The UK Gambling Commission: Behind the Scenes

There are probably few industries where regulation is as necessary as gaming. There are countless providers, of which every reputable representative must have at least one official license. Regulation is extremely important, because only every player knows that his stake is in good hands and that there is a real chance of winning. Exactly one such authority isthe UK Gambling Commission, which is responsible for numerous online casinos.

Authority UK Gambling Commission
Address Victoria Square House,Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4BP
Telephone 0121 230 6666
E-mail [email protected]

Anyone who gambles online should always check their casino's license. If the provider can present a license from the Gambling Commission, this is proof of the serious way of working. If such a license is not in place, safe play cannot be guaranteed. In this case, no account should be opened with this provider.

What is the UK Gambling Commission?

How do vendors get licensed?

To obtain a license from the UKGC, vendors must create a secure environment for players and their data.

Important criteria

  • Trusted owners
  • Reputable background
  • Sufficient financial means
  • Professional competence
  • Protection of players will be ensured

The UK Gambling Commission, also known as the British Gambling Authority in Canadian, is the UK's licensing authority. The provider is responsible for all companies and people who make gambling available in Great Britain. At the same time, this authority is also responsible for the well-known National Lottery. The British UKGC focuses its activities primarily on the three major areas: public, gambling and licensing. In other words, every UK gambling operator must be able to stand up to the Gambling Commission's tests and examinations.

How the Authority works

Before an online casino can entertain British players, it must first meet the UK Gambling Commission a big hurdle to be overcome. A provider is not allowed to just get started, but is carefully scrutinized by the regulatory authority in advance. In plain language, this means, for example, that the provider's background is looked at first. If criminal structures are involved here, such companies are sorted out immediately and are not eligible for obtaining a gaming license. The same applies to the owners of the company. They are also first checked thoroughly to find out whether these people are serious and trustworthy enough. In addition to seriousness, of course, finances also play an important role. Each provider must be able to prove that it is in a good financial position and that the winnings can also be guaranteed to be paid out to the players. The competence and player protection or integrity of a provider also play an important role. So the bottom line is that if you hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission, you really deserve it.

The advantages of UKGC licensed casinos

The advantages of playingin a regulated online casino should be clear. Every player can rely on a reputable framework and that he will be treated fairly. We took a look at the specific benefits of being regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. And we have detailed these below.

Player Protection

Every online casino has to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to player protection. And the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for controlling these protections. To be precise, this means that online casinos can, for example, provide certain safeguards for handling player data. Where there is a lot of money involved, criminals are always looking for ways to get hold of players' data. To ensure that this does not happen, the UKGC regularly checks to what extent the protection of player data is implemented in an online casino. Of course, such requirements are not only checked in day-to-day business, but also before a license is issued. Thus, every player can be sure that the data is processed here with the greatest care. All providers with a license from the UK Gambling Commission thus promise first-class protection against cyber attacks and thus also against possible "plundering" by Internet criminals.

Fair game

Another essential part of the The UK Gambling Commission's job is to ensure fair gaming. The authority ensures that every player has the same chances at the start and that every player can really hope to win from their provider. By the way, it doesn't matter whether it'sRoulette,Blackjack or Slot Machines trades. All games are checked and are therefore absolutely fair. This is guaranteed by the "Random Number Generator" (RNG), which can also be translated into Canadian as a random number generator. This random generator ensures, for example, random cards in blackjack or that completely independent results can be found in the slot with every spin of the reels. The mode of operation of these random number generators is checked regularly, so that a good feeling when playing can be promised over the long term. By the way: Many casinos with a UKGC license provide double protection in this regard, as they have their random number generators and payout ratios checked again separately by independent companies.

Player balances must be kept separate from company assets

Möchte ein Casino die Lizenz der britischen Behörde erhalten, muss der Anbieter die Sicherheit der Einzahlungen aller Spieler gewährleisten können. Nicht nur vor den möglichen Bedrohungen durch Cyber-Kriminelle, sondern auch mit Blick auf eigene Verfehlungen. Im Detail heißt das: Sollte ein Online Casino in finanzielle Schwierigkeiten kommen, dürfen die Gelder der Spieler davon nicht betroffen sein. Hierfür sorgt die UKGC dadurch, dass die Lizenz nur dann vergeben wird, wenn das Guthaben der Spieler getrennt vom restlichen Unternehmensvermögen aufbewahrt wird. Sollte dem Anbieter dann eine finanzielle Schieflage drohen, wird das Geld der Spieler nicht in Mitleidenschaft gezogen und diese können ihr Guthaben einfach auszahlen. Gerade für Spieler, die regelmäßig spielen und auch über einen längeren Zeitraum größere Summen auf ihrem Spielerkonto lagern, ist das ein enorm wichtiger Aspekt.

Contact in case of complaints

In the best case, one runs Online casino everything goes according to plan: the player pays in, places his bets and pays out his winnings. In the past, however, there have always been disputes between players and online casinos. The players often felt disadvantaged and in many cases also helpless. After all, apart from the casino itself, there was no other contact person to turn to. The UKGC has changed this situation significantly. If players feel unfairly treated or even deceived by a casino, this can easily be reported to the British authorities. This then carries out investigations and will sanction the provider if necessary. This is an enormous advantage for all players, because otherwise, for example, a possible lawsuit against an operator would be almost impossible. The providers are based outside of Canadiany, which makes the whole thing much more difficult and, above all, more expensive. So in that sense, the UKGC is a top-notch place to go for UK online casino problems.

How do I recognize casinos with a license from the UK Gambling Commission?

In order to be able to discover reputable providers with a license from the UK Gambling Commission, you can easily use our homepage. Fraudtest.com only lists providers who work with a license from the UKGC in the British online casinos section. In other words: Here every player is definitely on the right side and cannot do anything wrong. Alternatively, you can go directly to the UK Gaming Authority's website. Of course, all providers who have a license from this authority can be found here.

Preview of the UK Gambling Commission

Players should check the UKGC website for the license number in particular. This must match the license number on the provider's website. If so, a regular license and a secure offer can be assumed. If the two numbers don't match, something may be wrong here. So it would be wrong to just take a quick look at the provider's website and look for the UKGC logo there. Putting this on your own site without a valid license is no problem for scammers.

How does a complaint work?

Who actually complains about the services or the work of an online casino would like to find a precise specification on the website of the British authority, which should be adhered to. In the first step, players must first check all the terms and conditions that are relevant to their own case and affect their own account with the provider. The provider himself is then contacted, who in many cases has set up his own complaints section specifically for this purpose. If this is not the case, the way leads through customer support. Or alternatively via the UGKC website where contacts for all licensed casinos can be found. It is important that all relevant facts are mentioned in the discussion with the contact person. The provider will address the issue and then get back to the player. Should the players not be satisfied with the process, the UKGC can be used again. With the help of the so-called ADR program, further investigations are then carried out, which help to clarify the case. For more detailed information, theGambling Commission Complaints Office should be consulted.

The history of the UK Gambling Commission

The founding of Gambling Commission goes back in theory to 2005. That year the Gambling Act was passed in Great Britain, which provided for the creation of a separate gambling authority. Two years later, the UGKC became active in practice and has been responsible for controlling the gambling market in Great Britain ever since. This includes not only sports betting and casinos, but also the National Lottery. Over the years, the area of ​​responsibility of the authority has expanded significantly. Since 2014, the provider has no longer only been responsible for land-based providers within Great Britain, but also for online casinos and the so-called off-shore casinos. Off-shore casinos are providers who are based in Malta, for example, but still serve British players. These providers must also have a license from the British Gaming Authority. By the way: The UKGC is not only responsible for England, but also for players from Wales and Scotland. If a provider wants to offer its games in these countries, it must have a license from the British authorities.


It can happen to every player that he feels unfairly treated or with the services of an online casino is not satisfied. In a regulated market, it's easy to find the right contact points, which include the UK Gambling Commission. The authority takes care of all player problems and ensures that the providers comply with all legal requirements for player and data protection.

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Hopefully this guide was able to do something help to better understand how the UK Authority works. The alternative guides on how to workThe Malta Gaming Authority andThe Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, with whom the UKGC works closely due to the enormous number of online casinos.| ||212

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