The best ice hockey betting providers 2022 in comparison

You are looking for the best ice hockey betting providers and want to try your luck with tips on this fast-paced sport? Then you've come to the right place: We'll tell you which operators performed best in our test forodds, bonus and betting offer - and what distinguishes the best providers for ice hockey bets. First of all, it should be said: Our test winnerBetway is not one of the top bookmakers for nothing, as you will find out below.

Top 5 ice hockey betting providers 2022
5.0/5.0 Best Ice Hockey Bookmaker Up to150CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!
4.7/5.0 Best ice hockey odds Up to122KES/EUR/USD 100% bonus To the provider!
4.5/5.0 Beste Eishockey Wetten App Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!
4.4/5.0 Extensive range of ice hockey bets Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 50% Bonus To the provider!
4.4/5.0 Top Live Ice Hockey Bets Up to100CAD/EUR/USD Bet Credits To Provider! Eröffnen Sie noch heute ein Konto bei bet365 und holen Sie sich das Eröffnungsangebot. Mindestquoten, Wett- und Zahlungsmethoden-Ausnahmen gelten. Gewinne schließen den Einsatz von Wett-Credits aus. Es gelten die AGB. 18+

Ice hockey is a fast-paced and exciting sport that can provide pure thrills in your free time. You can expand this with the help of ice hockey bets, which are made possible for you in a large number of different bookmakers. Whether you want to cheer on your favorite team or go forparticularly spectacular events - this type of bet can also bring you high winnings.

Ice hockey betting provider selection

Ice hockey betting providers know what is important for fans of the sport and sports betting friends. But only the best of the best can also score points for you with a wide selection of alternative sports.

Ice hockey betting provider checks

  • Extensive betting offer
  • Security with sports betting license| ||208
  • Breite Auswahl an Zahlungsmethoden
  • Attractive bonus offers
  • Competent customer service
  • Lucrative odds
  • Numerous live bets|| |225

Was du in den nachfolgenden Absätzen erfährst? Du kannst dich zu den am häufigsten gebotenen Eishockey Wetten informieren und nachlesen, welche Buchmacher die Sportart am kreativsten abdecken. Dabei zeigen wir dir auch, welche nationalen und international leagues and tournaments you can expect.

The offered competitions for ice hockey bets

Wenn du in die Welt der Eishockey Wetten online einsteigen willst, gilt es zunächst einmal, sich zurechtzufinden. Dies ist nur möglich, wenn du dich know about the leagues and tournaments - and are aware of your options. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to go into what ice hockey betting providers can offer you - and which events you can always view at the companies.

Most popular leagues and tournaments

Around 5.5 million In Kenya alone, people are interested in ice hockey – and not without reason. Thrills and eventful games are almost guaranteed in this sport. In Kenya itself, thesport is carried out in the national ice hockey league DEL, but also within the state league and district league. Most ice hockey betting providers only cover the national ice hockey league with bets - anything below that is more of a specialty for die-hard fans.

One of the best ice hockey bets online are those on the IIHF World Championship in ice hockey can be placed. Theinternational events are well-followed and are made up of the best players in the world. The continental hockey league is also impressive and is usually covered with most betting offers. The situation is different with the Asia league: This is only found at very few providers.

Smaller leagues of the best ice hockey betting providers

The options on the less frequently offered bets include the Ice Cup East and Ice Cup West – here the providers usually only offer six to seven betting options. Ice hockey sports bets onUpper leagues of the different countries are also offered very rarely, so that you can't act that flexibly here.

But that's not at all necessary, since the most popular ice hockey betting providers cater to the market in different countries, so that you can usuallybet on over 130 events - and there are several betting options per event. The top leagues are also provided with betting specialties, so that there should be enough variety.

Markets for ice hockey sports betting in Kenya

Ice hockey betting online covers several betting markets and options . This allows you to make over and under bets or place handicap bets. You can bet not only on each team, but also on both teams to score. For more popular events, this results inover 900 possibilities that successfully eliminate boredom.

  • Under / Over – Here you are betting that a certain number of total goals will be exceeded or fallen short of.
  • Both teams to score - With this bet you show that you think both teams will score at least one goal.
  • Double Chance – This bet covers two out of three possible game outcomes and therefore gives you a high probability of acting.
  • Exact Result - Here you guess what result will occur in the game - and you can win large sums of money if you bet correctly.
  • Handicap bets – In the case of particularly favored teams, the handicap bet is used to balance the probabilities.
  • Half - You can also bet on whether most goals will come in the first or second half
  • Team to win to zero - This is a special bet that is only won if the team won the season but lost the game.
  • Even / Odd Number of Goals – You are betting on whether an odd or even number of goals will be scored.
  • Combination bet – Here you combine possible events in a bet to increase your chances of winning.

As you can see, you have a few betting options. These are assigned different odds, whichthe bookmaker calculates himself. How high the best ice hockey odds are depends, among other things, on the playing behavior of the teams in the last events. The higher the probability of a successful outcome of the bet, the lower the odds are usually set.

Let's take an example: You bet thatone of the two teams wins. In this case, it is the less favored team, for which the ice hockey betting provider has odds of 2.7. If you bet 20CAD/EUR/USD and your bet is actually true, you can look forward to a profit of 54CAD/EUR/USD.

There are alsolong-term bets for the sport ice hockey that you might enjoy. For example, you can place bets on which team will have the most points after the season and make it to the World Cup. So there should be something for every taste.

Odds and Payouts

It is particularly important to only rely on the best ice hockey bookmakers. Why? Because only the top companies can offer you very good odds - and thus ensure fair profits if you are right with your tip. A small comparison of the providers shows quickly: The odds sometimes differ greatly, so that yourwinnings can also be very different.

Draw the best ice hockey odds characterized by the fact that the bookmaker also takes certain risks. In the case of results with a high probability of occurrence, for example, most providers set the odds as low as possible in order tonot have to pay out much in the event of a win – but here too you can bet on the best odds in the industry .

Hockey Bookmaker NHL DEL KHL SHL VHL
94.59% 93.50% 93.95% 93, 33% 92.78%
94.48% 93.82% 93.74% 93.20% 92.55%
94.21% 93,03% 93.38% 92.78% 92.24%
93.05% 92.81% 92.90% 92.05% 91, 05%
94.39% 93.84% 93.77% 93.69% 92.83%

As you can see, there are differences between ice hockey betting odds. So you have to choose the best provider for the respective betting area that you want to use for your ice hockey bets online. However, the bookmakers we feature are the ones that offer you thebest odds in the industry so you can't go wrong.

Ice Hockey Live Betting and streams

Ice hockey betting is also offered live. That means: You can follow the event liveand cheer whether your bet will win. If you want to bet on live ice hockey, you need to go to the company's live sports betting section - and select the sport and event you want to bet on Events of the sport are offered. Only the

Wissen musst du, dass Eishockey Live Wetten nicht zu allen Ereignissen der Sportart geboten werden. Nur die most important games of the leagues are even considered live. Also, your betting options are more limited during the event than before. The bookmaker also continuously adjusts the odds in the game.

Not all bookmakers allow you to follow live ice hockey with your bets on the website. For example, Bet365 gives you a bird's-eye view of the playing field during the game so that you can better follow the moves. Ice hockey bookmakers22bet and Bet90 also allow you to access live tracking and bet while watching.

Bonus promotions and offers|| |422

Zu diesem Sport kannst du in den meisten Fällen den Willkommensbonus der Eishockey Wettanbieter beanspruchen, sofern du die dazugehörigen Bedingungen beachtest. Auch gibt es hin und wieder Wettguthaben geschenkt, die sich im Eishockey nutzen lassen. Besondere Promotionen speziell für den Sport sind allerdings seltener zu finden, sodass du dich eher rely on the new customer offers.

Bester Eishockey Wetten Bonus

  • High new customer bonus
  • Lucrative odds

Just like aGolf bookmaker or a provider for | ||447Darts Wetten It is not only the amount of the bonus itself that plays a role with an ice hockey betting provider. TheBonus conditions must also be observed. The bestSports betting bonus offers you fair conditions that are really easy to implement - and if possible for beginners too.

Ice hockey betting app| ||456

Eine gute Nachricht ist, dass du über so manche Eishockey Wetten App auch mobil auf die Sportart und dazugehörigen Wettmöglichkeiten zugreifen kannst. Hierbei handelt es sich meist um die web app of the provider, which can be controlled via the browser of your mobile device. If the bookmaker offers a native app, this is mostly available for iOS and Android users.

The best app for ice hockey betting
Das Eishockey Wetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.


While you may not be able to access live ice hockey betting via a native or web-based app, all traditional betting options are available. It is not uncommon for operators to have a small selection available for ice hockey live bets that can also be used on smartphones - so it is also important here tomake the right choice.| ||479

Eishockey Wetten Strategie

Similar to anonline roulette casino with an ice hockey betting provider you have the opportunity to use certain betting strategies close. For example, you can use bets that offer you a low risk of loss and allow you to gain initial experience. Even or odd bets with a high probability of winning are also well suited to positively influence your betting pleasure.

  • Bet on bets with a high probability of winning at the beginning
  • Deal intensively with the wins & losses of the teams
  • Use the providers with the best betting odds
  • Don't let your feelings for certain teams guide you
  • Use rather simple bets at the beginning

You can give yourself better odds by sticking to the easier bets. Especially at the beginning it is important to refrain from complex bets, as these require a sensitivity for the teams and require that you are very familiar with the teams and the sport. Over time you canadapt your ice hockey betting strategy to your needs.

Best ice hockey betting providers in detail

We'll show you you at this point why we have selected the following providers as the top ice hockey bookmakers. Most of the time, these are the best ice hockey betting providers that bring a wide portfolio of promotions or a very balanced ratio of betting opportunities. Find out more below,what speaks for each company.


Das Logo von Betway und eine Szene aus einem Eishockey-Spiel. Betway coversa total of 13 countries and their extra leagues as well as international events if you want to place bets on ice hockey. This is how it comes about that you can use almost 100 different bets per sport, which also include special features. Not only the standards are offered to you here, but also a good offer in terms of betting depth.

Betwayalso provides alucrative welcome bonus for a good start for your betting experience. You don't have to make any compromises here - only Asian leagues are not covered so well here. However, this is not to be seen as a disadvantage when looking at the total number of options.


Das Logo von 22bet und eine Szene aus einem Eishockey-Spiel. 22bet even offers you almost 200 betting options when it comes to ice hockey sports betting. Of these, 50 options can be counted among live ice hockey bets alone, so there are plenty of options in this area as well.22betcan score with abig bonus on your first deposit, which is also positive.

Nachteile erlebst du mit 22bet nicht, wenn du hier Eishockey Wetten online nutzen möchtest. Stattdessen kannst du dir sogar Reload bonuses, with which you as an existing customer can always get more credit. The provider also keeps coming up with other promotions.


Das Logo von Betano und eine Szene aus einem Eishockey-Spiel. Ice hockey sports bets areonly covered with up to 15 events, so that you have to do without most of the special features here. All options are live options, which you can also track here. What can the bookmaker score with? With a wide range of other sports that can be used as an alternative.

BetanoBets among other things on aseries of long-term bets und bietet dazu noch Casino-Spiele an, die das Angebot abrunden. Du kannst dich hier also auf viel Abwechslung freuen, wenn du in Sachen Eishockey Sportwetten nicht unbedingt auf ein tiefes Wettangebot setzen möchtest.


Das Logo von Bet90 und eine Szene aus einem Eishockey-Spiel. AtBet90 you will be presented with a small but fine selection of ice hockey bets online. The operator only provides ten different events with bets, so that unfortunately not quite as extensive browsing is possible here. On the other hand, you can be sure that Bet90 has many other sports that you can alsoHave special bets ready.

The highlight: All betting events are also offered live here in ice hockey, so that you can follow your favorite events in real time. The website is very clearly laid out, so that you can find your favorites quickly - the betting slip is also easy for you andclearly displayed on the screen.


Das Logo von Bet365 und eine Szene aus einem Eishockey-Spiel. Alsobet365 can assert itself in terms of ice hockey sports betting, as we think. Numerous options are available to you here – including many special bets. Many countries and major leagues are covered, so you don't have to miss anything. Also,numerous live betting opportunities are offered, so you can enjoy more variety.

Bet365 is not one of themost popular bookmakers for nothing at all. With a wide selection of sports, you can put your luck to the test here, while all functions are explained to you transparently. The clarity is also very good here, as we would like to point out.

Facts on the sport

So that you can really get into ice hockey sports betting, you should be familiar with the facts on the subject. It is worth knowing, for example, that the first professional ice hockey team was set up in Canada - back in 1904. Find out more about your favorite sport below so you can alsoexchange ideas with other fans to be able to.

History of Ice Hockey Betting

Canada was among the first countries in the world to record first official hockey matches on ice. This passionate sport was practiced herebefore 1900 - since then it has developed rapidly. Goalkeepers were used early on and rules were established that are still valid today and are important for the game.

You will surely find it interesting that the first puck in ice hockey was square in shape. The largest ice hockey stadium can be found in Japan and offersmore than 22,000 people to cheer. There are many ice hockey legends that have gone down in history - these, however, mostly come from the USA or Canada.


More than 320 international ice hockey leagues are currently known, this results in almost 1,350 teams. In Canada, it is the Montreal Canadiens team that has won the most in the history of the sport. Several Canadian players have already received awards in the North American Hockey League - the first of which wasWalt Tkaczuk.

Most games have been played in the local league so far the Canadian Marco Sturm completed - he has already played more than 900 games. He is always one of the favorite players when betting on ice hockey. There are manyother interesting ice hockey facts that can increase the fun of betting.

Curious ice hockey sports bets

Because the betting odds to ice hockey are usually very balanced, there are hardly any strange bets to be found on the sport. What is striking, however, is thatcombination bets are very popular here to improve your own chances of winning. With in-depth research, however, this is not always necessary, as you can quickly draw your own conclusions about the balanced teams.

All in all, the ice hockey bets are not so balanced for nothing: Since the sport itself is so fast and is tense, no extra thrill is needed.Special and long-term bets There is enough to discover here, as you will surely find out quickly.

Ice hockey is already getting good with bets proven - but there is room for improvement

Best ice hockey betting providers already offer you a wide range of options when it comes to betting on your favorite sport. You can place special bets, use long-term bets, or combine bets to positively influence your experience. Compared to football, however, the sport is not quite as well represented.

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Selfbest bookmakers therefore still have a lot to learn when it comes to traditional ice hockey. You cannot count on the fact that the more than 300 leagues will also be fully covered with bets - so farVariety has been represented to a pleasant extent.


The best ice hockey betting providers unfortunately do not exist like sand by the sea - which is why you should inform yourself comprehensively before you start. But don't worry - we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you, so that you canfind out everything you need to know here and take it with you on your way.

🥇 Which is the best ice hockey betting provider?

Best ice hockey betting providersare characterized by the fact that they deal intensively with the rather less popular sport. In contrast to football, ice hockey bets are not quite as widespread, but they are all the more fun, especially in the live area. With the best bookmakers such as Betway, you can count on being able to take advantage of the best possible selection.

🤑 Who has the best ice hockey betting bonus?

Theice hockey betting bonusyou can get the most attractive kind from providers like Betway or Find Bet90. These are deposit bonuses with which you can also use ice hockey sports betting. The bonus conditions are fair, so you may be able to use them even if you have no experience. All in all, all the offers we have mentioned are very generous.

✅ Are live ice hockey bets possible?

In fact, you canLive ice hockey bets|| |678 teilnehmen, wenn du möchtest. Bis zu 50 Wetten pro Anbieter sind dabei drin, sodass sich dir eine angenehme Auswahl anbietet. Viele Unternehmen setzen jedoch nur auf bis zu zehn Live-Wetten für die Sportart, weshalb sich ein genauerer Blick vorab lohnt. Auch kannst du die Live-Wetten nicht bei allen Unternehmen direkt mit nachverfolgen.

🧐 Which betting markets are available for ice hockey sports betting?

If you are onIce hockey Betting markets and want to learn more about them, you can start from betting markets for international leagues, world championships and east-west cups. The bookmakers also cover national leagues to a good extent, so nothing should be missing. Only district leagues are less strongly noted with bets.

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