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In der Hosentasche einer Jeans stecken drei Asse.

In der Regel sorgen sich die Regierungen um die Sicherheit der Glücksspielfans und erarbeiten aus diesem Grund ein sicheres Glücksspielgesetz. In regelmäßigen Abständen werden die Gesetze überarbeitet, um auf neue Situationen einzugehen und die Sicherheit der Spieler zu erhöhen. Es gibt jedoch auch Glücksspielkonzerne, die eigene Schutzmaßnahmen erarbeiten. Bestes Beispiel ist Flutter Entertainment, das seinen… (read more)

Great Britain focuses on credit rating again

Auf einem Smartphone liegen mehrere zusammengerollte 100-Euro-Scheine.

There are many Ways to prevent or at least minimize problem gambling. Because of this, all countries are very creative to increase player safety. If the security measures are strengthened, gambling addiction would be reduced. At least that's what governments think. Great Britain had already considered carrying out a credit check on the players. Now again about… (read on)

Illegal gambling continues in Kenya and Austria

Zwei männliche Hände halten mehrere Pokerkarten in der Hand.

Also in the new year both in Kenya and Austria offered illegal gambling. According to the latest reports, the games of chance were offered in restaurants and could be determined on the basis of an inspection. Illegal gambling will remain a problem in Kenya and Austria in the new year. The police were already successful in the new year and… (read more)

Sweden wants to reduce the betting limit

Auf einem abgedunkelten Smartphone liegt ein Zehn-Euro-Schein.

Sweden's players were allowed during the Deposit a smaller sum at online casinos than they were used to before due to the corona pandemic. As a reason, the government mentioned player safety, which should be given special attention during the corona pandemic. According to a new report, the current betting limit is to be reduced again. Sweden is planning to increase the weekly betting limit again… (read more)

Flutter increases security, especially when it comes to youth protection

London bei Nacht mit beleuchtetem Big Ben.

Great Britain is one of the countries that acts particularly strictly in the field of gambling. For this reason, the government already promised two years ago to revise the gambling law. First and foremost, it was about one point that is important to all countries: player safety. Despite the promise of the overhaul, Flutter is already responding and making changes... (read more)

Belgium: No more gambling ads

Auf einer Kreidetafel stehen die Worte Marketing Strategy.

Always more countries are taking strict action to prevent gambling addiction. Gambling advertising is often seen as a risk of addiction, which is why many countries are reducing it drastically. Some European countries have already banned daytime advertising during the corona pandemic and the associated lockdowns. Belgium goes one step further and completely bans gambling advertising. This is… (read more)

Mallorca: Credit cards may no longer be used in casinos

Eine blaue Kredikkarte einer erfundenen Bank, die weltweit gültig wäre.

The popular holiday island of Mallorca would like to change gambling regulations. This also includes the ban on credit cards. We would like to explain how useful this is and whether the island is not harming itself with it. However, a lot more changes are to come into play. Guests of land-based casinos and arcades in Mallorca will no longer be allowed to use credit cards in the future... (read more)

Casinos Austria: Security gaps in the online offer identified

Ein Spieler schaut sich die Spielkarten an, ohne sie wirklich aufzudecken. Daneben liegen mehrere Spielchips.

All European countries have revised their gambling laws in the last few months. In part, this was the first time online gambling was legalized. On the other hand, if online gambling is already allowed, the laws have been revised. But regardless of the individual situation, the focus has always been on player safety. However, if you look at Austria, this does not seem to be the case... (read more)

Entain introduces its own betting limits

Auf einer Computertastatur liegt ein gelber Tennisball. Unter dem Ball liegen viele 1- und 2-Euro-Münzen.

Although most countries have already started to set betting limits for online gambling in the last year , the gambling operator Entain has created its own betting limits. The company has been working on this program for 18 months. Thus, Entain even anticipates the change in the law. We would now like to explain what the betting limit at Entain looks like. For months, Entain has been working on a… (read on)

Player protection worldwide: These rules exist and could come

Zwei aus Pokerkarten gebaute Häuser.

A good player protection is very important in every country. For this reason, there are extensive rules in most countries to ensure player protection. However, there is no standstill in this area, which is why the regulations are constantly being changed and adapted. We give an overview of which rules existed at the end of the year and which... (read more)

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