The best basketball betting providers 2022 in comparison

Behind football and tennis Basketball bets are number three among sports betting fans. In this test report we present theodds, betting markets and live bets for the NBA and the other leagues. We also present you with the best basketball bookmakers. The number one in our test and comparison isBetway.

Top 5 Basketball Bookmakers 2022
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In basketball, the NBA is still the top league. Many sports bettors now take the opportunity to place bets on the BBL or EuroLeague in basketball. Our review deals with important points that must be clear before thefirst sports bet on basketball. Which competitions are particularly important and what are the betting opportunities in basketball?

Before we answer these and many other questions, you will first find an overview here of thebest basketball bookmakers sorted by category are:

🏆 Best Basketball Odds Betano
🏆 Best Basketball Live Betting Bet90
🏆 Best Basketball Betting App Betway
🏆 Best Basketball Betting Bonus 22bet
🏆 Best Basketball Betting Live Streams bet365
🏆 Top NBA Bookmaker Betway

Mit one click on the corresponding button takes you directly to the pages of the respective test winners and you canbenefit from the betting offer and the bonus promotions. This overview is constantly adapted to the latest results of our comparisons and is therefore always up to date.

What has become a very important betting market in the field of basketball sports betting is live betting . This is where you bet while the teams play. Use opportunities toSecure pre-match tickets. Both bets are offered by top bookmakers.

The competitions offered for basketball bets

Not everyone knows that basketball has been played in Kenya for decades. All the more interesting is theSelection of betting markets and competitions that you can bet on at the individual bookmakers. How basketball bookmakers present themselves is extremely important for their evaluation. We often find a mixture of top leagues and youth competitions.

Most popular basketball bets, leagues and tournaments

Basketball is a team sport that is played both in regular leagues and in tournaments. InKenya, the BBL is at the top when it comes to leagues. The NBA has a special status. In order to be at the forefront of basketball betting online, the top bookmakers we have tested usually bet on both leagues.

You can bet on tournaments at the same time – such as the Eurocup or national cup series. In the area of ​​the top betting providers you will find a whole range of different leagues such as theRussian Superleague or the Spanish LEB Oro. The bottom line is that the portfolio of basketball bets - according to our experience - with the various bookmakers is sufficiently large.

Smaller tournaments of the best basketball betting providers

The offer in The field of basketball sports betting is relatively complex. We have already mentioned what you can expect from the higher-class casinos. Many sports betting fans will feel in good hands here. Are you one of those sports fans who took basketball with their mother's milk?

Less known than NBA or BBL at a basketball bookmaker are for example thePaulista League in Brazil or the Liga Serie Women's A1 in Italy. You can bet on both as part of your membership with the bookmakers with a top rating. You will always have to check on a case-by-case basis how the individual betting providers are positioned in the lower-class leagues.

Markets for basketball sports betting in Kenya

Basketball as a team sport offers a very different setback game like tennis wide range of betting markets. Unlike football, where games sometimes end 0-0, basketball is much more explosive. A fact that you always have to keep in mind for your basketball bets online. And which ultimately also affectsthe betting markets and their use for your betting strategy.

  • Winning bet – This classic sports bet Of course there is also basketball. You bet on the winner of the game. There is a special feature here. With very few exceptions, there are no ties in basketball.
  • Quarter bets – Unlike football, for example, basketball is primarily played in quarters. Accordingly, the various bookmakers offer you quarter bets. Here you can bet on points or handicap.
  • Halftime bet – The halftime bet is rather rare in basketball – especially in the professional field. However, you will notice her in college basketball, among other places. This game time division has been preserved here.
  • Handicap – Handicap bets in basketball are similar to handicap bets in soccer. You give a team a disadvantage or advantage - in the form of points, which they have to catch up or can book.
  • Score - A bet on the score can be placed on the entire game time or quarter. These are often over/under bets. You bet whether the points reach a certain number or not.
  • Overtime - In basketball, it's common practice that games go into overtime if there's a draw. You can bet with some bookmakers that it will actually come to this in the end.
  • Long-term bet – Long-term bets can be played for leagues as well as tournaments. It's mostly about choosing the overall winner - often before the event starts or is still in an early phase.

With such a choice of betting markets, it's clear that you can bevery flexible in this area. Especially with regard to the win bet, betting is actually quite easy. The over/under bet on the points can be a bit more difficult – but definitely lucrative. How well you can cope with the bets also depends on your experience.

What do bets look like at the basketball bookmaker? An example is the Euroleague: On the day of the match, CSKA and Real Madrid face each other. Given the form curve,ZSKA is the favorite at this point, which is reflected in the odds. On the other hand, a tie is extremely unlikely – if the bookmaker's offers are interpreted correctly.

In this context, the antepost or long-term bets ein. Angeboten werden diese eigentlich von so gut wie allen uns bekannten Buchmachern. Gerade zu Anfang einer Saison oder eines Turniers ist es allerdings mitunter recht schwierig, die Entwicklung korrekt vorherzusagen. Du brauchst hier sehr viel Fingerspitzengefühl.

Odds and payouts

Best basketball betting providers do not make it onto the podium solely through the betting offer or live betting. It is always the overall impression that decides in the end. We therefore also take a close look at the betting odds. What is striking in this context: Especially in thebig tournaments and in the top leagues the bookmakers try to score.

You have to be very precise with the lower-class watch leagues. There are quite clear differences here. Thetable below for the best basketball odds shows how much the situation varies with the individual providers in practice. Attention: This does not claim to be universally valid. The odds vary from game to game.

Basketball bookmaker NBA NCAA BBL EuroLeague ACB
95.26% 94.69% 93.75%| ||361 94,51% 94.38%
95.03% 94.36 % 94.35% 94.43% 94.59%
95 .69% 95.01% 94.22% 94.77% 94.79%
94.68% 93.80% 93.04% 93.48%| ||405 93,42%
96.13% 95.47% 95.24 % 95.36% 95.55%

No matter whether with afootball betting provider or in basketball – you should always take a look at the odds? This is where you decide how high your profit from basketball betting online is. The differences between the individual top providers can be significant. It therefore paysfor adequate profit optimization not to put off the comparison of betting odds.

Basketball Live Betting and Streams|| |433

Basketball Wetten werden häufig vor dem Spiel getippt. Pre match bets work on the “fire & forget” principle. After typing, there's not much you can do anyway. In-play betting has become extremely popular in recent years. You type here while the game is running. It is logical that the odds for such bets change again and again.

In order to always be up to date with live basketball bets, you need the appropriate information. For bookmakers with absolute top ratings, you getthis input via the live streams. Here the games are fed live into the bookie lobby. Unfortunately, not all providers have this feature. Live feeds with important game information are more common.

The selection of betting markets is not extremely influenced by live betting. Numerous basketball betting providers also have similar betting opportunities in theportfolio in the in-play segment as in the area of ​​pre-match bets. In individual cases, however, you only have the option of examining the bookmaker in detail before making the first tips.

Bonus promotions and offers

With regard to the evaluation of an online bookmaker, play as well as the bonus promotions always play a role. On the one hand, this is about what the promotional benefits look like in detail. But the topic of bonus conditions must not be neglected either. In the area of ​​new customer promotions, according to our experience in the basketball betting provider test,bonus money and free bets have been established.

Best Basketball Betting Bonus

  • Top Bonus for new customers
  • High odds

With thebet bonusfor existing customers, the bookmaker lures you regularly to the lobby. PureReload promotions with extra credit are rare. Cashback or free bets are - as we learn from one or the other basketball betting provider - much more common typing pc Since smartphones have become increasingly widespread, there has been a great urge to bet on the go. You can access the lobby with the betting offer and bet on your favorites at top providers either via

Basketball Wetten App

Pre-Match und Live Basketball Wetten wollen viele Sportwettenfans nicht nur am PC tippen. Seit Smartphones zunehmend verbreitet sind, ist der Drang groß, auch unterwegs zu wetten. Du kannst bei Top Anbietern entweder per native app or simply via the web browser.

The best App for basketball betting
Das Basketball Wetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.

40+ Basketball BETTING MARKETS

Which of the two Variants ultimately performs particularly well depends on various aspects. Thebest betting app must be easily accessible and have excellent usability. At the same time, there must be no discernible differences in the range of bets –both in basketball live bets and in the pre-match area. A claim that many top bookmakers meet.

Basketball Betting Strategy

Winning bets on the top team look like a safe bet at first glance. A closer look reveals that such strategies definitely have pitfalls. Basically, you must be aware that gut decisions in the long runno profitable basketball sports bets. And also classic progression strategies, for which you usereputable blackjack casinos, are out of place in sports betting.

  • Check the statistics of the teams
  • Compare the providers' quotas
  • Include live bets
  • Manage credit cleverly
  • Keep casualties on radar

In general, there will not be one best basketball betting strategy. Especially with a combination ofPre Match and live bets it is important to always remain flexible. In this context, you will have to use very different approaches in order to react to different situations and thus always be right.

Best basketball betting providers in detail

To be included in the group "Best basketball A bookmaker has to be convincing in all areas to come up with a betting provider. It doesn't matter so much to do excellent in every category. What counts isa well-rounded impression of the overall package. There can definitely be a little blunder - if the rest is right.

Betway Sport

Das Logo von Betway und eine Basketball Szene. Betway is one of the best online bookmakers for a reason. What makes the bookmaker so predestined for betting on basketball is the combination of around offer and the bonus promotions. The latter are not only tailored to new customers. You also get your money's worth as a loyal sports betting fan atBetway.

At the same time, the betting provider convinces with the odds for online bets, the offer at the in -Play lottery tickets as well as customer service for a very solid impression. Here you can not only write an e-mail in case of problems,but also communicate with customer service in real time. Added to this is the license of theMalta Gaming Authority. Facts that make second place in the bonus worthwhile.


Das Logo von 22bet und eine Basketball Szene. When it comes to betting bonuses, 22bet makes it onto the top of the podium. The online bookmaker is the front runner for us because of the fact that thespecial offers stand out from the crowd. On the other hand,22bet Sportwetten creates a solid bottom line thanks to the bonus conditions. But the bonus alone does not make a good betting provider.

What contributes to our overall conclusion at 22bet is of course the mixture ofPromo campaigns, betting offer as well as customer service and banking. Das Ergebnis ist ein durchaus sehr solider Gesamteindruck, dank dessen sich der Buchmacher in unseren Top 5 festsetzen kann. Willst du bei einem seriösen Anbieter Basketball Wetten tippen, ist 22bet eine Option.


Das Logo von Betano und eine Basketball Szene. Betano bets on a mix of main betting markets which undoubtedly includes basketball. At the same time, you can also rely on many niche markets withBetano.Futsal or eSports and cricket are just three examples of how extensive the range of sports betting is - also in the area of ​​live betting. This wide spread variety contributes to the performance in the bookmaker test.

In addition, Betano relies on abroad spectrum of bonus promotions for basketball bets. Here the bookmaker is developing in two directions. On the one hand, we see the welcome promotions here. On the other hand, it is of course also about promotional campaigns for existing customers. The solid framework is rounded off by customer service and usability in the mobile application.


Das Logo von Bet90 und eine Basketball Szene. What makes the betting portal one of our top 5 providers for basketball bets in ourBet90 experiences is the combination of betting offer and bonus campaigns. With regard to sports betting, the provider relies on an interesting portfolioof main betting markets and side bets. In addition to basketball, the bookmaker offers a wide range of different sports that you can bet on both online and on the go.

At the same time, how the situation with the bonuses develops naturally influences the bookmaker's rating. At this point, the impression is consistently positive. In addition to the possibility ofa new customer bonus being credited to your account, you can also count on promotions as a loyal sports betting fan. Overall, Bet90 leaves a positive impression.


Das Logo von bet365 und eine Basketball Szene. With bet365, a betting provider has made it into the top 5 that has shaped the scene for years.bet365 makes the leap into this group with a very exciting portfolio of basketball bets,the top leagues and tournaments as well include like smaller series. The bottom line is an offer that will satisfy many different demands.

The bonus and customer service also contribute to the good performance of the bookmaker. Here it is, among other things, the live support via the chat and the FAQ in the Help Center areas that stand out. With regard to bonus campaigns,bet365 relies on welcome campaigns and promotional campaigns for existing customers.

Facts about the sport

The history of basketball is narrow associated with the name of James Naismith, considered the father of the sport. At the end of the 19th centuryNaismith developed basketball as an alternative to the physical sports that were played at the time. The game was initially played with peach baskets. The sport gained a foothold in Europe just a few years after its invention.

History of basketball betting

Sports betting is closely related toHorse racing betting|| |603 verbunden. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass Basketball erst im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert entstand – und erst nach und nach für die breite Masse interessant wurde, spielten Basketball Wetten lange Zeit keine Rolle. Erst allmählich setzte sich der Sport become popular with bookmakers in the 20th century.

For Kenya, the spread of sports betting is strongly influenced by football. This has ensured that a growing number of fans are typing on the side. In the meantime, bets on basketball – bothpre-match and live betting – are firmly established with online bookmakers (also with a Canadian license from Schleswig-Holstein).|| |611


Senior professionals make profits with online basketball sports betting. However, gut feeling is not decisive at this point. Getting into this league requires a basic understanding of the sport, its rules –and an eye for numbers. The game statistics of the teams contain information on how the next game can end.

The results of the last games, how strong the team is at home and whether the coach has bad luck with injuries are decisive. All factors together show you whethera strong performance or weaknesses can be expected. Don't just focus on the "bare numbers". An English week is almost always tough on teams.

Curious basketball sports bets

There arecurious bets in basketball – like that of a father with his daughter. The ball only landed in the basket due to extreme luck. The bet: If the father makes it, the daughter would no longer be a burden on him. Basketball sports bets at bookmakers may not be able to keep up with the fun factor.

A game at the beginning of December 2018 showed why high point bets can definitely pay off. TheChicago Bulls were literally beaten by the Boston Celtics disassembled. As the home team, the Bulls lost with a spectacular 77:133 - one of the heaviest defeats in the history of the NBA.

Conclusion: Basketball bets offer variety

Basketball is from the USA to Europe and Kenya spilled. In the meantime, not only leagues are played in this country, you can also place sports bets. On the one hand, the best basketball bookmakers stand out from the crowd because of the betting offer. On the other hand, it is thelucrative bonus campaigns that ensure a place among the top 5 in the test.

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Online bookmakers bet on bonus cash at this point, regularly use free bets. However, the betting markets and bonuses are not the only indicators of the quality of bookmakers and basketball bets. The bottom line is that it always comes down to the overall package –including support, the app and usability.


Basketball is a very fast sport that provides a lot of action. Good conditions, especially for live betting, to keep the tension high during a game. In the sports betting review we take a close look at many areas. You want to know more? In the FAQ there areadditional facts, which I'm sure are of great interest to you.

🥇 Which is the best basketball bookmaker?

Thebest basketball bookmaker is Betway in our basketball betting test. Ultimately, it is the overall package that is responsible for the result. It is true that Betway cannot put the competition in the back places everywhere. However, the betting provider is so far ahead that in the end - after evaluating all test criteria - it was enough for the top placement.

🤑 Who has the best basketball betting bonus?

Bonuses are at the top of the list in a provider comparison. The best bookmaker in terms ofBasketball Betting Bonus is dealing with 22Bet this time. The bookmaker takes the lead for two reasons. On the one hand, the bonus convinces with the scope of promotional benefits. On the other hand, it is the bonus conditions with which the betting provider secures first place.

✅ Are live basketball bets possible?

Yes, you can also place money on live bets – also known as in-play bets – at many online bookmakers. Our top providers rely on a wide selection of basketball leagues and tournaments. SoLive Basketball bets are definitely an alternative to pre-match bets. Attention: The odds for live sports betting change constantly during the course of the game and thus reflect what is happening.

🧐 Can I place basketball sports bets via the app?

Meanwhile, every bookmaker we tested uses mobile betting. You can reach the lobby of the betting provider in quite different ways. The use of a native app is widespread. With HTML5 making responsive designs possible, more online bookmakers are turning to using instant play for mobile access rather than theBasketball Betting App.

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