Best Apple Pay Betting Providers in Kenya 2022 in Test

Apple Pay is one of the best-known modern payment methods that you can currently choose for sports betting. Would you also like to use this to make use of thenumerous advantages of the payment method? Then you've come to the right place: We have put together the best Apple Pay betting providers for you.

The number one in our Apple Pay sports betting comparison isbet365 . In addition to afast deposit, the bookmaker convinces with attractive odds and a very good bonus for new customers.

Top 3 Apple Pay betting providers 2022
5.0/5.0 Best Apple Pay bookmaker Up to100CAD/EUR/USD Wett Credits To the provider! Open an account at bet365 today and claim the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
4.6/5.0 High odds on Apple Pay bets Up to100CAD /EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!
4.6/5.0 Regular Bonus promotions Up to200CAD/EUR/USD 100% bonus To the seller!

What can you find out about the individual providers below? This is about details that are important to you, such aspayment limits or promotions for Apple Pay bets. Here you can see at a glance where you can get the most advantageous conditions.

The popularity of Apple Pay sports betting

Sports betting Apple Pay

Apple Pay was created in 2014 by the well-known brand Apple to offer a simple mobile payment solution. More and more betting portals are offering this payment method for sports betting.

Apple Pay bookmaker checks

  • Free payments
  • Security of all transactions
  • Extensive range of bets
  • Attractive bonus promotions

Apple Pay is a mobile payment method from Apple in the USA. The payment method wasonly introduced in 2014 and only popular in Canadiany a year or two later, but numerous Apple Pay betting providers are already using this option.

But why actually? What makes the sports betting Apple Pay payment method so popular that it can be found more and more often and is already a criterion for many customers when choosing a bookmaker? First of all, the payment method is considered to be particularly easy: With just one push of a button, it is possible topay locally or online.

Apple Pay bets could be special with it be picked up or started quickly. But that's not all: Apple Pay sports bets are also considered to be particularly secure, sinceno data is passed on. Only payouts are not yet possible with this payment method at a sports betting provider.

Apple Pay betting and security

So let's talk about security: Best Apple Pay betting providers allow you to depositwith current SSL encryption anyway. Because: This is intended to prevent third parties from encroaching on sensitive payment data. Nevertheless, the mobile Apple payment method increases security immensely.

Because: If you pay with it at an online betting provider,your data will not be passed on – nor can they be traced back to you. The service provider therefore confirms your transaction without informing the bookmaker of your credit card details. An attack by third parties is therefore not made possible in the first place.

Apple Pay Wetten Deposits are also completed in a matter of seconds, which also increases security. Confirmation is provided at the push of a button, which can only be done with yourpersonal PIN or Touch ID - so if you lose your smartphone, nobody can access the e-wallet and get yours Take advantage of accounts.

  • No sharing and tracking of your data
  • Security by Face or Touch ID
  • Payment in seconds
  • Overview of all transactions in the e-wallet
  • Local and virtual use

The most popular sports for online betting with Apple Pay

Apple Pay sports betting is – as already indicated – already widespread in the sports betting industry. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily worth pouncing on the first company that comes along. Because: Theproviders sometimes differ greatly when it comes to fees for deposits and withdrawals or even processing times. Details like these can have a negative impact on your betting experience.

Sports bookmakers with Apple Pay, for example, should place bets on all major sports so that you can easily discover your favourites. The Apple Pay betting providers mentioned by us can score points in football or tennis, but alsomore than 30 other sports ready for your enjoyment.

Fußball Wetten mit Apple Pay

Apple Pay bookmakers usually focus on the most popular sport in Kenya: namely soccer. What does that mean for you? With these you will not only find thebest odds for the events, but also special betting options for more than just the Bundesliga or thePremier League betting providers. For example, bet365 offers you more than 150 different leagues, including amateur classes. You should always find what you are looking for.

Over 150 100CAD/EUR/USD Yes|| |244 5KES/EUR/USD – 5.000KES/EUR/USD To the provider! Open an account at bet365 today and get the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
Over 125 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/ USD – 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!
Over 125 200CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the provider!

Apple Pay bets on aFootball bookmakers can be worthwhile for you as a real fan. Some betting portals even havelive streams in their portfolio. It should be noted that there is no special bonus for you as a football fan to discover if you want to deposit with Apple Pay, for example at aBundesliga bookmaker.

Tennis sports bets with the payment method

Would you prefer tennis bets with Apple Pay? Then you can also find what you are looking for from the providers we have mentioned. Because: Here you can expect thebest possible selection of events, live games and betting options - increasing the likelihood that there is something to your taste.

Over 250 100CAD/EUR/USD Yes 5CAD/EUR/USD – 5,000 CAD/EUR/USD To the seller! Open an account with bet365 today and claim the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
Over 175 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/ USD – 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!
Over 175 200CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!

TheTennis Sports betting providers have specialized in providing you with as many betting options as possible. It is also possible to take part in the offers live andto find new live bets every day. Variety is very important here, as our test has shown. The best odds are always waiting for you at Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon or the French Open.

Deposits and withdrawals at a sports betting provider with Apple Pay

Best Apple Pay betting providers make it possible for you ,to make transactions in the easiest and fastest way. We have taken a closer look at the whole thing and will show you below what conditions you can expect with transactions for Apple Pay sports betting.

The deposit at a betting portal

What the best Apple Pay betting providers around the deposit? First of all, good bookmakers are characterized by the fact that they do not charge any fees for payments. They also give youas much freedom as far as the sports betting Apple Pay deposit is concerned. You shouldn't be restricted by severely restrictive limits.

Online betting Apple Pay payments are very easy to carry out: Simply select the payment method from your Apple Pay bookmaker and enter the desired amount - you will thenforwarded to the financial service provider and you can confirm the transaction either with a PIN or via Touch ID via your mobile device.

  • 1. Log in to the bookmaker or register
  • 2. Go to the checkout area and select the payment method
  • 3. Decide on the amount you want
  • 4. Confirm the payment via smartphone or via the website
  • 5. Check the incoming payment and start betting

When you make Apple Pay payments at a betting site, they are very simple. It only takes a few clicks anda push of a button to complete the payment. By the way: If you shop locally at a retailer with Apple Pay, the whole thing is even faster with the card reader. So you're gaining significant advantages online and locally.

5CAD/EUR/USD 5,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 1,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 1,000CAD/EUR/USD None Immediately| ||456

Wie du siehst, kannst du bei einem Wettanbieter mit Apple Pay Einzahlung Transaktionen bis in den vierstelligen Bereich tätigen und schon ab 5KES/EUR/USD in das Geschehen mit einsteigen. Die Zahlungsmethode von Apple payment method is considered to be particularly fast, but it also allows you to properly cover yourneed for payment limits .

So what can be said about the deposits? These aresafe, fast and easy so even newcomers should get along well with them. Because you can also count on being free of fees, the payment method for Apple Pay sports bets is the ideal choice in many respects.

Payout at an Apple Pay betting provider

It is not yet possible to use the Online betting Apple Pay payment method also to be used for withdrawing. Even via the best Apple Pay betting providers, the option is not available, since the receipt of funds via Apple Pay has only been introduced in the USA so far. While it isonly a matter of time before the withdrawals can also be made with the payment method, you should not rely on this.

Because : Apple Pay actually only serves as asecure e-wallet that deducts the desired amounts from your account or credit card account. A reverse transfer of your winnings from Apple Pay sports betting is not yet possible, so you have to use the classic transfer.

Bonus offers from bookmakers

Let's come to the sports bets with Apple Pay bonus offers, which make it easier for you to start with sports betting ormake it even more exciting. We took a closer look at the offers for new customers from the top Apple Pay betting providers and will tell you below what sums you can expect.

But that's not all: Sports betting online Apple Pay payments enable a bonus credit, this isalso subject to bonus conditions which you should know in advance. Because: bonus conditions decide how well the offers can really be implemented - and whether they correspond to your level of experience.

100CAD/EUR/USD 1x 30 Tage Read Review! Open an account at bet365 today and get the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
100CAD/EUR/USD 14x 30 days Read test!| ||530
200CAD/EUR/USD 14x 30 days Read test!

As you can see, bookmakers with Apple Pay go to great lengths to provide you with generous starting credits. TheBetting provider bonus promotionsonly fair conditions are attached to our favourites, so that youdo not have to reckon with complicated requirements and look forward to the fun of betting.

Sports betting apps with Apple Pay

Would you also like to be able to use the Apple Pay sports betting payment method on the go? Then you have an advantage, because this wasspecially designed for payments with the smartphone. If you log in to the provider mentioned below, you can make payments with just a push of a button - and save even more time.

Online betting Apple Pay payments can also be tracked in your mobile e-wallet in seconds so that youalways have an overview of everything important. Although this is also possible on a desktop PC, it seems to us that it is much clearer and easier to use on the go, for example via iPhone or iPad. Either way: The payment method could hardly be more practical.

The best Apple Pay bookmaker app 2022
Das Sportwetten Angebot von bet365 auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten und das Apple Pay Logo.

1,000+ Sports betting daily

Sports betting providers with Apple Pay are among the top betting portals in the industry. Why? Because theyalso allow safe and easy deposits on the go, with which you can enjoy faster betting fun.Best Betting AppsEnable quick and easy access and are designed so clearly that you can find everything you need right away.

The best live betting providers with Apple Pay

Live bets are particularly exciting because betting odds are adjusted in real time and the game can change completely in a matter of seconds.Live betting bookmakersamong our favoritesmany daily real-time betting opportunities so you're sure to find the right one.

Sports betting with Apple Pay offers you a significant advantage in the live category: You can start betting directly, even if it is already running. Because: The Apple Pay deposits can be completed within a few seconds, so that youdo not have to wait for the payment to arrive.

100CAD/EUR/USD 500+ Yes Yes Zum Anbieter! Open an account with bet365 today and get the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
100CAD/EUR/USD 250+ No No To the seller!
200CAD/EUR/USD 250+ No Nein To the provider!

Apple Pay sports betting in the live area is quite impressive, we think. Because: You can expect fast deposits, with which you can also get involved in the current bets in the intoxication of the thrill. ANo need to wait which is especially good live. Mobile betting in particular can be continued with just a push of a button.

New Apple Pay betting providers

New online betting providers with Apple Pay are constantly being found on the market, theenrich the market and want to attract enthusiastic bettors. In the future you can also expect that more and more providers will rely on the payment method - because it is becoming more and more popular due to the easy handling and fast transactions.

We have looked at the new providers for you and onenew betting providers Ranking compiled. So you know directly which newcomers can be controlled - and why they are considered a top choice.

100CAD/EUR/USD 4.8/5.0 2001 To the seller! Open an account with bet365 today and claim the opening offer. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude wagering of Bet Credits. The terms and conditions apply. 18+
100CAD/EUR/USD 4.6/5.0 2014 To the seller!
200CAD/EUR/USD 4.6/5.0 2010 To the provider!

How As you can see, new Apple Pay betting providers can also meet all requirements relating toattractive bonus offers and the security of your data. At least all of the companies we tested have good encryption at bank level, so you can register with a clear conscience.

The advantages and disadvantages

Best Apple Pay bookmakerssummarize all the advantages of the payment method and of course appreciate them. But what exactly do we mean by that? In the following we would like to go into the reasons why you can choose Apple Pay as your payment method.

But we would also like toall the disadvantages, so that you can get a better picture of whether your needs are really being fully met. It should be said in advance: With this payment method, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, so there is no room for wrong decisions.

Even mobile without problems Can be used No payouts possible
No data transfer Partial fees possible
Fast and easy Not for everyone Bonus campaigns permitted

One of the advantages of the payment method is that bets with Apple Pay are possible from as little as 5CAD/EUR/USD, so that you can of course also act with a smaller budget. For high rollers there arewith up to 10,000CAD/EUR/USD also suitable limits to discover.

That Apple Paynicht für Auszahlungen verwendet werden kann, is definitely a major disadvantage - but this should not bother you if you also like to use classic payouts via bank transfer and can cope with the waiting times of three to five working days.| ||801

Apple Pay Alternativen

Especially when it comes to the payout, you canfind some alternatives with which you can save your winnings You can also withdraw using the same method. These include, for example, thePayPal bets, theTrustly sports bets or theecoPayz bets.

The numerous bookmakers from ourbetting provider test usually also havemore classic payment methods ready. Real-time payments are also possible with aMastercard bookmaker orVisa bookmaker.

About the company

The Apple PayPayment method has been around since 2014 - but only later managed to gain popularity in Kenya. As the company's homepage shows, the focus is on contactless payments in local retail.

Company name: Apple Inc.
Website: www.apple.com
Address: Cupertino (California)
Year of foundation: 1976
Employees: 145,000+
Founders: Steve Jobs, Ron Wayne, Steve Wozniak
Email:| ||871 [email protected]

In the future, the payment method can certainly also be used to pay out one's own winnings, so that it can be used in a more versatile way. But even now it doesn't hurt to use the payment service provider - because it can also beused very advantageously in online trading or locally. All in all, a wide spectrum in addition to the betting provider Apple Pay payment function.

Our conclusion on Apple Pay - modern e-wallet with more security

As you have now found out, the Apple Pay betting providers enable you best conditions for security with your deposits. Because: You can successfully prevent thepassing on of your bank details by using the e-wallet. The speed of the payment confirmation is also an advantage here.

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In conclusion, we can make it clear: Providers for Apple Pay sports betting offer you all the advantages that the payment method has to offer - but especiallysecure deposits at the push of a button. Your data is optimally protected so that third parties cannot access it. So it only remains to be seen when payments will also be possible with this.


You would like to find out more about the Apple Pay betting providers andfind out more about the payment method yourself? Then you are at the right place. We have looked at the most frequently asked questions on the subject and will tell you below what you need to know to answer them.

🥇 Which betting providers accept Apple Pay?

Thebest Apple Pay betting providersare those bookmakers who not only with score points with an attractive bonus, but also with favorable conditions for everything to do with deposits, such as no fees. This is the case with bet365 and our other favorites.

🧐 Is sports betting safe with Apple Pay?

When it comes toSecurity with Apple Pay betting, you can look forward to maximum benefits. Because: Your data will not be passed on and cannot be traced back, so you enjoy anonymity. You can also confirm payments with Touch ID so that nobody can access them via your smartphone.

✅ Why should I use sports betting providers with Apple Pay?

Why the providers could be worthwhile for you? Because there are manybenefits of bookmakers with Apple Pay that cannot be claimed with other payment methods. For example, you can't confirm with a touch of a finger using Touch ID if you're using other payment methods.

🤑 What are the limits for Apple Pay sports betting?

When it comes to thedeposit limits of Apple Pay bookmakers, you can you usually expect a few thousand euros for your deposit. A deposit is already possible from 5CAD/EUR/USD, so that you can adjust the deposit according to your needs.

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