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The market for stock exchange trading for private traders is still a growing segment. This does not mean the long-term investment in different types of stock market products, but rather the intensive trading of leveraged financial products. This development was made possible above all by the widespread use of fast Internet access and the availability of trading techniques that could previously only be used by professional traders. A growing number of providers are making it possible for private traders to take part in this type of trading at low cost. One of these providers is the Australian online broker ThinkMarkets. With around 50 base values ​​from the areas of commodities, currency pairs and indices, this provides its customers with a small but excellent range of leveraged trading. Leverages of up to 1:400 can be used. The conditions offered by ThinkMarkets for trading are among the most favorable in the industry.

🥇 Best bidder
Rating 4.5 / 5.0
🐂 Trading automatic trading
📈 Underlyings 35 currency pairs , 8 indices, 2 energy values, 4 energy values
💻 Software ThinkTrader, MetaTrader4

Above all, however, we see the criterion of seriousness, which should be fulfilled in any case. In our review, we would therefore like to report on how trading and the additional offers are implemented in practice and whether the broker is a reputable provider that traders can fully trust. We want to be able to rule out that customers have to experience fraud or rip-off.

Our experience at a glance

Before we devote ourselves to the individual criteria that we use in our ThinkMarkets tests for Based on the assessment, we would like to summarize our most important experiences in this chapter. In principle, we would like to point out that ultimately the overall picture of a broker should of course be used as a basis for the decision as to whether an account should be opened or not. This is precisely what makes choosing the right broker very difficult at times. A cursory glance at the offer is usually of little use, since the real advantages, but ultimately also the weaknesses of a provider only become apparent after the broker has been used intensively for a few months. In our experience, communication with the customer is important for long-term successful use. Many online brokers are pursuing the strategy of targeting an international clientele. And ThinkMarkets, a broker based in Australia and the UK, has also targeted clients from many different countries. The Canadian market also belongs to the catchment area of ​​ThinkMarkets.

Company TF Global Markets (UK) Limited.
Address 2 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7DA
Telephone DE: 0800 1809013
Email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

It is gratifying that an internet platform completely in Canadian is available for this purpose is made available. Unlike some other online brokers, who only translate the start page and then leave the customers alone with either poorly translated content or not at all on the other pages, there are also the best conditions for customers without foreign language skills. Our experience with ThinkMarkets shows that the market information and educational offerings can also be used in Canadian. The same applies to support, where a separate number is available for Canadian customers, which can also be used free of charge. The prerequisites for successful trading are therefore in place. And the trade itself can also be carried out under the best conditions. A rather small range of underlying assets is provided, which only includes a little more than 50 individual titles.

But it contains the most important global values ​​from the areas of currency pairs, indices and commodities. It is much more important that you can trade permanently at very favorable conditions. This also has a long-term positive effect on the individual trading result. To process the trade, the customer can choose between the software MetaTrader 4 and the ThinkTrader. Thus, he also has the choice of whether he wants to trade with permanently installable software or with a browser-based variant. And, of course, all options are also provided to participate in mobile trading. Before entering into real trading, it is also possible at ThinkMarkets to extensively test the quality and technology of this provider. With the free demo account, trading can be done risk-free under real conditions with virtual capital. All in all, the best conditions for trading prevail. In the following section we would like to clarify whether this provider can also be fully trusted.

Check: Is ThinkMarkets serious?

We pointed out at the beginning that the The market for private stock exchange trading is a growing segment in which new players are constantly positioning themselves. Unfortunately, it cannot be assumed per se that all providers only have the best intentions. It has always been the exception when individual online brokers have been convicted of fraud or manipulation. Nevertheless, it should of course be ruled out to get to such a representative. In addition, there are providers who have shaky feet in economic terms. This danger is also not easily recognizable for the individual trader. However, if the selected online broker becomes insolvent, the trading capital may be lost completely.

But both cases can be largely avoided if care is taken when choosing the right broker. In any case, we did not come across any indications during our test that would suggest that it is a dubious provider. The greatest possible transparency prevailed with regard to the conditions and the processing of the trade. The announced conditions were always met and deposits and withdrawals were processed reliably. The fact that it is regulated by the relevant authorities at its two branches in Australia and Great Britain also speaks for the seriousness of this provider. Against this background, it can be safely assumed that important basic standards in the area of ​​customer protection and deposit security will be observed. All in all, we come to the conclusion that there is definitely no need to fear fraud or rip-offs with this provider.

Offer: approx. 50 underlying assets at good trading conditions

Of course, we always give advice to take a close look at all facets of an online broker before deciding for or against a provider. Of course, it is also clear to us that the actual offering of underlying assets is of particular importance in this decision. Because traders should only trade with underlying assets that they are familiar with. It is therefore important that those underlying assets and segments are available that are to be traded in the long term. Another criterion with a view to the offer can be seen in the different account formats.

Many online forex brokers offer a number of different account formats, which usually have different conditions and different Additional benefits in the area of ​​service and support prevail. Different account types are also made available in the case of ThinkMarkets. However, it is only decided whether it is an account for an individual, a joint account or an account for an institution. For private traders, therefore, only a specific account version is possible, which can then be used to take advantage of the entire range of support and trading. We therefore want to first go into more detail about the range of underlying assets and then present the support offer.

The ThinkMarkets website
Vorschaubild PlattformVorschaubild Angebot ThinkMarket

Underlyings from three categories

With its trading offer, the online broker ThinkMarkets is clearly pursuing the strategy of only concentrating on a small selection of underlyings, but thereby enabling the best possible conditions. The range of slightly more than 50 base values ​​includes the categories of currency pairs, commodities and indices. Stocks, which in many cases are made available for trading as an additional category, are not offered by ThinkMarkets. Nevertheless, we come to the conclusion that on the basis of ThinkMarkets' offer there are sufficient opportunities to focus on a number of globally important regions and trends and to pursue different strategies. The widest range is in the area of ​​currency pairs, of which 35 combinations alone can be traded.

All the important majors are initially present, ie the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the British pound . In the highly liquid euro-dollar trade, it is even possible to trade without a spread. However, a premium status is required here, for which higher volumes must be traded. Normally, on the other hand, a spread of only 0.8 points must be expected, which is also a very favorable value. For the other major pairs, the spreads range from 1 point (US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen) to 1.2 points (British Pound vs. US Dollar). In addition to the majors mentioned, many other currencies are available in various combinations, with quite favorable conditions also being offered. The currencies also available include Swiss francs, the dollar currencies of Australia, Singapore and Canada, the Norwegian krone, the Turkish lira and also the Chinese renminbi.

Also in the Indices category you can choose from be chosen from underlying assets that reflect a broad spectrum of the global economy. First of all, the most important global leading indices of the important economic nations or regions are available, such as the Dow Jones, the Nikkei, the EuroStoxx or the DAX. In addition, there are the important indices of Great Britain, France and Australia. A total of eight indices are available. In the third category of commodities, both precious metals and energy stocks can be traded. For the energy values, you can choose between the two oil types Brent and WTI. Trading in precious metals includes gold and silver, with mini contract versions also being made available. The leverage that can be used in these areas is 1:400, the same as with the currency pairs. The indices are traded with a leverage of 1:200.

Substantial support for trading

The availability of underlying assets for trading is one thing, the skill of the trader is another. While experienced traders orientate themselves exclusively on underlying values ​​and conditions, it is very important for beginners in particular to find a provider who will support them well with their first steps on the trading floor. With ThinkMarkets, we tested a broker that is also very well positioned in this regard. The corresponding offer not only includes content for beginners, but also valuable features for advanced traders.

In this way, beginners can find out quite extensively about the concept of CFD trading and important terms. There is also the opportunity to get to know the most important strategies and their possible applications. In addition to this content, there is also access to a wide range of videos. In it, traders can deal with the trading technique on the offered platforms. In courses for advanced users it is also possible to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of chart analysis. Webinars are also held at regular intervals. Special formats are also available for Canadian customers. The offer is flanked by a glossary in which the most important terms can be looked up. All in all, ThinkMarkets customers can rely on a very well-structured and substantially high-quality range of support, which is tailored to the selection of the underlying assets.

No bonus for new customers on offer

In view of the variety of different providers for trading in leveraged stock market products, it is not always easy for private traders to find the right representative. Many online brokers take advantage of this by trying to draw attention to themselves with high bonus opportunities. At the same time, one cannot avoid the suspicion that the intention is to distract attention from deficits in the actual offer. Against this background, the lack of a deposit bonus does not generally have to be seen as a disadvantage. This is also the case with ThinkMarkets, which currently does not provide additional trading capital to the deposit amount.

Deposit Bonus: No
Bonus Terms:|| |189
More Bonuses:

One- and withdrawal by credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer

With regard to the options available for deposits and withdrawals, a decent range of variants can be accessed. First of all, the classic bank transfer is possible. In addition, deposits and withdrawals can also be made by credit card. The providers Visa and MasterCard are available here. Last but not least, ThinkMarkets also works with a number of internet-based service providers. ThinkMarkets cooperates with providers such as Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay or WebMoney. While the provider assures that they do not charge for any of the processes, there are of course differences in speed. The fastest way to get the money is with a credit card payment, where you can usually trade with the credit immediately after completing the transaction. Even with most internet-based providers, it doesn't take more than an hour for the money to be available. In the case of bank transfers, on the other hand, a few days must be expected. Withdrawals are only paid to the source that was used to deposit. Corresponding orders are processed within 24 hours.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
diese Methoden stehen zur Verfügung
Payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, WebMoney , Bank transfer
Minimum deposit: 250 Euro
Fees: none
Account management possible in:|| |242 USD, EUR, GBP, AUD und CHF
Withdrawal Options: VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, WebMoney, Bank Transfer

Security and regulation at an attractive level

An important point for evaluating an online broker is the question of regulation. Onlywith regulated CFD providers can traders be sure that important standards are observed and that the money is safe with the provider. At ThinkMarkets, customers can rely on the advantages of a regulated provider. The provider has a branch in London, among other things, so that the local authority FCA is responsible. In this context, customer funds are only stored in accounts of reputable banks, so that all security standards are met.

Support and customer service also available in Canadian

The standards that we got to know during our test in the support area. This can be achieved in different ways if required. In addition to e-mail, which should be used for simple inquiries, a live chat is also available. In principle, this can be used around the clock. Various telephone numbers are also offered for traders who are looking for personal contact. And Canadian customers will also find a way to use the support in their national language. In doing so, we have also made the experience that competent and always friendly service can be relied on here.

The website is highly user-friendly

The best offers in the areas of trade, service and Support is of little use if it is offered as part of a poorly designed website. However, in this regard, traders at ThinkMarkets need not worry. The website, which is available entirely in Canadian, offers quick orientation due to its design, so that even inexperienced visitors will quickly find their way around. In an FAQ area, it is also possible to familiarize yourself with the most important aspects of ThinkMarkets' offering in a targeted and effective manner without having to contact support.

Mobile App

An integral part of every online broker is the possibility to participate in mobile trading. ThinkMarkets has also positioned itself accordingly and offers its customers all the appropriate options. In principle, two different platforms are made available, in addition to the MetaTrader as a software-based version and the browser-based ThinkTrader. No matter which variant the trader chooses, there is always a mobile version available, which can be downloaded free of charge from the ThinkMarkets website. The options available with the mobile versions are very extensive and traders hardly have to change anything compared to the main platform when it comes to handling.

Conclusion - ThinkMarkets offers a lot of support for effective trading| ||274

In unserem aktuellen Test haben wir uns das Angebot von ThinkMarkets einmal genauer angesehen. Alles in allem sind wir dabei auf einen überzeugenden Online Broker gestoßen, der sich voll und ganz auf den gehebelten Handel in den Kategorien Währungspaare, Rohstoffe und Indizes konzentriert. Dabei kann nur auf ein eher kleines Angebot von Basiswerten zugegriffen werden, welches aber zu sehr günstigen Konditionen gehandelt werden kann. Überzeugen konnte uns dabei aber vor allem das Unterstützungsangebot, welches voll und ganz auf das Handelsangebot ausgerichtet ist. Vor allem Einsteigern werden sehr viele Informationen zur Verfügung gestellt, um einen gelungenen Einstieg zu schaffen. Eine kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung ist zudem mit aufbauenden Inhalten möglich, darunter regelmäßige Webinare, die auch speziell für deutsche Kunden zur Verfügung stehen. Auch der Support wird in deutscher Sprache angeboten. Reguliert wird der Online Broker durch die britische FCA, so dass auch hinsichtlich der Sicherheit und Seriosität beste Bedingungen herrschen. Betrug oder Abzocke müssen definitiv nicht befürchtet werden.

Roland Herrmann
The support I received as a beginner at ThinkMarkets was really professional.
4.5|| |284 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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