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Opens with the betting exchanges a whole new segment, its goals, which undoubtedly resulted from the structure of the "regular bookmakers". Here everything and every bet is in the hands of the customers, which makes the betting exchanges more and more popular. Instead of being dependent on the good nature of a bookmaker, bets are placed directly against other customers. This increases the fun significantly, because every tipster can not only bet himself, but also act as a bookmaker himself. Numerous new areas and possibilities open up, which make betting on a betting exchange so interesting and unique.

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What is a betting exchange?

Selecting a betting exchange

Langfristiger Erfolg bei Sportwetten beginnt bei der Auswahl der richtigen Wettbörse. Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir, auf welche Kriterien es dabei ankommt und wo die Vorteile von Wettbörsen gegenüber den normalen Buchmachern liegen.

Important criteria

  • Reliability – Regulation and license
  • Betting offer – many choices
  • Fees – in sports betting
  • Liquidity - for higher stakes

Many tipsters and betting enthusiasts are still not quite clear what a betting exchange is actually about. The working principle of a bookmaker is clear in most cases, but there are often still a few myths surrounding betting exchanges. To put it simply, two players play against each other, just like a bet between friends. Each customer determines for himself the odds at which he would like to accept or offer a bet. The odds are always built up from two different events. The "back bet" denotes the occurrence of an event, the "lay bet" bets against it. A third game is then responsible for the correct process and the correctness of the bet, which in a certain way corresponds to a trustee or referee. Arbitrators because all the betting processes must be carried out properly, trustees because the stakes of the games must be kept in a third, independent location. Of course, this escrow service can't be entirely free, so the exchange keeps a small fee. This is usually borne by the winner, so that the loser has only lost his bet and does not have to pay further fees to the stock exchange.

Differences between betting exchanges and bookmakers

The biggest difference between the betting exchanges and the regular bookmakers is of course primarily how it works. While the betting odds are specified by the bookmakers, they can be set by each bettor themselves on the stock exchanges. In addition, there is usually a clear advantage for the stock exchanges, as the odds are often significantly higher than with the regular bookmakers. At the same time, the profit margin should not be neglected here either. The bookies usually calculate a certain profit margin in their odds. This point does not apply to the betting exchange, since the fee is paid off by the tip won anyway. However, there is also a small negative point, because the tipsters are of course always dependent on the desire of the other customers for their bets on the stock exchange. Betting on the betting exchange is only really fun if suitable participants are found here. However, since numerous providers have now found their place on the market, there is usually always someone who is willing to take the bet.

Which providers are the best betting exchanges?

Even if the selection on the market is now large, there are of course some providers in this segment that clearly stand out from the crowd. We took a closer look at the three best betting exchanges and want to present them at least once.


Betfair is probably the most famous representative of its branch and was founded in 1999. The offer has developed significantly in recent years, but customers from Kenya cannot currently access the betting exchange. However, all betting friends from Austria and Switzerland have unrestricted access to the offer. After all, the "regular" platform is open for Canadian tipsters, on which regular bets can be placed on bookmaker courses. Pretty much everything imaginable is bet here on the betting exchange. In addition to football, Formula 1, tennis,handball and other prominent sports, tipsters can also place bets on politics or entertainment. The company is licensed and regulated by both the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission. The provider has been tradable on the stock exchange since 2010, and the number of registered customers is more than three million.


Betdaq has been operated as a betting exchange since 2013 by Ladbrokes International plc. The company from Great Britain is one of the largest gambling companies of this time and therefore offers a very appealing background. The offer is licensed and regulated by the British Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar, or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The commission of the betting exchange is just three percent, which means that the odds are higher than those of the long-established bookmakers. The selection is also appealing and includes not only political bets but alsofootball bets,horse bets,tennis bets, golf bets, cricket bets or bets on Formula 1. However, the British influence is clearly recognizable here, which is underlined again by darts and rugby. Dog racing can also be found in the portfolio. However, the website is only available in English so far, so a few foreign language terms should be part of the vocabulary.


Smarkets was founded in 2008 and has since grown into one of the most popular betting exchanges in the industry. Originally, the provider was only founded by a small group of investors, today the customer base includes several hundred thousand users. The company secures plus points with all Canadian customers primarily through the tax exemption, because these are borne by the provider. Despite the low commission, customer support remains in focus. The offer focuses on the most prominent sports, so that football bets, horse bets, tennis bets,basketball bets, cricket bets, ice hockey bets or political bets can be placed here. In depth, however, the portfolio is a bit more extensive and includes, for example, numerous leagues from different countries in the world. The provider is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission.

How do I recognize a good and reputable betting exchange?

As in all other business areas, there are also a few black sheep in the betting exchange industry. Of course, these have to be sorted out in order to place your bets exclusively on reputable and trustworthy exchanges. It sounds complicated, but it's basically child's play, because the stock exchanges are simply examined more closely in different areas. In the following, we have selected in a little more detail what these are exactly and what points to pay particular attention to. In this way, every tipster can get an idea in advance and then decide on a provider.

Seriousness and licenses

The first look should always be on the licenses and regulations of the betting exchange. Only exchanges that come with a valid license should even be considered. It is irrelevant whether the license was issued by the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority, for example, or by the Government of Gibraltar - the only important thing is that a valid license is available. In addition, a check of the background can not hurt, because from this conclusions can be drawn about the seriousness. If the company has been active on the market for many years, you can usually speculate on a reputable betting exchange. The same applies if, for example, a global corporation is behind the offer. Nevertheless, you should always take a close look here, because betting is only really fun with a reputable and reliable provider.


Of course, the choice of bet also plays an important role. Although this is always dependent on the remaining customers on the betting exchanges, at least a wide range of sports should be represented here. The classic betting sports such as football, ice hockey and Co. can usually be found everywhere. On the other hand, if you want to bet on more exotic disciplines such asMMA and UFC betting, you often have to examine the different portfolios more closely. However, this stands out, because the offers of the individual exchanges often differ significantly.

Support and customer service

Customer support has become increasingly important in recent years. The offers and promotions are becoming more and more complex, so that more and more questions are asked by the tipsters. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the customer support of the respective provider works reliably and competently. As a rule, the employees can be reached in several ways, which enables fast and uncomplicated support. However, Canadian players cannot always rely on Canadian support being offered around the clock. This is not a cause for concern, however, as customer service representatives are usually well trained and therefore also take into account possible language problems. It is also important to note the fees that may arise from contacting us. Especially the telephone hotlines are often associated with fees. It is therefore advisable to always look for a live chat or an e-mail address first. In addition, the answer to an inquiry should not be longer than 48 hours.

Payment options

Another sticking point is the payment portfolio of the betting exchanges. This is of course primarily the case to pay attention to security, so that transactions should always be encrypted. In addition, a wide range of payment methods is desirable, so that no player is dependent on just one variant. As a rule, the payment portfolio consists of several payment methods from different areas. From the banking area, in addition to the regular bank transfer, Giropay or the instant transfer can often be found on offer. When it comes to electronic wallets, it is mainly Neteller, Skrill and PayPal that are taken into account by most exchanges. The popular Paysafecard is usually not missing here either. Possible fees for deposits and withdrawals must be taken into account. Especially when paying out, there are often expenses that should be planned for in advance. It is always gratifying when the payouts are quick and uncomplicated. With electronic payment methods, the payout time tends to be just a few hours. On the other hand, if you pay out by bank transfer, you have to plan a waiting time of two to three working days.


For many tipsters, a possible new customer bonus is the decisive argument when deciding on a betting exchange. This is of course quite normal, after all, every tipster likes to start his career with a little extra credit. In fact, a bonus is not always the same as a bonus, because here, too, the different offers have to be checked more closely. In addition to the actual bonus amount, it is above all the bonus conditions for the payout that give an offer a possible quality. At the same time, however, it should always be borne in mind that new customer offers are by no means compulsory. If an exchange offers its customers such an offer, that's wonderful. If no bonus offer is placed on the table for the new clientele, then this cannot immediately be taken as a minus point. All in all, a possible bonus offer only accounts for a small part of the overall evaluation, so that the points already mentioned should be checked in particular.

User-friendliness and navigation

The user-friendliness is not necessarily in a direct connection with the seriousness of the betting exchange, but the good providers also differ from the rest of the market through their navigation and design. A simple structure has proven to be expedient in the past and usually still brings the desired success today. Many graphics, on the other hand, can not only have a disruptive effect, but often also delay the loading times of the website. Consequently, the focus here should be on the essentials, without completely losing sight of the optics. The "silver bullet" here is a means of targeted navigation and an appealing look. The menu items and individual functions should always be clearly labeled and easily recognizable. Newcomers in particular should make sure that all areas are clearly declared here, thus ensuring a quick and easy start.

Conclusion: Keep your eyes open when choosing a stock exchange

Even if the betting exchange market has not yet been infiltrated by too many duds, a thorough check of the different offers is strongly recommended. The most important point here is certainly the seriousness and the licensing, but the possible payment methods or the accessibility of the customer support should also be included in the evaluation. The portfolio, the user-friendliness and a possible new customer bonus primarily have an impact on the quality of the exchange and can therefore be taken as additional units of measurement. The bottom line is that a good betting exchange should be strong in all areas and meet the demands of the tipster. If this is the case, then placing bets on the Böse is often clearly more worthwhile than with a regular bookmaker. The betting exchanges are particularly convincing these days with their low profit margins, which means that tipsters can look forward to better odds and lower deductions.

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