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Lotteries has always fascinated people. And that's no wonder. After all, who doesn't dream of the big hit, the jackpot worth millions, which will make financial worries a thing of the past? In Kenya it is above all the lottery 6 out of 49 that has captivated people for decades. But one or the other European lottery is also very popular with customers. A provider that has a small but qualitatively appealing selection of lotteries isTipp24. The test will show why customers do not have to fear fraud or rip-offs and what else they can expect from this provider.

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Our experiences at a glance

At Tipp24, the customer can access a number of well-known resort to lotteries. For example, there is the Eurojackpot, which inspires millions of customers every Friday. The reason for this is of course the high jackpot that can be won here. But there are also other lotteries that you can play at Tipp24. The Euromillions are also part of the offer such as 6 out of 49 or Keno. In addition, there are also offers that not every provider has in their portfolio. These include various instant lotteries or also keno and the lucky spiral. Unfortunately, there are no offers like thetickets for the Spanish Christmas lottery. The customer service is also impressive at Tipp24, although the customer has to do without a live chat. This says nothing about the quality of the provider, which is licensed by the British Gaming Authority. Praiseworthy: A mobile offer was also considered with the customer in mind.

Company: Tipp24 Services Ltd.
Address: 2nd Floor, Buckley Building, 49 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0EB
telephone: 00800 1612 1612| ||119
Live-Chat: no

Check: Fraud or serious?

Tipp24 is a serious provider. There is no fraud or rip-off here. There are various indications of seriousness. One of the most important points is of course the licensing. The GB Gambling Commission is responsible for this. If Tipp24 were a "rotten egg", then the authorities would certainly intervene and not issue a license. In addition, the payment methods speak a clear language. These include well-known companies such as Visa and Master, who would certainly not use their names if there was even the slightest suspicion that things were not going right here. In addition, it is also worth taking a look at the sum of the profits that customers have won through this portal so far. More than one billion euros are booked here. A considerable sum that has already flowed to the customers here.

The Tipp24 offer

The test shows that the offer is not quite as lavish as this at first glance other providers is the case. But if you dig deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that the customer also has a very large selection here, including in the area of ​​instant lotteries.

6 out of 49

This lottery is one of the real evergreens, especially in Kenya. The draws used to be televised live every Saturday and Wednesday. Many a lottery fairy from the past gained a high level of awareness through these shows. As already mentioned, the 6 out of 49 can be played every Saturday and Wednesday. With Tipp24 there is the advantage that additional games such as Super 6, Spiel 77 and Glücksspire can also be ticked and thus played. Of course, this increases the chances of additional winnings. The customer can also determine the terms themselves or even play a permanent ticket. When selecting the lucky numbers, there is also the option of either entering your own digits or letting chance prevail.


The Eurojackpot is on the verge of also acquiring cult status in the lotteries. Once a week the player has the opportunity to grab a big jackpot. Incidentally, this jackpot is at least ten million euros and keeps growing unless it is cracked. In the system, the customer has to type 5 out of 50 and select two more euro numbers from a pool of ten digits. If these numbers are drawn, then the jackpot is considered cracked.

Preview of the provider's offer
Vorschaubild tipp24 Startseite Vorschaubild Tipp24 Angebot


The same number of numbers must also be used in the Euromillions be tapped to hit the jackpot. This is another European lottery that is growing in popularity. This is not only due to the high jackpots, but also because the customer has the chance to become a millionaire twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays).


Keno is a popular Asian game that has been given its own category here at Tipp24. A total of 70 numbers are available on the ticket. The customer can choose between two and ten counts per ticket. He can simply take the profits from a table. Of course, the more numbers he plays – and the more of these numbers are correct – the bigger the winnings he can rake in.


The Glücksspirale is a Canadian lottery that can also bring the customer good profits. In the best case, the customer wins a monthly immediate pension of 7500 euros! Here, too, there is the option of determining the term yourself or playing a continuous ticket.

More offers

Compared to other providers on the market, the selection of lotteries initially seems rather sparse to act. But that's not the case. Because at Tipp24 there are lots of instant lotteries, scratch cards and games. These include, for example, dominoes, cashball or the wheel of fortune. These are all very entertaining games with good chances of winning, from which the customer can benefit. If you select the appropriate area on the website, the customer will find a large selection from which he can pick his personal favourites. Also important: The customer can also participate in game communities here. These are available for various lotteries and of course increase the chances of winning.

Bonus for new customers

Unfortunately there is no bonus for new customers at Tipp24. Free tips are also not offered. It's a pity, because many providers have at least the free tip in their program as a thank you for registering. Here, the customer gets the money back for the first ticket if it has not brought any winnings. There is no such offer at Tipp24. The only additional offer is a lottery magazine, refer-a-friend advertising and the option of sending lottery tickets as gifts.

Bonus conditions:
further bonuses:

Since June 2017 you no longer win at Tipp24 on your own. With the "Thank You Million" campaign, the lottery player can nominate a friend, partner or family member to participate in the prize payout. Tipp24 adds a whole million extra if the jackpot is hit. The only requirement is that the recipient of the gift, who can also be informed of their luck by email, is named when the ticket is purchased. The chosen one can still be exchanged during the course of membership at Tipp24. This innovative and free action creates immense added value for the player, because what could be better than just sharing luck, but increasing it?

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are of course absolutely necessary for a lottery provider. Anyone who does not deposit money into their customer account cannot play. And if you win, you want to have your winnings paid out in some form. Customer experiences are good here, even if the number of payment methods is not overly large. For example, there is the option of paying in by credit card. Visa cards and master cards are accepted here as the means of choice. The advantage of paying by credit card is that the money is immediately available and can be used by the customer. another payment method is instant transfer. Here, too, the money is available immediately – provided the customer has sufficient funds in their account. Because with the immediate transfer, the customer's bank details are required. He has to log in to his bank using a special form and then enter a valid TAN. If the account balance is not sufficient for the deposit, the transaction will not be carried out because the query takes place in real time. Sufficient coverage must also be ensured when paying by direct debit. This variant is very convenient for the customer. He provides his relevant bank details, selects the desired amount and can then simply have the money debited from his account. A payment method that is not offered by too many gambling companies.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Die Zahlungsmethoden im Überblick
Payment options: VISA Card, MasterCard, Sofortüberweisung, direct debit
Minimum deposit: 1 KES/EUR/USD
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

The winnings are transferred to the player's bank account. However, before such a payout occurs, the customer must consider a few things. Because if the prize is more than 2500 euros, then he must be able to prove his identity beyond a doubt. This can be done, for example, by submitting identification documents. Furthermore, it must be ensured that this is an account that is in the name of the game account holder at Tipp24. This is to prevent illegal money laundering. It should also be noted that transfers to an account can always take a certain amount of time, usually a few working days.

Security and regulation

As soon as it comes to gambling, get it Points such as safety and regulation are of course particularly important. No player wants to come across a provider who does crooked business or works in any other dubious way. However, the experience can give the customer a sigh of relief, so there is no reason to worry. The provider is licensed by the GB Gambling Commission. This is a renowned gambling authority from Great Britain. As a rule, the providers first have to go through a whole battery of tests before they are assigned a license. For example, it is important that customer data and deposited funds are in safe hands and cannot be accessed by third parties. Should this happen, it would almost certainly mean the end for the provider. A refusal of the license is a logical consequence.

In the case of Tipp24, the "fair game" factor also comes into play. After all, not only normal lotteries are offered, but also instant lotteries. It must be ensured that the provider does not gain an unfair advantage over the customer. Software is usually interposed as a kind of random number generator. This software is also controlled by the Gambling Authority. And last but not least, the behavior of the providers in the case of payout requests is also observed. If there are delays or insufficient processing, caution is advised. At Tipp24, however, the customer does not have to worry, rip-offs and fraud have no place here.

Support and customer service

Support is often underestimated, but it is a kind of advertisement for every provider . Because it can always happen that customers have questions or that minor problems arise. In such a case, competent customer service must be available. Telephone support is available at Tipp24. This support number is toll-free from anywhere in Europe. Questions or problems can thus be clarified directly with a service employee. It is praiseworthy that the availability of the support is specified (Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Customers are often left out in the rain because they don't know when support can be reached. If you want to contact the service in writing, you can do so using a contact form. The customer can not only compose the message, but also select the request from a drop-down menu. Successful: A callback can also be arranged on request. To do this, the customer can enter a time in the contact form that suits him best.

Like every good provider, Tipp24 also has an FAQ area. However, the customer will only find support for the individual lotteries and games offered by this provider. Questions about the account, registration, payment and Co. are not dealt with here. On the other hand, the questions and answers about the lotteries are very helpful if things really get stuck.

User friendliness of the website

The Tipp24 website is very easy to navigate and provides the Users face no major problems. Each menu item is clearly outlined and leads to the goal. In the instant lottery menu, we have managed to make it as clear as possible. Because only some of the games are touched on here, if you want to see more games, you have to click on the “+More” button. This avoids the menu showing a long list of games that is more confusing than helpful. However, there is one small point of criticism: A little less color in the area of ​​the buttons would certainly have been enough. This would certainly not have harmed the overview.

Mobile App

If you want to keep up with the times, you should also give your customers the opportunity to play on the go. Because the customer not only wants to play tickets with a laptop or PC from their own four walls, but sometimes also on the go. The experiences here are positive, because the provider has several apps on offer. There is one application for iOS users and one for Android users. At the bottom of the page, the customer will find the two relevant icons. If he clicks on the iOS symbol, he is directed to a separate Tipp24 page for the purpose of downloading. When he clicks on the Apple icon, he is immediately redirected to the iTunes Store, from where the application can be downloaded. If desired, the customer can also scan a QR code and will then be redirected to the respective page after the scanning process.

Conclusion: common lotteries, many instant lotteries

It's worth it for the customer definitely consider opening an account with Tipp24. He will find the most common lotteries here without the offer appearing overloaded or confusing. The flagships here are the 6 out of 49 and the European lotteries Eurojackpot and Euromillions. But also keno and the lucky spiral are part of the offer. The same applies to a number of instant lotteries or scratch cards that also promise attractive prizes. Here, the customer has access to a whole range of games that provide entertaining fun without having to wait for the next draw. Unfortunately, Tipp24in comparison to other lottery providers does not offer a new customer bonus in the form of a free bet. In return, the customer has the opportunity to play their tickets while on the move with the help of apps. There are versions for Android and iOS that allow this. Support doesn't have live chat, but they do have a callback service. The customer does not have to worry about security and seriousness either, because the provider is regulated by the GB Gambling Commission, so that no wrong game is played here in the truest sense of the word.

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Tipp24 is a provider with classic lotteries and many instant lotteries
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I submit my lottery tips to Tipp24. For me, this is a convenient and comfortable way. It was recommended to me by a good friend and I'm really surprised at how well it works.

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