Best Bitcoin Betting Providers in Kenya 2022 in Test

You like to pay with cryptocurrencies and would you like to deposit and withdraw from an online bookmaker? Then a specialized Bitcoin betting provider is the right choice for you. In our detailed comparison, we took a close look at the individual betting portals with regard toodds, betting offers and bonus promotions.

Our Bitcoin betting test winner 22bet was the most convincing in terms of betting odds, live sports betting and bonus offers. The bookmakers in the following table also received a high rating in our test.

Top 3 Bitcoin bookmakers 2022
5.0/5.0 Best Bitcoin Betting Provider Up to122CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!
4.8/5.0 Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Odds Up to1 BTC First Deposit Bonus To the provider!
4.7/5.0 Best Bitcoin Bookmaker Bonus Up to3 BTC Welcome bonus To the provider!

What can you find out more about below? We'll show you where online betting bitcoin is most worthwhile for you - andalso provide information on the payment method itself. In this way you will be well prepared to register with one of the sports betting providers with Bitcoin.

The Popularity of Bitcoin Sports Betting

Sports betting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and was 2009 put on its feet. Today, the currency is firmly integrated into the payment options of some bookmakers.

Bitcoin Betting Provider Checks

  • Security for all transactions
  • Attractive bonus offers
  • High betting odds
  • Payments free of fees

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized – i.e. not tied to other currencies. Thecryptocurrency is also independent of banks, so that money movements do not have to be confirmed here first. Bitcoins can be bought with any other currency and are to be stored in an e-wallet. Numerous Bitcoin betting providers have already focused on the payment method.

Sports betting Bitcoin payments enable online payments worldwide. The sports betting Bitcoin deposit is completely anonymous and can only be tracked if fraud is suspected. Due to the targeted restriction of Bitcoins in circulation, the currency is largely protected against inflation, and it canbe transferred directly.

Even if the number the sports betting provider with Bitcoin is a bit more limited, the currency brings many advantages. In particular, theanonymous and secure numbers without bank details speaks in favor of using the cryptocurrency when betting. Immediate payments and payouts are what convince users again and again.

Bitcoin bets and security

Bitcoins can be purchased in advance by bank transfer or alternative payment methods and then stored in your own e-wallet. There is a code for the virtual coin - this cannot simply be taken over by third parties. Best bitcoin bookmakers allow deposits and withdrawals using the instant method, sono waiting times have to be calculated.

But the real security advantage lies in the fact that Bitcoin payments do not require any bank details or sensitive personal data, which also makes the || |176Zugriff durch Dritte vermeidet. TheSports betting providerscannot access this data either, so that more privacy is guaranteed.

In the following we would like to show the advantages of the currency in terms of security again summarize. Because: Anyone who decides to bet online should also know exactly what they are getting themselves into in terms of payment methods. The cryptocurrency bitcoin isnot so popular for nothing and is responsible for the appearance of more and more online betting providers Bitcoin representatives:

  • Bitcoin bets are more anonymous
  • No bank details are passed on to the bookmaker
  • The cryptocurrency is inflation-proof
  • Payouts can be accessed instantly

The most popular sports for online betting with Bitcoin

You want to choose a Bitcoin betting provider? Then there are a few things to consider. For example, the operator should enableFree of charge for payments so that you are not disadvantaged. The deposit and withdrawal limits should also fit your needs. But most importantly: Bitcoin sports betting should be possible in as many sports as possible that suit your preferences.

In the following we have selected the best providers for popular sports such as football or tennis that the market has to offer . The bitcoin sportsbooks we have chosen comewith numerous advantages that cannot be found elsewhere. We'll show you all the details you need to know at a glance.

Bitcoin Soccer Betting

So which bitcoin bookmakers are the best when it comes to soccer? We took a closer look at the bookmakers in question and reveal below which top platforms can be accessed. Also,which offer they have ready, you can use the following overview.

Over 150| ||235 122KES/EUR/USD No 1CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the seller!
Over 150 3 BTC No 0.001 BTC – 3 BTC To the provider!

Bitcoin bets can be carried out particularly advantageously at one of theseSoccer betting portals. Why? Because not only thedeposit limits have been designed to be pleasant, but also the wealth of football bets is impressive. Whether Bundesliga, Champions League or Premier League - you can be sure to find the right thing for everyone here.

Tennis sports betting with the payment method

You prefer tennis betting with Bitcoin as a football alternative? That's no wonder: The sport inspires with at least as muchVariety and thrill. We also have the best betting providers with Bitcoin deposit available for this sport that the market has to offer. Your strengths: attractive bonus offers, lots of betting options and good deposit limits.

Over 200 122CAD/EUR/USD Nein 10CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the provider!
Over 200 3 BTC No 0.001 BTC – 3 BTC To the provider!

ThisProvider for tennis sports betting manage to make tennis bets as versatile as possible, so that every fan gets their money's worth. With the right bonus for new customers, the betting options can also be expanded - namelywithout fully exhausting your own budget.

Deposits and withdrawals at a sports betting provider with Bitcoin

Because this article is all about the popular payment method and the best Bitcoin betting providers, we would also like to go into thishow to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency. Below you will find everything you need to know about the topic in order to get started and start betting.

Depositing at a sports betting provider

Anyone who wants to deposit to sports betting Bitcoin To exercise options, you must first register with the relevant bookmaker. Best bitcoin betting providers allow registration in a few seconds, so this is by no means a big effort. Then you can go to the cashier area andselect Bitcoin as the payment method.

Now it is necessary to select the desired amount and confirm the deposit. In this step, thedata of your own eWallet is requested so that the transaction can be carried out. Once this is completed, the credit is immediately reflected in the online betting Bitcoin player account.

  • Register with the Bitcoin sports betting provider
  • Go to the cashier area and select Bitcoin as the method
  • Enter the desired amount and confirm
  • Confirm payment with your own payment details
  • Check and start betting

In the following, we have collected all the important details about sports betting Bitcoin deposits from the individual providers for you. So you can see at a glance how advantageous the payment method can be compared to other payment methods. These features will help youeasily decide for or against cryptocurrency.

1CAD/EUR/USD No limit| ||382 Keine Instant
No Limit No Limit None| ||396 Sofort
0.001 BTC No Limit None Instant| ||414

In den meisten Fällen sind die Limits rund um Wettanbieter mit Bitcoin Einzahlung noch nicht ganz so ausgereift geregelt, wie bei anderen Zahlungsmethoden. Umso wichtiger ist es also, sich für den richtigen Anbieter zu entscheiden. Viele Zahlungsmethoden findet ihr im Krypto Casino Stake and inRoobet Online Casino. Bitcoin offers the advantage offast deposits and withdrawals – which is not possible with classic transfers, for example.

It is also advantageous thatno fees due. And neither on the part of the betting provider Bitcoin representatives nor on the part of the payment method itself. Credit card payments and other types of e-wallets are occasionally subject to fees that could reduce the betting experience - which is why it is worth taking a look at Bitcoin.

Auszahlung beim Bitcoin Wettanbieter

You have been able to make profits through the online betting Bitcoin experience and would like to have them paid out in cryptocurrencies? Then all you have to do is go to the cashier area of ​​your player account and select the desired payment method. You can also choose the amount you want. As a rule, the payout can only be madelike the last deposit was made.

Below we also provide all the important details about the payouts ready, which make up the respective Bitcoin bookmaker. From the minimum payout to possible fees, you can see all the features that might be important to you here. We can say in advance:Payouts with the cryptocurrency also prove to be advantageous.

1.50CAD/EUR/USD None Limit No 15 minutes
No Limit No Limit Keine 1 Day
0.001CAD/EUR/USD No Limit 0.25% 1 day

So it can be worthwhile to rely on the cryptocurrency for payouts. Mainly because the credit can be useddirectly in some online shops – completely anonymously. The minimum withdrawal amount has been set very low in most cases, which is extremely convenient.

Bonus offers

Specific bonus campaigns especially for customers who want to use sports betting with Bitcoin are currently not available from any of the providers. But that's not a big deal: After all, you can usually take advantage of anew customer bonus of the conventional kind.

We'll tell you which ones at this point New customer bonuses you can expect - and what they require. In general, the more complicated the offer seems, the less suitable it is for newcomers. We can make it clear: The Bitcoin betting providers make it possibleto benefit from the offers in the simplest way.

122CAD/EUR/USD|| |526 5x 7 days Read test!
1 BTC 1x 30 days Read test!
3 BTC 1x 365 Tage Read test!

As you can see, the betting providers make their bonus conditions transparent with Bitcoin. In our opinion, the turnover conditions for freeing up the credit are also very fair, so that evenNewcomers can dare to free up their money. ASports betting bonusthis provider helps you to place numerous bets and gain experience with less of your own budget.

Sports betting apps with Bitcoin

Du möchtest mobile Sportwetten Bitcoin Angebote in Anspruch nehmen? Dann gibt es so manche Wett App mit Bitcoin Bezahlmöglichkeit zu entdecken. Die Apps ermöglichen das Ein- und Auszahlen mit Bitcoin, aber auch die Use of the welcome offer. Such an app is either available as a native application or as a mobile-optimized website.

If the mobile app is to be downloaded or used, this is possible in the simplest possible way. You can download native apps directly on the platform of the selected bookmaker – but usually only with theAndroid or iOSoperating systems. As a mobile website, however, most providers are available without any download - here it is only necessary to call up the website via the mobile browser.

The best Bitcoin betting provider app 2022
Das Sportwetten Angebot von 22bet auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten und das Bitcoin Logo.

1,000+ Daily sports betting

This is the Bitcoin sports betting app that we can wholeheartedly recommend. Why? Because the sports betting provider not only has abroad sports betting portfolio with Bitcoin, but has also perfected the mobile presence via the browser - for all end devices. Either way:Betting appsare also easy to use - which 22bet can definitely offer.

The best live betting providers with Bitcoin

You don't just want to place bets with Bitcoin, but also want to be able to participate in live bets? Then you can discover our bestLive betting bookmakersbelow. These can score points in the test because theycover as many sports as possible with live bets - and can also convince with high odds.

Live Bitcoin sports bets offered by the following bookmakers at particularly advantageous rates. Here you will find numerous options, but alsoLive animations, statistics and everything important. By the way: Not infrequently, a new customer bonus can also be implemented with live bets, so that you have a number of options here.

122KES/EUR/USD 500+ No No To the seller!
3 BTC 250+ No No To the seller!

Bitcoin sports bets can also be made live - however, the offers of the Bitcoin bookmakers are sometimes very different. It is therefore important to choose one of the top providers in order to make the most of your betting experience. Our tip for you:You can also convert your bonus balance in the live area.

New Bitcoin betting providers

The online betting providers Bitcoin payment method is currently becoming more and more popular - which is not very surprising given its advantages. Yes, because of their popularityMore and more bookmakers are turning to cryptocurrency to enable an advanced betting experience. We reveal below who belongs to the list of new providers.

New bookmakers mostly score because they are fresh on the market – and theirusers too want to convince many actions. Because PayPal is also withdrawing more and more from the industry, Bitcoin is also a good alternative. Especially if you don't want to bet with classic payment methods.

122CAD/EUR /USD 5.0/5.0 2017 To the provider!
3 BTC 4.9/5.0 2014 To the provider!

New bitcoin betting providers like the companies mentioned above are not only reputable and secure, but mostly also offer particularly attractive bonuses on. The recently founded companies already haveseveral 100,000 customers - and not without reason. There are many advantages here, from which you can also benefit.

The advantages and disadvantages

Best Bitcoin bookmakers not only offer numerous advantages, but also come with one or the other disadvantage therefore. The providers often specialize so much in cryptocurrencies thatother payment methods literally go under. However, this is not the case with the online betting Bitcoin providers we have tested.

But as you can see at a glance below, the Bitcoin betting providers offer more advantages than disadvantages. So it's worth trying the options at least once. Probably the most important advantage: You can betalmost anonymously, since no sports betting payments appear on your bank statements.

Anonymity is guaranteed eWallet required
Bank details are not forwarded Cannot be used online everywhere
Immediate Deposits and withdrawals Only a few top Bitcoin bookmakers

As you can see, betting with Bitcoin is still in its infancy. Because: Only when the payment method has spread among bookmakers and youget more comparison options can the payment method be described as established in the industry. However, the advantages are more important here than the disadvantages - especially for fans of the cryptocurrency.

All in all, it can be said: Only if the payment methods also meet your requirements can you be happy with them in the long run . It takes a littleto get to grips with the Bitcoin eWallet - but if you have already done so, there is basically nothing standing in the way of betting fun.

Bitcoin Alternatives

Litecoin can be a very good Bitcoin alternative for you. This is a cryptocurrency that isnot quite as widely represented as Bitcoin itself. Therefore it is hardly to be found at bookmakers.

Sportwettenanbieter mit Bitcoin bieten meist auch Zahlungsmöglichkeiten wie Skrill orTrustly. TheeWallets also allow instant deposits and withdrawals so you can act quickly. You can also occasionally useApple Pay sports betting as a modern payment method.

Information on the company

Bitcoin is not involved about a company, aswww.bitcoin.com can be seen, but about a jointly created currency. This is not dependent on the state or other currencies and is not handled by banks.In 2009 the first 50 bitcoins appeared on the market.

Company name: Bitcoin
Website:| ||818 www.bitcoin.com
Address: No entry
Year of foundation: 2009
Employee: No entry
Founder: Satoshi Nakamoto

It is important to know thatBitcoins mit jeder Währung eingekauft werden können and are limited in number so inflation should not occur. With them you can now eveneSport betting providers Visit and shop online in various shops.

Conclusion: A modern payment method

So what can we finally say about the payment method and a Bitcoin bookmaker say? TheCryptocurrency is gaining in popularity and will certainly be found on more and more betting portals in the future - but it is already enjoying numerous advantages. As a fan of the cryptocurrency, you can already get your money's worth.

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If you want to use the payment method not only for sports betting but also for the casino, we can recommend youthe best bitcoin casinos. Here, too,lucrative bonus promotions are waiting for you and you can also use all functions on a user-friendly app.


You havequestions about a bitcoin betting provider or would you like to find out more in general? Then you are at the right place. We have answered common questions for you and are trying to help you make the right decision. Because: Only the right Bitcoin betting provider will give you the fun you want.

🥇 Which betting providers accept Bitcoin?

Best Bitcoin betting providerssuch as 22bet give you the option , deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin, ready. BetBTC and other betting portals we tested are also very familiar with the payment method. In general, more and more bookmakers are including cryptocurrencies like these in their portfolio, so you are spoiled for choice.

🧐 Are sports bets with Bitcoin safe?

TheSecurity with Bitcoin bets is more or less in the foreground. Because: No bank details are passed on when making a Bitcoin deposit in sports betting, so that third parties cannot access sensitive data. This is not always impossible with other payment methods.

✅ Why should I use sports betting sites with bitcoin?

Theadvantages of betting sites with bitcoinamong other things, that they allow more security and privacy. Your payments will also be booked faster because it is a virtual wallet. This also applies to withdrawals, which is why Bitcoin is currently in the running.

🤑 What are the limits for Bitcoin sports betting?

Most bookmakers do not set any real upper limits, as you will quickly find out for yourself. Rather, it is thedeposit limits of the Bitcoin bookmakers that you have to consider for your minimum deposit. But these are usually in the very fair range.

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