions between companies and politicians. Due to the sometimes extremely strict regulations and specifications, even companies based in Sweden have recently withdrawn from the market.... (read more)

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