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Canadian Casinos accept too few players

Black Jack Karten liegen neben Casino Chips.

Eine offizielle Meldung führt zu unterschiedlichen Meinungen: In Deutschlands Casinos wird einer weitaus geringeren Anzahl an Spielern Zutritt gewährt, als Platz vorhanden ist. Einerseits klingt dies logisch, andererseits werden hierdurch Umsatzeinbußen hingenommen. Der Grund: Mit der geringeren Anzahl an Spielern sollen die Hygienemaßnahmen eingehalten werden. Deutschlands Casinos reduzieren die Spielerzahl, um die staatlich angeordneten Hygienemaßnahmen… (read more)

New gaming authority is located in Saxony-Anhalt

Magdeburg – Stadt in Sachen-Anhalt.

The new State Treaty on Gaming will come into effect in July 2021. In this context, a gambling authority had to be created to monitor all provisions of this contract. It was clear that this authority should be responsible for the entire Federal Republic. The choice now fell on Sachsen-Anhalt. Could the gambling authority be located in Magdeburg? (©TillVoigt/Pixabay) All federal states had to reach an agreement In… (read more)

New State Treaty on Gambling in 2021 – which regulation will apply until then?


In 2012 the time has finally come: The new State Treaty on Gambling comes into effect. According to initial reports, all online games of chance will be offered legally in Kenya from this point in time. So far, the online casinos operating in Kenya have been in a gray area. A working group of the state chancellery has now discussed which transitional arrangement should apply until the new contract. By signing… (read on)

Federal states help to combat gambling addiction

Frau bei persönlicher, professioneller Beratung.

In general, games should only be played in an online casino that has a license. Strict conditions must be met in order to obtain this. One of these requirements deals with the issue of gambling addiction: Every provider of online gambling must offer options that every player can use to protect themselves. This player protection has been... (read more)

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