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The provider Topforex offers its traders simple and extensive currency trading and creates an ideal basis for reliable and secure trading. The broker is based in Cyprus and carries out the offered transactions from there. It is positive to mention that the broker is officially regulated by the CySEC and can therefore already completely convince in the area of ​​security. The regulation is clearly to be understood as an advantage and makes it clear that the broker is safe and reputable. Topforex.com has nothing to do with rip-off or fraud. In addition, the entire website of the broker can also be used in Canadian. There are therefore no language barriers.

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The provider from Limassol provides for the traders also provide training that can easily improve currency trading. Every trader can take part in the training courses in the form of webinars. Below you will find extensive information on various aspects of the Topforex.com test, so that traders and all interested parties can easily and conveniently get a first impression. In addition, there is also the chance to get to know the broker in general and to get an idea of ​​the many different trading opportunities. In addition to trading, the conditions and other details also play an important role.

Our experience at a glance

With the broker Topforex.com, traders have an easy opportunity to trade in foreign exchange participate and you can access a large offer for trading. Two different platforms are available for trading and trading with a mobile app is also possible. With its extensive range and attractive conditions, this broker offers a lot of convenience and paves the way for simple and versatile trading. Opening an account is easy here, so even inexperienced traders can participate in trading without any problems.

Company Goldenburg Group Limited
Address 1 Siafi Street Porto Bello BLD, 3042 Limassol Cyprus
Phone 00357 2503 0299
email [email protected] com
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

A total of very extensive range of tradable instruments carries contributes to the fact that as a trader you can participate in trading in a versatile and flexible way. Topforex.com thus shows that there is an option here to participate extensively and professionally in trading. In addition to trading with MetaTrader 4, trading with another trading platform is also possible. As a trader, you also have the option of very easily accessing the previous training content. These are available in an archive and can be called up easily and conveniently. In particular, as a new trader, you can benefit from this and simply improve and intensify your own knowledge of trading currencies.

Check: Is the broker Topforex.com serious or is it a scam?

Basically, it can be assumed that the broker Topforex.com is a reputable provider that offers its traders extensive and reputable trading opportunities. It is therefore by no means to be assumed that it is fraud or that the provider has something to do with rip-off. The existing regulation, for which the CySEC from Cyprus is responsible, speaks in favor of this. The authority controls and monitors the broker and all its activities, which is of course a huge advantage for traders. Security is therefore guaranteed in any case.

In addition to regulation by the CySEC, the broker, which belongs to the Goldenburg Group Limited, also offers control and supervision by other authorities. These include, for example, the authorities from Belgium, Croatia and Italy. Of course, this offers even more security for traders and makes trading with Forex instruments safe. On this basis, you can benefit from a high level of security with the provider Topforex.com and there is the option of benefiting to a large extent from the regulation offered. Adequate security when trading is thus ensured in any case.

The offer for trading at a glance

The offer at Topforex.com for trading in currencies is very extensive and makes it possible for traders to take part in trading in a simple and versatile way. The broker provides a large number of tradable currencies and there are also various platforms for trading. On this basis, trading with a lot of variety is possible in any case and you can benefit from the following aspects and details about the offer:

The Topforex website
Anmeldung zu den SchulungenDie Plattformen für den Handel

These base values ​​are available ready for trading

All in all, the range of tradable values ​​at the broker Topforex.com is very extensive and thus creates an optimal basis for a versatile and varied trade. Of course, it is primarily currencies that are available for trading at Topforex.com. A whole range of currency pairs are available here and make it possible, for example, to trade with EUR/USD or with AUD/NZD. This variety offers traders a great deal of variety and is suitable for always being able to carry out a wide range of trading.

In addition, this broker also has other values, including commodities, stocks and indices . A selection of bonds is also available for trading. In this way, as a trader with the Cypriot broker Topforex.com, you can benefit from the fact that the provider offers a wide range of tradable assets. The comprehensive trading offer creates an optimal basis for participating in trading effectively, professionally and with a high degree of variety. In the experience, the additional trading values ​​stand for exactly this option.

These costs and fees are incurred for trading with this broker

The costs are simply too high for trading calculate. Above all, the spreads play a role when trading currencies and it is therefore advantageous that traders can easily access them at the broker Topforex.com. The spreads for trading with the MetaTrader 4 and also for trading via xStation can be called up directly and the great potential is shown here. The spread when trading EUR/USD is typically 3 pips and thus offers traders an ideal basis. The costs incurred are therefore kept within limits and make profitable and attractive trading possible. However, the spreads are different for other currency pairs and trading instruments. They can be accessed on the website.

The conditions for trading are quite positive in the Topforex.com test, although there are also providers who charge lower fees. The spreads are still quite narrow and thus make lucrative trading in currencies and other values ​​possible. It should also be mentioned here that there are no other fees and costs for trading.

These trading options are available for traders

Trading with this provider is versatile and with a lot of variety possible. The different trading options available at Topforex.com also contribute to this. As a trader, trading with forex values ​​can be designed very individually and you have the opportunity to work with limits and the like. For example, buy limits can be set, or traders can use sell limits or buy stop signals. Sell ​​Stop, Take Profit or Stop Loss are also available for trading. As a trader, this gives you the chance to get the maximum out of the individual trades. Losses that are too high can be avoided and you can get the maximum out of profits with just a few clicks.

The lever should also be mentioned here, which makes versatile trading possible. Depending on the trade, the leverage can be up to 1:500, which creates lucrative trading options even with small stakes. Of course, the risk also increases accordingly.

The trading accounts in focus

There is only one single account model at the broker Topforex.com, but this can be used in different ways. Basically, it makes sense here to think carefully about how high your own deposit will be. In the end, the possible leverage that can be used depends on this. With an initial deposit of $100 to $19,999, the leverage is 1:500. It decreases as more money is deposited into one's trading account. Leverage is 1:200 from $20,000 to $99,999 and 1:100 for amounts above this limit.

Thus, with variable spreads, an interesting trade is possible with the lever and traders can participate in trading with outside capital.

The bonus at a glance

The broker grants his Customers may receive a bonus for the first deposit into the trading account. However, no precise information can be found on the Canadian-language website. It may be that the bonus offers are only granted from time to time, so the information is not currently online. In principle, a bonus for traders is of course a good idea, since this way additional capital is available for trading.

Deposit bonus: currently not specified
Bonus conditions: currently not specified
Validity: currently not specified
Other bonuses: currently none Statement

With a bonus, additional capital is available for trading and this can definitely pay off, especially for beginners in trading. However, one should bear in mind that the additional bonus credit cannot be used for payment. Instead, this can only be used for trading itself. Nevertheless, a bonus is of course lucrative as long as you get one. It can be assumed that a bonus at Topforex.com is only granted to new traders who make a first deposit into a new trading account.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits can be made at Provider Topforex.com can be made very easy and flexible. Various options are available that make it easy for the trader to start trading. Bank transfer, Skrill and credit cards are available for deposits, and UnionPay is another online payment provider. This makes it possible for traders to be able to pay fresh capital into the trading account quickly and easily. The minimum amount for deposits is $100, only for payments by wire transfer there is a limit of at least $250. The maximum deposit amount is generally $10,000. Only - also here - with the transfer there are no limits for deposits into the trading account.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal methods
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei Topforex.com
Payment options: Skrill, UnionPay, wire transfer, credit card
Minimum deposit: $100
Fees: no
Account management possible in : Dollar
Payout options: Transfer

Fees are not charged for deposits and transfers are made to an account of the Hypovereinsbank for Canadian traders transferred. This is subject to the control and supervision of the Canadian BaFin.

The only way to pay out is by bank transfer. Thus, the payout is not possible via an online service such as Skrill. But there are no fees for transfers when paying out, which is a clear advantage in the Topforex.com experience. In general, the broker offers a lot of convenience for payments, although providers such as PayPal are not offered.

The regulation in check

At Topforex.com you can as a trader from an official Regulation by the CySEC from Cyprus benefit. In this way, traders can benefit from a high level of security. The regulation clearly shows that the provider for forex trading is subject to official control and supervision. Thus, dishonest machinations are not possible and the broker always works seriously and reliably. So it quickly becomes clear that Topforex.com has nothing to do with fraud and that rip-off is by no means an issue here. Instead, a lot of security is offered for traders, which also makes it clear that the provider is subject to other supervisory authorities within Europe. Authorities from Italy, Belgium and other countries also supervise the provider.

Overall, safe and reliable trading in currencies and other values ​​can be assumed at Topforex.com. For traders in particular, the security offered plays a very important role.

Customer service and support

When making contact, it is important to be able to get help quickly and easily if you as a trader has problems. The broker Topforex.com therefore offers various options for how traders can get in touch with the provider. In addition to an international number, various country-specific numbers are available and there is also a hotline for Canadian traders. This makes it easy and convenient to reach the broker. Topforex.com also provides an email address.

The live chat offered by the broker also offers a lot of convenience. Thus, as a trader, you have the opportunity to get rid of a question quickly and easily, and problems can be discussed and solved without much effort.

The website is so user-friendly

The broker's website is brightly designed and appears friendly and tidy at first glance. All important areas can be reached easily via the menu, so that information can be obtained directly. It is also hardly noticeable that individual areas such as the FAQ are only available in English. As a Canadian trader, you either have to translate or use your own knowledge of English.

Otherwise, the website is easy to use and offers quick access to all relevant areas. You can find your way around here without much effort if you have not had any experience withForex trading or this broker. The two platforms offered also ensure a lot of comfort when trading.

Mobile App

There is a mobile app for both MetaTrader 4 and xStation. This makes it possible for traders to easily participate in trading on the go. With your own smartphone, you can easily access your own trading account with one of the apps and it is also possible to start trading directly. In this way, one's own account can be surveyed and individual trades can also be controlled. In addition, it is also possible to place new trades with the apps. In this respect, as a trader with the broker Topforex.com, you can also take part in trading from your smartphone or tablet very easily and with great comfort.

The mobile apps are available free of charge and are each available for different mobile systems. With the MetaTrader app, as a trader, you have the opportunity to easily participate in trading, as well as with the xStation app. The MetaTrader also offers various mobile indicators and thus enables trading to be optimally coordinated. The app from xStation also convinces with its simplicity and thus makes simple and fast trading possible.

Conclusion: At Topforex.com there are versatile trading opportunities

The broker Topforex.com can be Convince all along the line at the end of the test. Even if there are restrictions on the payment options, the provider makes up for it in other areas. For example, there is a demo account here, which can be used for 30 days without any risk, and training courses are also available for traders. This means that extensive training is possible at the beginning and later you can continue to educate yourself as a trader and thus optimize your own trading with currencies and the like. The broker is therefore also suitable for beginners and offers various options for trading.

The provider can also convince with the offered regulation, which is ensured by the CySEC from Cyprus. This ensures a lot of security and contributes to the fact that Topforex.com is classified as serious. The broker has nothing to do with fraud or rip-off and instead offers safe and reliable trading in forex values. In addition, the extensive range of tradable values ​​is a clear advantage and as a trader you can benefit from attractive trading conditions. The provider based in Cyprus is therefore definitely worth a look, also because of the extensive support.

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Topforex.com offers a wide range of trading options . The conditions are also right.
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