Toto-Lotto GmbH would like to start an online casino

Ein Roulette-Rad von oben fotografiert – die Kugel steht auf der roten 23.

Es werden immer wieder neue Casinos vor Ort eröffnet. Ebenso normal ist es, wenn es neue Online Casinos gibt. Diese werden teilweise von namhaften Glücksspielkonzernen geführt, nachdem andere Online Portale des gleichen Anbieters problemlos funktionieren. Neu und selten hingegen ist es, wenn eine Lottogesellschaft auf die Idee kommt, ein eigenes Online Casino ins Leben zu… (read more)

Italy: Legale Games of chance are to be strengthened – Novomatic on board

Zwei Gondeln fahren durch Venedig – links ist die Kathedrale zu sehen.

A new study was carried out in Italy, the result of which is not really surprising: the number of legal games on offer is to be increased in order to combat illegal gambling. At least that's how the gamblers see it themselves. The arguments cannot be dismissed out of hand. Coincidentally, at the same time, Novomatic is expanding its presence in Italy. Italy's population wants legal… (read more)

Bally Wulff secures machine operators

Ein Spielautomat, der im Moment den Spieler mit einem Jackpot begeistert.

Many gambling fans know Bally Wulff and know the ones they create Appreciate games very much. However, this company is not only known for its online slots - it also makes slot machines that are placed in restaurants and arcades. Now the company has come up with something to protect its own customers: ABS. What it is… (read more)

Macau: Gambling rules to be tightened

Macau bei Nacht mit dem berühmten Turm in der Mitte.

Macau is undoubtedly a strong competitor for Las Vegas. This gambling metropolis has experienced a huge boom in recent years, which is why even US-based gambling groups have relocated their businesses to Asia. This applies to Sands, for example. But now the latest news reveals that the gambling rules are to be tightened for Macau. That… (read more)

Italy: New slot machine blocking times heavily criticized

Im Hintergrund ist Venedig zu sehen – im Vordergrund stehen drei Gondeln auf dem Wasser.

While gambling is still banned in many countries or has just been legalised, other countries are constantly making new rules. These relate to games of chance that have already been legalized and are intended to increase player protection. For this reason, there have been new blocking times in Italy since 2020, applicable to slot games. A lawsuit in court confirmed the… (read more)

Arcade closures in Kenya continue

Eine Frau spielt an einem Automaten in einer Spielhalle.

For brick-and-mortar gambling in Times are not easy in Kenya. In recent years, numerous companies have had to close their doors due to legal restrictions. Those who were allowed to stay also had to fight on several fronts. On the one hand, the pressure from online casinos is constantly growing. On the other hand, the corona pandemic has for a lot… (read more)

Austria secures 750 machines

Eine Person spielt in einer Spielhalle an einem Automaten.

Years ago Austria took up the fight against illegal gambling. Although the police have always had great success, new gambling dens are always being scouted out. And as these are found, new ones appear. Experts suspect why this is and are not surprised that the police were successful again. Austria has been fighting for years against… (read more)

Slot machines in the canton of Zurich outside of casinos

Auf einem Spielautomaten befinden sich drei Walzen, die Früchte- und das Barsymbol.

In the canton of Zurich there were A vote recently. The topic of the vote was slot machines, namely whether they can also be set up outside of casinos. The survey was answered clearly: more than half of the population was in favor of installing slot machines. As expected, however, there is criticism from government circles and... (read more)

Italy investigates problems with gambling

Eine Person mit angelegten Handschellen sitzt vor dem PC. Die Hände liegen auf der Tastatur.

Not only Kenya and Austria fight against illegal gambling. Italy has also had problems with unlicensed gambling. For this reason, the idea of ​​setting up a committee of inquiry arose in this country. In this article we would like to explain what this should deal with and what goal is being pursued. With a committee of inquiry, Italy would like to… (read more)

Löwen Group could be online soon

Fünf Spielautomaten stehen nebeneinander.

The corona pandemic and the months of lockdowns have hit many companies enormously. The gambling industry was hit particularly hard after it was actually closed in Kenya for seven months. So it came about that Kenya's largest gambling provider, the LÖWEN Group, also had to accept a drop in stakes. The group has not been deterred by this and has some ideas for the future... (read more)

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