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Entain does not go to DraftKings

Ein leeres Fußballstadion, in dem weder Spieler noch Zuschauer vorhanden sind.

Some ago Weeks ago, news broke that DraftKings was interested in Entain. The former would have offered the second-named company several billion US dollars, which the group wanted to pay with both cash and shares. As surprising as the offer was made at the time, DraftKings withdrew its offer. The takeover negotiations between Entain and DraftKings are… (read more)

ITIA: 38 suspected cases of betting fraud in tennis

Ein Tennisschläger liegt in einer Tennishalle auf dem Boden, unter ihm liegt der Ball.

bet manipulation and bet fraud happens again and again. It often affects the lower leagues, since the athletes want to earn something extra in addition to the rather low income. In addition, cases are increasing in certain sports, while others are hardly affected at all. Currently, the ITIA has announced that there are now 38 new suspected cases…. (read more)

Malta tightens reporting requirements for critical sports bets

Ein Mann sitzt vor einem aufgeklappten Laptop und hält vier 50-Euro-Scheine in der Hand.

Sports bets have become increasingly discredited in recent years. One reason for this lies in the possibilities of bet fraud and bet manipulation. The sports betting providers are trying to defend themselves against these allegations. An opportunity is seen in tightening the obligation to report suspected cases. Such an innovation is currently being introduced by Malta. What this looks like in detail and… (read more)

Portugal: no more gambling advertising during the day

Links liegen zwei Karten und drei Stapel mit Chips – daneben steht ein Mann, der die Dinge betrachtet.

Europe's countries react individually to to increase player protection in their own country. While some are lowering the betting limit, other countries are attempting to make gambling safer by banning advertising. This decision has now also been made in Portugal: there should be no more gambling advertising during the day. About the possibilities of online games of chance, gambling groups… (read more)

Lottoland and Tipico penalized by two different countries

Auf einem Tisch liegen mehrere Lottoscheine.

Supervisory authorities for Gambling does not only have the task of issuing new licenses. You must also verify that licensed gambling operators comply with the license requirements. If this is not the case, there are sanctions that can even lead to the withdrawal of the license. Before that, however, there are penalties or a warning. Here the providers are given the chance to... (read more)

Bwin becomes a partner of UEFA

Ein Fußball mit Werbung von Adidas und UEFA liegt auf einem Fußballrasen.

Bookmakers and gambling providers have always been popular sponsoring partners of well-known and popular sports clubs. But now in many countries there is a ban on sports clubs opting for a gambling provider as an advertising partner. The main reason is that minors also enjoy watching great sporting events on TV. Therefore, they should not be confronted with gambling advertising. For those… (read morePlay Fortuna Casino

Evobet loses license from Malta

Ein vollbesetztes Stadion eines Tennisturniers – zwei Spieler sind gerade beim Spielen.

Admittedly, it is rare for a gambling provider to lose its loses license. Revoking a license is just as possible as granting it. Nevertheless, it is a rare situation that now affects the sports betting provider Evobet. The MGA revoked the license for this company. There are negative consequences associated with this withdrawal. The… (read on)

Tipico: Gambling provider continues to expand

Denver in Colorado.

Sports betting and gambling are not only very popular in Europe , but also in the USA. Only in recent years has the gambling law changed here. It has always been up to each state to legalize sports betting within its borders. More and more states have jumped on this bandwagon. And more and more companies are expanding vigorously… (read more)

Betfred expands into the USA

Pferderennen mit drei Pferden – zwei hiervon liefern sich ein knappes Rennen um die Spitze.

The UK-based bookmaker Betfred wants to expand its stand in the USA. The company already has a number of locations in this country. However, Betfred thinks it's worth opening even more branches. In addition, the bookmaker is always up to date - after all, he uses the latest laws... (read more)

Austria: Soon advertising ban for gambling providers in sports

Ein Fußball liegt im eingezeichneten Eck eines Fußballfeldes.

Austria would like to set up its own supervisory authority for gambling. One reason for this lies in the Ibiza affair, which is why politics should be kept out of the gambling area. However, there is bad news for gambling providers and sports leagues: Measures are to be adopted that lead to lower profits for all parties. Austria is planning a… (read more)

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