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If When it comes to the lottery, you realize that the desire to hunt for the really big jackpots has seldom been as great as it is at the moment. The reason is obvious: more and more lotteries are available to players, even from far away countries. This is made possible by providers from the World Wide Web, who thus give the players the opportunity to tackle lotteries that they otherwise might not be able to play in a normal lottery booth. One of these providers isThe Lotter. Fraud and rip-off are of course always a tiresome topic for providers on the Internet. The test shows why the customer can safely start here and what to expect when playing with this provider.

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Our experiences at a glance

The Lotter is a provider where there is probably nothing for the friends of worldwide lotteries that does not exist. Because the provider has more than 40 individual lotteries in the program. It is not just about the well-known editions such as Eurojackpot, Euromillions, Powerball or Mega Millions, but also a number of other lotteries that the customer can play here to their heart's content. Customers can also tackle lotteries from South America or Down Under here. Despite this large number of lotteries, the site is still kept very simple so that customers don't get lost. In addition, the "mobile gaming" part is more than satisfactorily covered with three separate apps. If you look around the site eagerly, you will also find one or the other special offer and perhaps discover the VIP loyalty bonus for yourself. The appearance is also safe and serious, especially since The Lotter is starting with a strategy that differs a littlefrom the lottery offer of many other providers.

Company: The Lotter Enterprises Ltd.
Address: Barrack Road 35, Belize City, Belize
eMail :
Phone: 0800-724-1082
Live Chat: no| ||127

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Especially when money and gambling meet, many players suspect a fraudulent approach. But the customer doesn't have to worry, at The Lotter everything is done properly. Although there is no license here as such, as known from other providers, this is basically not required at all, since experience shows that the provider only acts on behalf of the customer. This means that he does not offer the games himself, but only takes on the role of an intermediary. Another indication of serious gaming are the winnings that have been distributed to the provider's customers so far. More than 53 million US dollars have already flowed into the players' accounts. A look at the extensive payment methods also provides a clue. After all, well-known companies are represented here who would certainly have no interest in tarnishing their sometimes impeccable reputation by cooperating with a dubious provider.

The The Lotter offer

The offer from The Lotter could hardly be better. With more than 40 different lotteries from all over the world, there should be something for every customer. Not only the classic or popular lotteries are offered, but also those that are more familiar to insiders at first glance.


The Eurojackpot has undoubtedly been one of the best-known for several years Lotteries on the European continent. If the magic seven numbers are drawn, the player can look forward to a jackpot that is usually very well filled. The seven numbers are made up of five lucky numbers from the normal pool of 50 numbers and two euro numbers, of which there are ten in total. The minimum jackpot for this lottery is always ten million euros.

6 out of 49

Of course, 6 out of 49, which is very popular in Kenya in particular, should not be missing from the list. In order to hit the jackpot, the player must have six digits plus the correct super number to win the jackpot.

Power Ball

The Power Ball can easily be the most popular lottery be referred to the United States from America. What is particularly striking about Powerball is that the sum of the jackpots can often reach dizzying heights. Not least because of this, the Powerball is also so popular outside of the USA. The Powerball works according to the "5 out of 69" system. In addition, the appropriate Powerball must be selected from 26 digits. If all seven numbers match here too, the jackpot belongs to the player or players.

La Primitiva

La Primitiva is one of the Spanish representatives of the high jackpot lotteries (not to be confused with theEl Gordo Lottery). This jackpot has already reached three-digit million amounts. In October 2015 it was a whopping 101 million euros. In order to crack this jackpot, the player must not only have guessed all six of 49 numbers correctly, but also the so-called Reintegro number. This can best be compared with the super number in Canadian 6 out of 49. This number is automatically added to the ticket at La Primitiva.

Preview of the provider's offer
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Mega Millions|| |171

Die Mega Millions sind ebenfalls eine bekannte Lotterie aus den USA, die satte Jackpots verspricht. Aus 75 Zahlen müssen deren fünf ausgewählt werden, hinzu kommt noch eine Mega-Zahl aus einem Pool von Ziffern. Werden alle getippten Zahlen gezogen, dann knallen beim glücklichen Gewinner die Sektkorken.

Other lotteries

The Lotter experience takes customers on a journey into a colorful world of numerous jackpots and millions in winnings the whole world. Regardless of whether it is the Canadian version of the 6 out of 49, the Australian Powerball, the Viking Lotto from Finland or the Dupla Sena from Brazil - the customer is sure to find what he is looking for in the diverse range of The Lotter. Important: Of course, the customer does not have to limit himself to playing just one ticket. He can also set several draws or take out a subscription. In this way, no note is forgotten.

Bonus for new customers

There is no bonus for new customers here. However, customers can count on a kind of promotion: the VIP Club. Here, the customer can collect points and “save” big discounts over time. Of course, high rollers particularly benefit from this offer, because for every dollar wagered, one point goes to the customer's VIP account. The higher the status, the greater the discounts the customer can get. The Lotter provides a table on its website where the customer can immediately see how many VIP points are required for which level.

Bonus conditions:
further bonuses: VIP program

There is also a bonus for new customers behind the special offers. There is a red button on the right side of the screen. If you click on this, a kind of banderole opens on which the customer gets information about those special offers. Here, too, you can always catch bargains on certain lotteries. Anyone who generally likes to hunt for special offers should visit this area more often.

Deposits and withdrawals

That the options for deposits and withdrawals play an important role in the assessment of a provider is no big secret. The more variants are offered, the better it is for the customer - and also for the provider, since he gets far more customers. The list of deposit options at The Lotter is quite long and should cover different tastes. There is, of course, payment by credit card, which is standard in the industry. In addition to the Visa card and Mastercard, the Diner's Club card is also accepted. But there are other options that customers can choose from. There is the conventional bank transfer as well as the Giropay and the instant transfer. The advantage of the latter two is that the money is available immediately, while a normal bank transfer always takes a few days. Skrill and Neteller are also available as modern means of payment. These are e-wallets, but the customer must have a valid customer account in order to be able to use them properly. Here, too, the amount is credited immediately. The Maestro card also appears in the list of payment options. The same applies to other providers, but they are not necessarily usable for Canadian customers. Praiseworthy: There are no fees for the customer for any of the deposit options. Different currencies are also possible for most variants: US dollars, euros, British pounds, Australian dollars and Russian roubles.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Die Zahlungsmethoden bei The Lotter
Payment options: including VISA Card, MasterCard, bank transfer, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung
Accounts accepted in: US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Russian Rubles
Withdrawal Options: Banküberweisung, VISA Card, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Discover

The goal of every lottery player is to generate winnings. Therefore, the providers must also ensure that an adequate payment method is available in the event of a win. As the test shows, the list of those options is a bit smaller. The same credit cards are accepted as for the deposit as well as Discover, Skrill, Neteller and bank transfer. With the latter method, the fees may also vary. In addition, the customer should note the limits of the amounts that are allowed per withdrawal. Bank transfers with a maximum of 50,000 euros offer the greatest scope here.

Security and regulation

Anyone who is looking for a valid gambling license at The Lotter, as is usual with one or the other provider, he will search in vain. Because there is no classic license. However, the skittish customer can calm down! This is not a sign of fraud or rip-off. After all, The Lotter does not offer the games itself, but is merely an intermediary who issues the lottery tickets on behalf of the customer. The customer receives a scan of the issued ticket as confirmation. The numerous, positive customer reviews are also an unmistakable sign that the provider is safe and reputable despite everything.

Support and customer service

No matter how professional and well organized a provider is: Problems or questions can always arise. In this case, it is particularly important that the customer can rely on competent support. At The Lotter this is given. For example, there is a live chat - an advantage over many other competitors who do not have this feature in their program. In this way, ambiguities can be cleared up very quickly using a personal chat. But it is also possible to contact us by e-mail if the customer wants to formulate his request in writing. He can also contact support by phone. There is also a link at the bottom of the website that takes them to a toll-free number. A good support area naturally includes a selection of popular questions and their answers. Of course, the customer will also find this FAQ section at The Lotter. Several subject areas are covered. From questions about registration to syndicates to questions about payment transactions.

Ease of use of the website

The Lotter website is very pleasant to surf. Of course, there is also a little self-promotion here and there with winning stories and Co., but basically the provider concentrates on its core business, which is: making a large number of lotteries available to the customer. Each relevant menu item is very easy to navigate to, the customer cannot actually get lost on this page. Above all, the listing of the lotteries is advantageous. Because the customer not only finds out in a countdown timer when the next drawing will take place, but also how high the current jackpot is that he can tap into in the corresponding lottery. If you don't know exactly how the individual lotteries are structured, you will also find a small tutorial on the respective pages that briefly explains how the way to the jackpot looks like. The entire concept of The Lotter is also illustrated to the customer. There is a small video for this, for example, in which the system is shown transparently.

Mobile App

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly important these days. Many customers want to be able to play any lottery ticket from anywhere. Gone are the days when you were solely dependent on stationary desktop PCs or laptops. The Lotter has read the signs of the times and is making mobile options available to its customers. The provider is going into the race with three apps. There is an app for iPhones, a dedicated app for iPad, and an application for devices using the Android operating system. A lot of users in this area should be satisfied with that. The apps can be downloaded very easily. There are corresponding links at the bottom of the website, which are identified by the respective symbol. This makes downloading and installation a real breeze. In addition, it is also possible to visit the provider's website via the browser of the respective end device. However, if there are already separate apps, then it is advisable to use them as well.

Conclusion: plenty of choice, stress-free concept

The concept of The Lotter may seem a bit strange at first glance, but the role of mediator isat lottery providers nothing new at all. The most important thing here, however, is that it is a reputable provider with whom the customer is in good hands. What also speaks for The Lotter is the outstanding selection of lotteries from which the customer can choose. More than 40 lotteries from all over the world are available and ensure an entertaining gaming experience. The customer can easily choose his favorite lottery. Eurojackpot, 6 out of 49, Powerball and Co. - almost everything is represented. In addition, there is an equally good selection of deposit and withdrawal options, with which payment transactions are secured. The support also meets the highest standards and even has a live chat to offer. The fact that The Lotter is a modern provider is proven by the fact that there are three separate apps. There is no classic new customer bonus, but the customer can earn their stripes with a VIP loyalty program and also take advantage of special offers from time to time.

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I heard that you can play the lottery online. Somehow I couldn't really imagine it. The Lotter has an interesting video. It explains very well how it all works. That's easier than I thought.

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