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More than 60 currency pairs and a selection of CFDs can be found at the broker Tickmill as well as precious metals for trading. The broker also offers a demo account. What a trader can also expect from the provider can be read in the detailed field report.

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Bewertung 4.0 / 5.0
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💻 Software MetaTrader 4, WebTrader

Unsere Erfahrungen im Überblick

The trading opportunities on the stock exchange and with securities in general are already very extensive today and offer great variety in many areas. It is the same with currency trading, which is alsoalso known as forex trading. As withTrading CFDs, trading currencies often results in a high spread for the return. Various brokers are now active in this area and offer extensive opportunities for traders. Tickmill is also one of them and offers an extensive range for trading. More than 60 currency pairs are available for trading with this provider. This is an aspect that is definitely to be rated positively in the test report. In addition, the broker's other services are also correct.

Company Tmill UK Limited
Address 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT
Telephone 0044203 608 6100
Email [email protected]
Live Chat yes

The British broker draws attention to itself with various offers for traders. Not only is there a free demo account available here, with which you can easily and extensively get to know trading in advance, there are also a large number of options that make trading varied and flexible. The large selection of trading stocks and the narrow spreads are definitely advantages here. In addition, the broker also provides various options for deposits and withdrawals and completely waives fees. This aspect is also to be considered separately in the experience and shows that the broker understands the demands of the customers and is based on them.

Tickmill in the check: fraud or serious?

Ehe man sich mit den weiteren Vorteilen und Details zum Broker beschäftigt, steht in aller Regel ein anderer Aspekt im Mittelpunkt. Immerhin möchte man bei einem Broker auch wirklich sicher am Handel teilnehmen und nicht etwa Opfer von Betrug oder Abzocke werden. Die eigene Sicherheit sowie die Seriosität eines Brokers stehen daher zunächst im Fokus. Bevor man sich also für einen Anbieter für den Handel mit Wertpapieren – gleich welcher Art – entscheidet, sollte man zunächst einmal prüfen, ob der Broker zuverlässig und sicher ist. Beim Anbieter Tickmill ist dies aufgrund der gesammelten Erfahrungen in jedem Fall so. Der Anbieter untersteht nicht nur einer Regulierung, sondern bietet für seine Trader auch mit dem angebotenen Demokonto ein sicheres Gefühl. Immerhin hat man auf diese Weise die Chance, den Handel im Vorfeld ohne finanzielles Risiko kennenzulernen und man kann diesen zudem auch trainieren. Zudem überzeugen auch die formalen Anforderungen des Brokers und die Optionen für die Trader sind hier allesamt stimmig und machen deutlich, dass der Trader hier wirklich im Mittelpunkt steht. Abzocke oder gar Betrug kann und darf man bei Tickmill also in jedem Fall nicht sprechen. Der Anbieter ist stattdessen als seriös und sicher zu bezeichnen.

More than 60 currency pairs already provide a lot of variety

Trading with currencies and contracts for difference is - often after a short training period - no problem and then offers great potential for traders. This is all the more the case when there is an extensive trading offer for trading and when the spreads are so attractive that they allow a large profit margin. After all, the attractiveness of trading largely depends on this. With the provider Tickmill, not only is the offer with currently a total of 62 currency pairs from many different areas very interesting and convincing with a lot of variety, there is also a selection of CFDs and precious metals that are available for trading. Examples include gold and silver, which make comprehensive and versatile trading possible. They round off the range of tradable underlyings and make it possible for traders to always participate in trading in a versatile and varied manner.

Tickmill's website
Die FCA Regulierung bietet SicherheitDie Konten bei Tickmill im Blick

Various trading tools also make it possible to align one's own trading professionally and thus take part in trading with ease. It is also possible to set stop signals and more through various indicators in MetaTrader. In general, the many analysis functions from which not only beginners in the field of trading can benefit have been positively noticed in the experiences with Tickmill.

The CFD and Forex broker offers its traders a variety for trading in securities of possibilities and in this way creates an opportunity to participate in trading effectively and with great attractiveness. The broker focuses on essential aspects and also does something for the security of the traders who deal with trading with this provider. Due to the many functions of the trading platform (MetaTrader 4 is used, as well as a web trader), trading at Tickmill is equally feasible for beginners and experienced traders and offers a lot of comfort.

Sign-up bonus for new ones Trader provides initial seed capital

For many traders it plays a major role whether a broker also grants a bonus. At least this is the case with numerous brokers, so that as a trader you can easily and conveniently receive a financial subsidy for your first deposit. Other brokers do without bonus payments for the traders and other providers grant bonuses in a different form. Thus, as a trader, you have a free choice and can select a broker that best meets your own needs and requirements. As with brokers, traders have different requirements. While some traders definitely want a bonus, others don't care. At Tickmill, this question has to be answered in any case, because this broker offers a bonus that directly rewards the opening of a trading account. A $30 bonus is paid here, giving traders a direct incentive to start trading. The bonus is granted here with the welcome account to all new traders and in this way makes it possible to take the first steps in CFD and Forex trading without making any financial commitments.

Deposit bonus: 30 Dollar Willkommensbonus
Bonus Terms: Trade Account Registration
Validity: N/A
More Bonuses : No entry

In addition, there are other interesting offers. So every month a trader of the month is chosen who wins a cash prize. As a rule, the price for the trader of the month is $1,000. In this case, participation in trading is doubly worthwhile. Although this is not a bonus, at least one trader can still benefit from a higher account balance.

As a trader, you are usually well served with a bonus and have the opportunity to simply use a increased budget to enter the trade. Even if Tickmill does not grant a bonus for the first deposit, the test is positively influenced by the welcome bonus. After all, this makes it possible to start trading with a starting balance of 30 dollars. In addition, the broker also convinces with additional incentives that arouse and promote the interest of traders. With many brokers, however, the bonus has to be implemented within a certain framework before it can be considered for a payout. Thus, a bonus cannot be paid out directly, but is usually only available for trading itself.

At Tickmill, the welcome bonus is definitely interesting for new traders and can be used for trading with CFDs and Forex values ​​are easily utilized. This is a clear advantage in experience, especially for beginners.

Deposits and withdrawals are accompanied by variety and flexibility

So that as a trader you can start trading with a broker like Tickmill in the first place can participate, a separate deposit is usually required. In many cases, it is not only the available selection of payment options that is important, but security is also an important aspect. After all, it is of great relevance for a trader that their own payment to the trading account with the broker arrives safely and is accordingly also available for trading. In this respect, the Tickmill experience report offers an overview of the many flexible payment options that the broker offers for this purpose. A deposit can be made conveniently by bank transfer or by credit card. There are also various other options such as Skrill or Neteller. Even other payment options for customers from Poland or other countries are available. As a trader, it is easy to deposit your credit into the trading account and you can easily and conveniently create the basis for trading. The minimum amount for a deposit is generally 25 dollars, pounds or euros or other currencies of the same value.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal methods at Tickmill
Die Zahlungswege von Tickmill
Payment options: Bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, fasapay, UnionPay, dotpay
Minimum deposit : 25 EUR
Fees: none
Account management possible in: USD, EUR, GBP , PLN, IDR, CNY
Payout Options: Transfer, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, fasapay, UnionPay, dotpay

Secure deposit is important to ensure that you can start trading immediately and without long delays. At the same time, many traders also require a corresponding selection of payment options, so that as much comfort as possible can be found in this regard. The many payment methods at the broker have a positive influence on the test - and this impression is confirmed by the payouts.

Because as a trader, you would like to have the profits made paid out at some point and then use them for your own use purposes. This requires fast and equally secure payment methods. The payout options at Tickmill correspond to the options that are also available for a deposit. This makes it possible to request a payout quickly and directly. A low minimum withdrawal amount and fast processing times are added here. Overall, as a trader with this provider for forex and CFD trading, you have the advantage of having your own balance paid out quickly. This means that your own capital is available directly and after a short time. The broker is absolutely convincing in this regard and, above all, creates a high degree of comfort and flexibility for all traders thanks to the secure payment options. This applies to deposits and also to withdrawals that are processed at and with Tickmill.

Secure trading through regulation

As already mentioned several times, the security for traders when trading with the most diverse securities of great importance. After all, you use your own capital in different amounts and therefore want to benefit from security and reliability. Therefore, many brokers rely on official regulation, which is offered in numerous countries. In Kenya, for example, the BaFin based in Bonn is responsible for this. In the UK it is the FCA. This authority also regulates and controls the broker Tickmill, which is thus subject to corresponding monitoring. Regulation by such a supervisory authority is always to be seen as an advantage for traders. At Tickmill there is also another regulation that does not play a role for Canadian traders. The Seychelles FSA regulates an offshoot of the broker that caters to traders from other countries. Overall, however, the provider offers a lot of security for traders and this must definitely be taken into account extensively in the test report.

For many traders, deposit protection also plays a role that should not be ignored. Deposit insurance covers customer funds and protects them, for example, if the broker himself should be insolvent. Such a deposit guarantee is mandatory within the European Union, so that the provider Tickmill is also bound by it. This secures a total of 100,000 euros per customer account. However, it remains to be seen to what extent deposit insurance will continue after the UK leaves the EU. Then the brokers are no longer subject to the valid EU rights. However, it can be assumed that a – at least similar – form of deposit protection will be retained by British brokers in the future. A lot of security is at least currently guaranteed.

Support and customer service: Lots of service for traders

Should there be any problems or if you as a trader have a question, you want to don't have to search forever for solutions. Instead, a quick form of contact is generally preferred. Therefore, a broker should also be as easy to reach as possible and be able to help his traders quickly and without much effort. This is definitely the case with the provider Tickmill. There is the possibility to contact the support via an e-mail address. Then you get a quick and easy answer and the existing problems can be solved directly. There is also a hotline – unfortunately only British – available. In English, however, you can at least get quick support here and have the opportunity to easily reach an employee if you have any questions or problems. In addition, there is also the option to request a callback. In this case, the support reports when there is free capacity, so that the trader does not have to spend time in the queue.

In the case of support, the experiences are also convincing with an offered chat. This gives you the opportunity to contact an employee of the broker immediately and directly. Questions can be clarified directly in the conversation and many problems can be solved immediately and immediately. In an urgent case, as a trader at Tickmill, you always have the opportunity to reach a suitable contact person. This is a clear advantage and makes it possible for a trader to easily and simply participate in trading.

Simple website structure enables quick orientation

The broker's website is in everyone Case important to inform yourself and find accordingly in the trade. At Tickmill, the website is bright and friendly, so that you have the opportunity to orientate yourself quickly. All content can be called up directly and the trading opportunities can also be reached easily. In addition, the MetaTrader 4, which is available as a trading platform, can be easily handled. Numerous indicators make work easier here and make trading extensive and versatile.

Mobile App

At Tickmill it is still possible for traders to use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to Participate in trading CFDs and Forex. A corresponding app is available and can be used easily and flexibly by traders. The app can be used free of charge and is just as easy to use as the MT4. This makes it easy for traders to access their own trading account with this broker and they can also take part in trading immediately and conveniently on the go.

The provider also provides a demo account. It is therefore not a problem to get an overview before you start trading with your own capital. This makes it easy to try out everything beforehand and get a precise impression.

Conclusion: Tickmill offers security and extensive trading

As a trader, you can benefit from many advantages with the broker Tickmill benefit and thus participate extensively and with a lot of variety in trading. There is not only a bonus for new traders and a mobile app, but also a demo account is available with this provider. With a large selection of tradable currency pairs and CFDs, Tickmill offers a lot of convenience and variety. In addition, there is also the aspect of security, in which the provider can score points with regulation by the British FCA.

All in all, trading with difference contracts and currencies is possible with the broker easily and securely. Beginners as well as experienced traders find their way around here and have the option of being able to benefit from a high return.

Roland Herrmann
At Tickmilll, as a trader, you have many options. The offered demo account is particularly convincing.
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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