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The broker Tradeo initially offers its customers a manageable selection of trading options in the CFD and Forex sectors, with leverage ratios of up to 1:200 being able to be traded here. What is special about this provider, however, is the opportunity to enter this segment of financial trading via the innovative form of social trading. In addition to the opportunity to implement your own strategies on the market, social trading also offers the opportunity to benefit from the strategies and trading successes of other traders. This additional facet of trading also piqued our interest, so we wanted to take a closer look at the provider.

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In addition to the trading possibilities, we also looked at all the other facets in order to be able to make the most comprehensive judgment possible about this provider. Of course, this also includes the question of the extent to which it can be assumed whether this online broker is a reputable company, where the investor does not have to fear for his financial investments, nor does he need to be afraid that his data will be passed on to third parties are given. Everything we found out in our test can be found in the following review.

Our experience with Tradeo at a glance

Erfahrung mit TradeoThe main competence of the provider Tradeo, this quickly becomes clear, is clearly in the area of ​​social trading. This special type of trading, in which traders have the opportunity to follow other traders as a follower and to benefit from their trading decisions, is just one facet of the possibilities offered to the online broker's customers. A total of around 100 instruments from the forex, indices and commodities categories are available for trading. Leverage of up to 1:200 can be used for the trade itself.

Experience with Tradeo
Company UR Trade Fix Ltd
Adresse 333, 28th October street, Ariadne House, 3106, Limassol, Cyprus
Registration number HE 336677
Regulatory Licence 282/15
Phone +44-203-608-9905
eMail [email protected] tradeo.com
Live Chat Yes
Callback No
Service Hours 24 h

In contrast to many other online brokers in this area, Tradeo has concentrated on providing only a small selection of values ​​for trading, while offering the best conditions. In our experience, this works very well overall. Trading is carried out technically flawlessly and the announced spreads are adhered to, these actually seem to be very close to the market values.

Tradeo also offers a range of services beyond trading that the trader should provide the best possible support in its strategy. In this way, support can be used, which can be reached by phone around the clock on trading days. Webinars can also be attended. However, we noticed in this context that knowledge of English is a prerequisite for using this offer. Although the website itself is in Canadian, additional offers have not yet been translated into Canadian.

Is Tradeo a reputable provider?

Basically, however, it can be assumed that it the online broker is a reputable provider with whom investors can feel safe. The fact that it is a company based in Cyprus, a state that is known to belong to the European Union, speaks for this. Financial service providers who offer their services from an EU country are obliged to comply with strict rules when processing transactions and managing customer funds. In the case of Tradeo, the Cypriot regulatory authority CySec ensures that this is also implemented in accordance with the law. Investors can be sure that they don't have to fear fraud or rip-offs with this broker.

Tradable assets and conditions

When it comes to deciding for or against a specific provider for trading in stock exchange products, the conditions naturally play a decisive role alongside a number of other aspects which investors can count on in trading. Of course, the providers also know this and sometimes find it difficult to publish their respective conditions transparently and clearly. In view of the different account versions and different commissions and spreads, it is often very difficult for the investor to find out in advance what the individual costs will be in trading. Tradeo attaches importance to the statement that it clearly distances itself from such an approach. In fact, he presents himself to his potential customers with a relatively clear and transparent fee model. But this is also relatively easy because the selection of tradable values ​​is comparatively small.

Trade directly on the provider's website
Vorschaubild Tradeo StartseiteVorschaubild Tradeo Übersicht Plattformen

Basically, trading instruments from the areas of Forex and CFD can be chosen. In this respect, this is not a special feature, and is also the standard for many other providers. In the area of ​​forex trading, there are about 50 currency pairs to choose from. About as many base values ​​can be selected in the CFD trading area. In addition to stocks, there are also some indices and commodity stocks to choose from. The online broker Tradeo is clearly specialized in the selection of shares for the American market. In addition, some international stocks such as DAX, Nikkei CAC can also be traded with the indices.

Looking at the design of the conditions for the stocks that are offered for trading, it becomes clear that fundamentally with very favorable conditions can be expected. In principle, variable spreads are calculated by Tradeo, which are based on the respective market conditions. One currency combination that requires comparatively cheap market spreads due to high trading volume is the Euro to US Dollar ratio. The average spread offered by Tradeos for this instrument is 2.9 points. With other combinations, higher surcharges have to be planned, for example the spread for the combination of the euro and the New Zealand dollar is 15.7 points.

And you can also trade with the difference contracts with attractive conditions. The Canadian stock index is available for trading with a lot size of ten for a spread of 1.8 points. The spread for gold is 0.5 points. In addition to being able to trade independently with the underlying assets that are made available by the provider, the investor also has the option of becoming involved in trading through the instrument of social trading. Due to the international orientation, Tradeo's customers can rely on a broad pool of other traders whose transactions they use as a guide or whom they follow one-to-one. A special search function can be used to filter out other investors who best match your own investment philosophy. The investor then has the opportunity to first observe individual top traders and then decide whether he would like to follow them in trading. If this is the case, he allocates a certain budget to the selected top trader, which is then used in his trading decisions. As a result, the investor can then benefit one-to-one from the trading successes as well as failures of the top trader.

While the range of underlying assets is rather manageable overall, the appeal of Tradeo's range lies above all in the Possibilityof social trading.

Bonus for new customers

There is a bonus for new customers - due to the regulatory requirements by CySec - currently not.

Deposit and withdrawal by credit card or e-wallet

Customers do not have to face any special challenges if they want to deposit money into their trading account with the online broker Tradeo . First of all, four different currencies are available for the deposit or for the management of the trading account. In addition to US dollars and British pounds, the account can also be managed in euros and Japanese yen and paid in with the corresponding currency.

Payment methods at a glance
Diese Methoden stehen für Zahlungen zur Verfügung
Payment options: Neteller, Skrill, VISA, VISA elektron, MasterCard, Maestro, WireTransfer, Sofort, TrustPay
Minimum deposit: none
Fees: no
Account management possible in: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
Payout options: Neteller, Skrill, VISA, VISA elektron, MasterCard, Maestro, WireTransfer, Sofort, TrustPay

There are basically two methods for deposits and withdrawals and several providers available. It is easy for owners of a credit card. MasterCard, Visa and Maestro credit cards are accepted. Even if the provider does not specify any binding deadlines as to how quickly the money can be available on the trading account, our experience has shown that the money can be expected to be credited on the same day, usually within a few minutes.

In addition, a number of online service providers can also be used to transfer trading credit. The online broker Tradeo cooperates with the providers Neteller, Skrill, WireTransfer, Sofort and PayU. At least on the part of Tradeo, this deposit option is free of charge, but some providers charge a fee. The same providers are also available for withdrawals from the trading account. Basically, our experience has shown that you can count on reliable and speedy processing of deposits and withdrawals.

Everything is fine with security and regulation

The broker Tradeo has its headquarters in the EU state of Cyprus, and is regulated accordingly by the competent authority there, CySec. With this, customers can rely on a sufficient level of security and do not need to worry about the deposits in their trading accounts. On the one hand, the regulatory provisions stipulate that companies must comply with strict regulations in relation to equity reserves and the management of customer funds. This is initially intended to prevent the provider from going into insolvency itself. However, since customer funds are legally kept separately from company assets, insolvency would not have any adverse effects on customer deposits. These are deposited with banks that have been checked for creditworthiness and are therefore also protected by the national deposit protection fund. Due to the applicable regulations, customers can be safe from fraud and rip-off.

Support and customer service only in English

In principle, the provider Tradeo offers a very decent customer service. Corresponding telephone numbers are available for customers, but only for Great Britain and France. So if you have to rely exclusively on Canadian language skills, you will find it difficult to get the necessary help with this offer. However, it is positive that the service is available around the clock. This also applies to email, which customers can use to contact the service department directly. And a live chat is also offered in English.

Tradeo also relies on the so-called community to offer customers help with specific questions relating to trading. Articles on a wide range of topics can be called up here, which investors can use as a guide. However, the default language here is English.

Webinars are also part of the offer, which customers can use to expand their trading skills and get to know the possibilities of Tradeo better. You can even search for offers in Canadian on the provider's website, but with the result that no corresponding offers are currently planned. The offer in this category is OK overall, but can only be used if you have the appropriate English language skills.

Simple structure of the website

In terms of the structure of the website, customers can rely on leave a fairly simply designed product. All in all, the most important information can be accessed in a targeted manner, but unfortunately the website is silent on some important information. There is no separate page that provides information about the payment modalities. And the information about the trading opportunities is rather scarce overall. As already mentioned, additional information is available on additional, forum-like pages.

Mobile trading with the app

Tradeo's range of services definitely includes the option of mobile access to trading instruments and social trading. A separate app is available for both iOS and Android-based devices. This means that the instruments can be used and, of course, the underlying assets can also be traded, which are also available via the normal platform. In addition, additional features for communication between traders are offered, for which the mobile device can also be used. And social trading also works perfectly via the app.

With the mobile app, the investor is also flexible beyond his PC and does not have to miss any trading opportunities.

Conclusion – Tradeo is a specialist for social trading

With the provider Tradeo, we have tested another online broker that has its strengths above all in social trading. In addition, CFD products and the Forex market can also be traded in a conventional manner. Leverages of up to 1:200 are possible, with variable spreads being traded. While trading can be carried out very reliably overall, the additional offers in the area of ​​further training and service can only be fully used if the investor has sufficient knowledge of English. This also applies to the webinars section, where no events in Canadian are currently announced.

In our experience, this provider is also a reputable representative who does not have to fear fraud or rip-offs . The main argument for this is that the online broker is regulated by an authority.

Roland Herrmann
With social trading I can benefit from the strategies of others.
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Whether as a trading platform or as a social trader - Tradeo is absolutely top in every respect!

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