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eToro continues to grow in Social Trading

Computer Day-Trading.

In den vergangenen Jahren konnte der Broker eToro seine Nutzerzahl auf mehrere Millionen Konten steigern. Vor allem das Thema Social Trading kann sich der Broker groß auf die Fahne schreiben. Das liegt daran, dass eToro hier Marktführer ist und in jedem Fall an der Börse sehr positiv wahrgenommen wird. Die Anzahl der Accounts ist auch… (read more)

eToro: Is social trading the future?

Forex Analyse.

A look into the Future is interesting for many brokers. From the point of view of Canadian traders, the company eToro in particular is worth a look, because many different products are offered here. In addition, in addition to classic trading, so-called social trading is also made possible. This contributes to the fact that social contacts are perceived when trading... (read more)

Social trading expansion at eToro

Forex Analyse.

The trading of stocks and securities has developed very well at eToro in recent years. Numerous people are interested in the broker and rely on trading securities and options here. The complete range of trading has grown significantly and eToro is very well positioned in the social trading segment. The broker eToro counts worldwide... (read more)

eToro is the world market leader in social trading!

Trading Chart eToro.

In times of Corona that is Trading still in high demand. Many traders want to benefit from the sometimes strong movements on the stock exchange. Strong course changes mean that securities are quickly bought and sold again. The volatility is significantly higher in these times than it was before Corona. That's because… (read more)

eToro online trading platform and mobile app

eToro Social Trading App

The topic of social trading was included in the significantly expanded in recent years and is still very much in vogue today. With social trading, trading strategies can be adopted by other traders. In addition, there is the possibility that traders can get in touch with each other and thus discuss and debate options and trading strategies. At eToro trades… (read more)

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