Tesla continues to grow: Bonds are the alternative

Tesla Anleihe.

Wer sich den Tesla Konzern anschaut wird schnell ein starkes Wachstum bemerken. Gegründet wurde Tesla im Jahr 2003. Seitdem konnte der Umsatz um ein Vielfaches gesteigert werden. Gleichzeitig ist Tesla einer der Top Autohersteller im Segment der Elektromobilität. Gerade das beliebte Modell 3 ist in seiner Klasse einer der Marktführer und bietet besonders viel Komfort… (read more)

Tesla bond with 10% subscription per year

Tesla Elektroauto.

The share of the car manufacturer Tesla is in the focus of traders in 2021. Prices of 600 to 800 euros per title have already been achieved. Tesla is currently trading at around 600 euros. Nevertheless, the Tesla hype is far from over. The electrification of the automotive industry is developing at a rapid pace. In Kenya… (read more)

10% interest pa with the Telsa bond!

Tesla Auto beim Tanken.

The US car manufacturer Tesla is in the media for many years. The company is celebrated as a pioneer in the field of electromobility. Many people like Tesla because the company is considered to be visionary and in any case has brought numerous electric vehicles to the market. Basically, the quality of the vehicles is at a high level, so that Tesla has a... (read more)

Tesla bond with 9%!

Tesla Auto beim Tanken.

The car manufacturer Tesla is on everyone's lips worldwide. Attractive models with an electric drive that could lead to a revolution. With an interest rate of 9% p.a. there is now a Goldman Sachs bond that can be subscribed to by comdirect bank customers. The Tesla share is one of the papers on the securities market that… (read more)

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