New sports betting show starts in the USA

Ein brauner Football der Atlanta Falcons liegt auf dem Rasen.

There are more than enough entertainment shows and talk shows both in Kenya and in the USA. Nevertheless, a large part of the American population is happy that there has been a new show since February 11th. The content of this show consists primarily of sports betting, which is analyzed by experts, for example. At the same time, over… (read more)

Washington State is being sued by Maverick for sports betting

Auf einem Football Feld läuft gerade ein Spiel.

Although gambling is constantly changing and That's why the countries keep creating new regulations and rules, and there are still some monopolies. There is one in Washington, for example. Only tribal casinos are currently allowed to offer sports betting in this American state. The gambling provider Maverick is opposed to this. Sports games are only allowed to be played in Washington state in the… (read more)

Hard Rock acquires Mirage Casino from MGM

Außenansicht vom Mirage Hotel und Casino in Las Vegas.

gambling companies sell every now and then a casino and acquire another. It is just as normal when gambling providers merge with each other. However, the latest news comes as a bit of a surprise: MGM is selling the Mirage Resort, despite having recently acquired another casino resort. The world-famous casino resort Mirage changes hands: Hard Rock pays almost a… (read more)

New York soon with a new luxury casino resort|| |76

Der Kopf der Freiheitsstatue von New York.

Riesige und luxuriöse Casino-Resorts sind eine Spezialität von Las Vegas und Atlantic City. So denken zumindest viele und kaum jemand denkt darüber nach, dass auch New York mit solchen Mega-Casino-Resorts ausgestattet werden kann. Doch bald könnte es so weit sein, wenn man den Plänen eines japanischen Glücksspielkonzerns glaubt. Aber: Noch handelt es sich um einen… (read more)

Tipico offers online casinos in the USA

Jersey City – typisch sind die Hochhäuser.

Like us already reported a few weeks ago, Tipico has already established a foothold in the USA. Although Tipico cannot yet offer its sports betting in the whole of the USA, only in a few states. Now, however, Tipico has managed to offer an online casino in the United States of America. Tipico… (read more)

Entain does not go to DraftKings

Ein leeres Fußballstadion, in dem weder Spieler noch Zuschauer vorhanden sind.

A few weeks ago, an announcement was made that DraftKings was interested in entain. The former would have offered the second-named company several billion US dollars, which the group wanted to pay with both cash and shares. As surprising as the offer was made at the time, DraftKings withdrew its offer. The takeover negotiations between Entain and DraftKings are… (read more)

Billion dollar moon casino planned in Las Vegas

Las Vegas bei Nacht – im Vordergrund läuft ein Sprungbrunnen, im Hintergrund stehen die Casinos.

New casinos keep appearing built, also in Las Vegas. However, the plan that has now been published is something very special that eclipses everything that has gone before: A casino in the shape of the moon is to be built. We would now like to reveal who is behind this plan and what the new casino looks like in detail. For Las… (read more)

MGM buys the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – das Cosmopolitan auf der rechten Seite.

For Las Vegas, it's perfectly normal to when new resorts are created or existing casinos get a new owner. However, the new case is more than interesting, since it concerns world-renowned casinos and gambling groups. In addition, enormously high amounts come into play, which also cause excitement: Cosmopolitan goes to MGM. MGM pays for… (read more)

Caesars builds casino resort in Virginia

Das Caesars Palace in Las Vegas bei Nacht.

While large gambling corporations focus their business on others countries, other corporations remain loyal to their home country. Caesars has now announced that it will build a casino resort in Virginia. We would like to reveal all the background and details in this article. The gaming company Caesars is expanding its gaming facilities with a world-class resort in Danville, Virginia. It gets an exclusive poker room… (read more)

European poker players take part in WSOP

Zwei Männer halten Pokerkarten in der Hand. Bei einem Mann sind die Karten sichtbar.

For a long time it was questionable whether the WSOP would even take place live this year. This was due to the corona pandemic, which would most likely not be over until the start of the WSOP. After the good news was published that the WSOP, like in previous years - with the exception of 2020 - will take place live in the usual casino... (read more)

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