Advertising ban

Portugal: no more gambling advertising during the day

Links liegen zwei Karten und drei Stapel mit Chips – daneben steht ein Mann, der die Dinge betrachtet.

Europe Countries react individually to increase player protection in their own country. While some are lowering the betting limit, other countries are attempting to make gambling safer by banning advertising. This decision has now also been made in Portugal: there should be no more gambling advertising during the day. Gambling groups may… (read more)

Great Britain: BGC wants an intermediary

Drei Schiedsrichter stehen nebeneinander und sind von hinten zu sehen.

The British Gambling Association wants a change that benefits not only the players, but also the industry and the gambling providers. An ombudsman is to be appointed who will act as a mediator between several bodies. We explain the background. The British Gambling Association calls for an ombudsman. This takes on similar tasks as a referee. (©KeithJJ/Pixabay) Gambling Act… (read more)

Britain: No Stakes Limit But

Ein Rouletterad, bei dem die Kugel auf der 0 zum Liegen kam.

Gambling is experiencing in the UK a reform. Originally it was planned to introduce a betting limit. After all, one already exists in most other EU countries. But as it looks at the moment, the UKGC does not want to plan a betting limit. We would like to explain why this is and what measures are planned instead. According to a survey… (read more)

Ireland makes changes to Gambling Law

neu glueckspielgesetz

Sports betting is particularly popular in Ireland, and though for several decades. Actually it can be said that every Irishman grows up with sports betting. Because even the children are taken to the racecourse on Sundays and public holidays. Given this information, is it any wonder that the gambling law in force in Ireland is also several decades old? So it became… (read more)

Italy: Google has to pay a fine of 100,000 euros

Figuren, die auf dem Vatikan von Rom stehen.

Something like this seems unique to this day be: Google has to pay a fine of 100,000 euros. This was set by the Italian supervisory authority for communications. The reason: Google has apparently not adhered to the strict advertising ban in Italy. This advertising ban applies exclusively to all gambling providers that are not state-owned. The Italian supervisory authority for communications… (read more)

European betting shops are struggling with harsh measures

Beliebte Spielautomaten stehen in Casinos und Wettbüros.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has us still firmly under control. This is now also felt by betting shops in Scotland. For these betting shops, further measures were taken that should actually be relaxed. Another country in Europe also has to deal with harsh measures: Spain is issuing advertising restrictions. According to the British gambling association Betting and Gaming Council… (read more)

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