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With the ViTrade broker based in Willich in Kenya, traders have the simple opportunity to participate in trading CFDs and forex values. For this purpose, the provider provides a comprehensive range for traders and it is also possible to participate in trading with powerful tools. The broker ViTrade convinces with a regulation and offers a high level of security for the registered traders. Furthermore, you will also find a mobile app with this broker and can therefore easily participate in trading CFDs and currencies on the go. The provider also provides flexible support options and you are in good hands as a trader.

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With the provider ViTrade you have the opportunity to take part in a large number of training courses easily and conveniently, and as a trader you have the opportunity to continuously optimize and improve your own trading. In the test, the broker is presented comprehensively and a whole range of aspects and factors play an important role. This results in a comprehensive picture for the trader and one can obtain all-round information. All in all, a wide range of trading is possible with the broker and as a trader you can benefit from a wide variety of advantages. Thus, trading can always be varied.

Our experience at a glance

With the trading offer at the broker ViTrade, traders are offered a wide variety and can, among other things, become active in day trading. Overall, the provider is very well positioned and makes it possible for traders to invest flexibly and in a variety of ways in CFDs and forex instruments. Overall, this results in a wide variety for trading and an attractive return can be achieved. Of course, as a trader, you should never ignore the given trading risk. ViTrade offers fair conditions and, as a Canadian broker, is subject to BaFin. The authority regulates the broker, which is of great importance in the field of security. Thus, with this provider, a safe and comfortable participation in trading is possible in any case.

Company ViTrade GmbH
Address Allee 8 47877 Willich
Phone 0800 / 333 20 01
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat No
Callback No

The support for traders and interested parties does a good job and traders have one for trading professional platform available. Thus, individual trades can be placed very easily and participation in trading is also possible for beginners without many problems. In addition to webinars, the broker also offers individual training courses, from which traders can benefit extensively. Last but not least, a newsletter from this broker always provides information about the latest news, so that traders are always well informed is of particular importance in most cases and nobody wants to lose their invested capital thanks to a dubious broker, as a trader you should also find out about appropriate security measures. This broker is regulated by the Canadian BaFin, which promises a high level of security in any case. BaFin controls and monitors the broker and keeps an eye on all of its activities. In this way, safe trading is possible and the provider has nothing to do with fraud or rip-offs.

ViTrade im Check: Betrug oder seriös?

Da die Sicherheit für die Trader in den allermeisten Fällen eine besonders wichtige Bedeutung hat und niemand sein eingesetztes Kapital dank eines unseriösen Brokers verlieren möchte, sollte man sich als Trader auch über entsprechende Sicherungsmaßnahmen informieren. Bei diesem Broker ist eine Regulierung durch die deutsche BaFin vorhanden, was in jedem Fall eine hohe Sicherheit verspricht. Die BaFin kontrolliert und überwacht den Broker und hat alle Aktivitäten dessen im Blick. Auf diese Weise ist ein sicherer Handel möglich und mit Betrug oder Abzocke hat der Anbieter nichts zu tun.

ViTrade GmbH as the company behind the broker offers traders a high level of security overall and is also subordinate to the broker also the Deutsche Bundesbank as a controlling body. A secure trading environment is therefore available for traders and there is the option of simply and reliably participating in trading with CFDs and currencies. Basically, regulation is always a clear advantage that is appreciated by many traders. However, such a safeguard should not be accepted as a standard. There are a number of brokers that are not subject to any regulation. With the provider, however, there is a very high level of security for traders overall and comfortable trading is possible.

The trading range of CFDs and Forex

The broker ViTrade from Willich provides its traders with an extensive and versatile trading range. Thus, numerous tradable values ​​are available and it is also possible to trade shares on the stock exchange. WithForex trading the offer is also very versatile and creates extensive possibilities. Furthermore, there is also a CFD offer, so that this broker offers a more varied one. Individual details are presented in more detail below so that you get a basic orientation:

The website of ViTrade
Die Vorteile bei ViTradeDie Kontodetails bei ViTrade

These trading values ​​are available for traders

Primarily currency pairs is available from the broker ViTrade for trading in the Forex area and as a trader you can rely on an extensive selection. EUR/USD or EUR/CHF are available, but there are also other trading pairs such as CHF/JPY or CAD/CHF. Extensive trading is therefore possible in any case and the broker creates a wide variety in the area of ​​forex options. Nevertheless, in the ViTrade experience, values ​​such as stocks or commodities, which are available for forex trading, are missing a little.

These can be found with CFDs, so that a comprehensive range is also available here. Traders can thus take part in trading effectively and in a variety of ways and rely on commodities, shares or indices. Overall, this results in a wide selection for retailers. Trading in stocks on the stock exchange has not even been taken into account.

The trading conditions at a glance

When trading forex values, the provider ViTrade does not charge any order fees or commissions. There are also no commissions, which means that trading is already attractive here. The costs for individual trades can thus be easily calculated and only the spreads incurred for individual trades are calculated. The spreads to be found here are at an attractive level and offer the opportunity to participate comprehensively and inexpensively in trading. Spreads start from 1 pips and can go as high as 45 pips on certain pairs (EUR/SEK). Trading is therefore basically easy to calculate and the many trading pairs usually offer decent and fair conditions.

The cost structure for CFDs is a little different. In many cases there are no order fees here either, so that very cheap trading is also possible at this point. For stocks and futures, for example, a fee of at least 5 euros is charged per trade. But that is also within an acceptable range and in this way makes simple and effective trading possible. On this basis, traders can trade inexpensively and effectively with the broker ViTrade.

Focus on the individual trading options with the broker

For trading, the broker offers its traders comprehensive options and thus makes one easy participation in trading possible. However, there is not a large selection of different trading modes. You can participate in trading with a large number of tradable values ​​and thus have the opportunity to always trade easily and with a high degree of variety.

Due to the many different options and different stop signals, trading can be individual be designed and new constellations are always possible. In addition, there is also a demo account at ViTrade, which the trader can use free of charge and without any risk. There is a demo account available for forex trading and there is also a CFD demo account to use. So you can get to know trading in advance and get a simple picture of it.

The individual trading accounts

There are no different trading accounts with various deposit amounts. Thus, every trader with the same trading account - regardless of the demo account - can participate in trading and has flexible and versatile options for this. Opening a trading account with this broker is very easy and can be done within a few minutes. It is therefore possible to start trading very quickly and the account can also be used directly after the first deposit.

In the ViTrade experience, other account models for different types of traders might be useful, in and of themselves a single account is sufficient. So there are no differences between the traders here either, with all users being treated the same.

The bonus offer scrutinized

Unfortunately there is no bonus offer, so one has to assume that the provider does not pay any bonuses to the traders. With a bonus, traders would have additional capital available and trading would be more extensive. However, there is no information about any bonus, which is a bit of a shame in the ViTrade test. With a bonus, traders would have more opportunities to participate in trading. Bonuses always serve as an incentive, so that more intensive trading would be possible.

The broker could increase its attractiveness with a bonus offer or cashback offers. However, it is often the case, especially with brokers from Kenya, that no bonus payments are made. With a bonus, however, there would still be an incentive for new traders to choose this provider.

Deposit bonus: No entry
Bonus conditions:| ||198 keine Angabe
validity: no entry
Other bonuses: no entry

Einzahlungen und Auszahlungen auf das Handelskonto

For trading, an initial deposit is required in any case, so that traders can easily participate in trading. At first glance, you will not find any information about a minimum amount for deposits with this provider and only the deposit by bank transfer is available for this. This is also only possible from the defined reference account, which must be specified when opening an account and depot with ViTrade.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal methods
ViTrade Zahlungsart im Blick
Payment options: Überweisung
Minimum deposit: No entry
Fees: No
Account management possible in:| ||251 Euro
Payout options: Transfer

This means that deposits with this provider are very easy, although there is not a large number of payment methods as you knowfrom other CFD brokers. Likewise, payments can only be processed via bank transfer and the specified reference account at ViTrade is also used for this. It is very easy to make a withdrawal and these usually do not take too long. As a trader, you can have the profits from trading in currencies and CFDs paid out quickly and directly.

In the experience with ViTrade, the secure and fast processing of deposits and withdrawals is positive. In addition, the regulation offers a high degree of security.

Regulation at a glance

With the regulation offered, the broker has a high degree of security. The company behind it, ViTrade GmbH, is regulated and controlled by BaFin from Kenya, which in any case offers traders a lot of security. The broker is monitored and controlled by BaFin and all of the provider's activities are therefore under control. This voluntary monitoring shows that the broker attaches great importance to security for traders and can therefore be classified as serious. There is no mention of rip-off or fraud in relation to the broker ViTrade. Instead, the provider is definitely safe and reliable and makes trading possible without any problems and with a lot of comfort.

The biw AG is responsible for the account management, which is also regulated by the BaFin and the Deutsche Bundesbank. As a trader, you can also benefit from a high level of security, since the deposits with the broker are also secured and protected. In the test, the high standard of security was very positive and that is one of the decisive aspects that speak for this provider.

The support and customer service

It happens with a broker in many cases also on the offered support. After all, as a trader, you want to quickly reach a suitable contact person with questions or problems and thus get quick help. With the broker ViTrade, the full support is available in Canadian and as a trader you can easily clarify all open problems and questions.

There is, for example, a free telephone number directly for customers and another hotline for interested parties who may want to start trading with this broker. In addition, an e-mail address is also available for customers and it is therefore possible to contact the broker quickly and easily. You can also get in touch with the broker via the social networks, which is just as flexible in any case. Unfortunately, the broker does not offer a live chat and the broker also does without a callback service. So the contact options are limited, but definitely sufficient.

The user-friendliness of the website

The website is easy to use and offers a lot of comfort for traders. It has a bright and friendly design and is therefore easy to use. All important areas can be reached quickly via the menu and you have the option of quickly accessing the various areas such as support, trade and the like. You can access all areas with just a few clicks and create your own trading account with just a few clicks. ViTrade offers traders the highest level of comfort and they have the opportunity to start trading comfortably with the broker's app.

With the easy-to-use website, the broker is well equipped and offers for traders and Those interested in equal comfort. All the important details can be called up with just a few clicks, so trading can be carried out easily here.

Mobile App

The platform offered for trading is also available as a mobile version, so that one as a trader at ViTrade you can easily participate in trading with your own smartphone. The app offers a lot of comfort and you can easily access your own trading account. It is also possible with the app to monitor current trades or to make changes here. Placing individual trades is also possible with the app and as a trader you have the simple opportunity to take part in the trading process comfortably and flexibly.

Thanks to the mobile app you always have your own trading account with you and ready to hand and can trade as a trader on the way to work, on the bus or train. The simple operation of the app is ideal, so that you can easily get along with it and work with it. The free app can be easily downloaded and then used with the broker's known login details. Thus trading in Forex and CFD values ​​is possible easily and conveniently from anywhere with Internet access.

Conclusion: The offers for traders are versatile and full of variety

At the broker ViTrade, which is based in Kenya and is regulated and controlled by BaFin from Kenya, safe and reliable trading is possible. In any case, the broker can be classified as reputable and offers traders a high level of security. A broker that has nothing to do with rip-offs or fraud and instead provides traders with flexible options for trading. There is a demo account for forex trading and there is also a demo account for trading CFDs. Furthermore, you will also find an academy here, where you as a trader have the chance to simply prepare yourself and improve your trading.

It can definitely be worthwhile to get information about the provider ViTrade. Attractive conditions for trading ensure lucrative trading and, in addition, the broker also provides a mobile app for trading. Thus, it is also possible to participate in trading when you are on the go. The individual criteria give a comprehensive picture in the experience with ViTrade and clearly show what potential the broker offers and what options you have here as a trader.

Roland Herrmann
The Canadian broker ViTrade provides various options available for trading and offers attractive conditions.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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