The best Formula 1 betting providers 2022 with odds, bonus and live bets

Die Königsklasse im Motorsport mit Stars wie Lewis Hamilton oder Sebastian Vettel ist nicht nur ein Zuschauermagnet, sondern steht auch bei den Sportwetten im Mittelpunkt. Auf dieser Seite erfährst du alles Wissenswerte zu den Formula 1 bets on Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Co. In our Formula 1 betting provider comparison, Betway the most convincing in terms of bonus, odds and live bets.

Top 5 Formula 1 betting providers 2022
5.0/5.0 Best formula 1 bookmaker Up to150CAD/EUR/USD 100% bonus To the provider
4.7/5.0 Numerous live bets Up to122CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider
4.7/5.0 Extensive motorsport betting offer Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 100% bonus To the provider
4.5/5.0 Best Formula 1 Betting App Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 50% Bonus To Provider|| |122
4.5/5.0|| |126 Beste Formel 1 Quoten Up to100CAD/EUR/USD Bet Credits To Provider|| |134 Eröffnen Sie noch heute ein Konto bei bet365 und holen Sie sich das Eröffnungsangebot. Mindestquoten, Wett- und Zahlungsmethoden-Ausnahmen gelten. Gewinne schließen den Einsatz von Wett-Credits aus. Es gelten die AGB. 18+

The smell of petrol and burnt rubber – that's how many people imagine Formula 1. In the meantime, it has turned into a high-tech racing circuit. Every ounce of speed is tried to be brought to the asphalt. All the more exciting is the question of whichdriver has the necessary "drive" for the podium in the end. Formula 1 bets are at least as exciting as the races.

Formula 1 We ttProvider Selection

Every sports betting provider has tips on the fast runabouts on offer. When choosing the right Formula 1 betting provider, it is particularly important to take a close look at the areas of odds, bonuses and betting markets.

Formula 1 betting provider checks:

  • Valid sports betting license
  • Lucrative betting odds
  • Friendly customer service
  • Numerous payment methods
  • Attractive bonus promotions
  • Live bets on all races

Formel 1 Rennen lassen sich bei vielen der getesteten Wettanbieter vor dem Start tippen. Mittlerweile bietet sich die Chance, auch live bets – while the race is on. Live Formula 1 bets not only impress with the special thrill. We will show you what distinguishes in-play bets from the pre-match variant.

The competitions offered for Formula 1 bets

Formula 1 is a racing series in motorsport in which sophisticated cars are on the route. You can clearly feel the tension before the start.Deafening noise and finishes, in which tenths of a second can make all the difference, are typical of motorsport. You will look in vain for a classic league operation. The current Grand Prix is ​​bet on via Formula 1 betting providers.

Most popular Formula 1 race bets

In motorsport, the clocks tick a little differently in terms of sports betting. While you are in football on leagues,national cup matches or team and nation competitions something like that is missing for motorsport. If you play Formula 1 bets online, you bet on the current races of the respective Grand Prix. One of the bets is on the winner.

You can also bet on the qualifying or the lap times. The online bookmakerspay tribute to the special framework conditions under which Formula 1 races take place. At the same time, you always have the opportunity to bet directly on the world champion - i.e. the driver and the team that will end the season in first place.

Smaller tournaments of the best Formula 1 bookmakers

Im Motorsport gibt es viele Veranstaltungen und Serien, auf die du bei Premium Buchmachern tippen kannst. Hier geht es aber um die Formel 1. Sprich: There are no smaller tournaments or leagues. What might be comparable to this are the side bets. The Constructors' World Championship is always an interesting betting market where you can place your bets.

In this respect, we don't have to shed any more light on this area. The fact that there is no lower-class operation is simply due to the peculiarities of motorsport. Tip: What would come close to this definition would beFormula 2 and Formula 3. Drivers who have proven their skills here can often hope for a cockpit in the premier class.

Markets for Formula 1 sports betting in Kenya

Motorsport – in this case the Formula 1 - is a sport that thrives on speed. Due to the special framework conditions, the whole thing stands out from many sports with regard to the betting markets. Example Winning Margin: Here you can bethow far the time gap is. What stands out in the test: It helps to compare the markets online when betting on Formula 1.

  • Win bet – Betting on the overall winner is the most important betting market in Formula 1. You can bet on the entire starting field here. It goes without saying that after a few races it will become clear which drivers have virtually no chance of winning the title.
  • Head to Head – The head to head bet is relatively popular in motor sports. You bet here which of two drivers will be the better in the end. In addition to the actual race, this bet is also available in qualifying.
  • Team ranking – The team whose drivers perform particularly well throughout the season can hope for the Constructors' Championship. It goes without saying that online bookmakers don't miss out on this betting market.
  • Fastest lap – Formula 1 is about speed. With many betting providers you can also bet on who will make it over the circuit particularly quickly in the race.
  • Place bets – Here you are betting that drivers will finish in specified ranks. This betting market is widespread for positions 1 to 3. With some online bookmakers you can also type this bet up to rank 6.
  • Qualifying bets – In Formula 1, a race weekend is divided into practice, qualifying and the race. In addition to the various betting options on the actual race, many providers also offer bets on qualifying.

The selection of betting markets varies between the individual online bookmakers -even top providers differ noticeably. Dealing intensively with the markets is therefore always part of the provider comparison. On the other hand, thanks to this wide range, very different betting strategies can be implemented.

What makes Formula 1 interesting for sports betting are the many options that are available to you at this point. You can concentrate on the win bet, which is easy to type, or venturefirst predictions during qualifying. Of course, you should never just type in the blue at any time. Long-term success is impossible without analyzes and statistics.

In addition to the sports bets related to a race weekend, you can bet on the season finale - i.e. who has the edge in the end. Theselong-term or ante-post bets are not only typical for Formula 1 bets. There are similar sports bets in many sports, but you need a lot of experience for them.

Odds and Payouts

Best Formula 1 bookmakers cover a wide range of motorsport betting markets. You bet on the races,winning the championship and qualifying. In order to be at the top, bookmakers have to stand out in the odds test. Especially in the main betting markets, the scramble between the bookmakers is great at this point.

This concentration of good odds in the top bets is to be expected. In order to get an overall impression of the quality of individual betting providers, you have to look at the entire portfolio.Best Forms 1 Outright odds are one thing. On the other hand, there is a very heterogeneous picture, especially with the side bets.

Formula 1 bookmaker Monte Carlo Silverstone Monza Singapore Spielberg
92.51% 92.41% 92.31% 92.14% 92.28%
91.85%|| |315 91,53% 91.27% 92.04% 91.60%
92.33% 92.42% 91.53% 92.39% 92,28%
91.69% 91.90% 91.50% 91.04% 91.67%
92.72% 92.55%|| |359 92,49% 92.61% 92.41%

The table above explains very well what is at stake here arrives You get a feel for how clear the differences can be even in theTop 5 providers for the premier class in motorsport. To bet on the overall victory or the next Grand Prix, you should not do without an odds comparison of Formula 1 bets online.

Formula 1 live betting

Formula 1 races attract spectators by the thousands the routes. As space in the stands is limited, many fans are content to sit in front of the TV. Premium betting providers stream the course of the races live on their platform. Ideal conditions for you to stay up to date for liveFormula 1 bets.

With in-play bets you can not only bet on || |380Fußball Wetten,Handball Bets orFootball Bets place. Thisreal-time variant of motorsport sports betting is now available from many good bookmakers. In the test, we naturally attach importance to the fact that online bookmakers set up a corresponding offer. Attention: As soon as betting providers only work with a live feed, it becomes much more difficult to follow the race.

The selection of live bets varies between one or the other Formula 1 betting provider - sometimes very significantly. With regard to the range of tips, you must take a close look at the portfolio in the provider comparisondas Portfolio intensiv unter die Lupe nehmen. The offer is not so wide everywhere that the live bets on Formula 1 races justify registration.

Bonus promotions and offers

Top betting providers do not make it onto the podium solely through the betting offer or the size of the odds. In our tests, we also take a close look at the bonus promotions. You can expect extra cashthe welcome packages. Bet credits or a free bet are sometimes also used. just in view of

Best Formula 1 betting bonus

  • 100% new customer bonus
  • Top live bets

Second area in the provider comparisonare the promotions for existing customers. At this point it is about the topic of free bets as well as the possibilities to get a part of the sales over theSports betting bonusagain with a cashback. Attention: The promotions are almost always linked to turnover requirements with minimum odds.

Formula 1 betting app

With the betting providers we tested, you can bet on the go without any major obstacles. It doesn't matterwhether with a smartphone or tablet – bookmakers have now noticed how important mobile sports betting is. Many providers no longer rely on the native Formula 1 betting app for download. Instant play is now gaining ground.

The best app for Formula 1 betting
Das Sportwetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.


You can see which is thebest sports betting app in the test. It's about a mixture ofoffer, usability and accessibility. The latter is especially good for Instant Play. No one is looking for an app to download anymore here. You simply log in via the browser and can start directly with the Formula 1 live bets.

Formula 1 betting strategy

As a casino fan you have a strategy forbeste Online Slots arranged? Then it shouldn't be difficult for you to try out corresponding approaches for motorsport. Just bet on the winner - can work with clear favorites. There is always a chance that underdogs will take advantage of changes in the weather. Secure pre-match betwith a live ticket not the worst idea.

  • Evaluations of the drivers
  • Compare betting odds from bookmakers
  • Look for hedging opportunities
  • Always keep an eye on your bankroll
  • Able to live with losses

Due to the framework conditions, suitable betting strategies in Formula 1 are a bit more complicated. You also need to consider course at this point. Sometracks offer little opportunity to overtake. On other courses, cars with a few kilometers per hour higher top speed have an advantage. What must not happen under any circumstances: Losses go to your head and you then bet too risky.

Best Formula 1 betting providers in detail

Here you will only find the best Formula 1 betting providers - so could we will of course overwrite our tests. We don't want to introduce you to just any online bookmaker, but really only very good providers. For this reason,Only bookmakers make it onto the list, where the overall package really hits the spot.

Betway Sport

Das Logo von Betway und eine Szene aus einem Formel 1 Rennen. Betway is one of the well-known bookmakers that, among other things, bets on a wide range of sportssuch as football, ice hockey or tennis in the area of ​​the main betting markets. With Formula 1 bets, you can place your bets on the current Grand Prix – including who will score points or who will end up having a decisive second ahead. The bottom line is that the betting offer corresponds to a top 5 bookmaker.

But:Betway is not only the front runner because of the betting offer. There are other reasons with which the provider underpins its quality standards. This includes the customer service, which was convincing in the test in the form ofthe live chat as well as the help center. In addition, Betway managed to secure theeCOGRA Safe & Fair seal through an audit.


Das Logo von 22bet und eine Szene aus einem Formel 1 Rennen. How does 22bet manage to rank among the top 5 betting providers? There are several components that ultimately lead to this good performance. On the one hand it is the betting offer. Of course, the bookmaker focusesnot only on Formula 1 and motorsport. You can bet on a wide range of other betting markets.

22bet makes the jump so far forward at the end with the bonus promotions. After all, in our eyes, the betting provider is one of the frontrunners here - and even makes it to the top of the podium. In addition to the bonus for new customers, there are additionalpromo offers for registered sports betting fans. In addition, the bookmaker can convince with its solidly built help center and the modern checkout area.


Das Logo von Betano und eine Szene aus einem Formel 1 Rennen. When it comes to motor sports betting, Betano relies on an interesting mix of betting markets. You can bet on the overall standings or the winner of the next Grand Prix. At the same time, the online bookmaker collectsBetano points due to the overall very wide range of bets. FromFootball to handball to tennis and eSports everything is actually included.

Of course we cannot check off a betting provider test by just looking at the betting offer . The bottom line is that a lot more counts for the evaluation of the overall package. In the area of ​​bonus offers,Betano relies on a 100% bonus. At the same time, there are offers for loyal sports bettors. Competent support is also available in the event of problems.


Das Logo von Bet90 und eine Szene aus einem Formel 1 Rennen. At Bet90 you can bet ona whole range of other betting markets in addition to Formula 1. It is obvious that football enjoys a special position in the betting market. Various other sports also enjoy a high reputation.Bet90 It doesn't just make it into the group of the top 5 because of the betting offer. In the end, it's also the bonus promotions that result in the exclusion here.

Here it stands out that Bet90 does not only rely on the welcome bonuses. There are also some promo campaigns with the existing customer bonuses, with which the bookmaker collects points. What also stands out positively in the test: AtBet90, attention is paid to easily accessible customer service, which gets a solid rating for both response times and competence.


Das Logo von bet365 und eine Szene aus einem Formel 1 Rennen. Bet365 is still one of the online bookmakers that have helped shape the development of sports betting. On the one hand, the provider has succeeded in doing this through the betting offer. Atbet365 you can bet on an extremely wide range of sports. At the same time,Bonus campaigns and promotions also belong to the areas that influence the rating.

This means that the betting provider remains interesting even after the welcome offer has been played through. The fact that bet365 made it into our top 5 group is ultimately also due to how the bookmaker presents itself in terms of support. Alive chat, the possibility to contact via e-mail and the FAQ complete the solid impression and the good test result.

Facts about the sport| ||543

Die Formel 1 in ihrer heutigen Form ist in den 1950er Jahren entstanden. Natürlich gab es Autorennen – auch in einer vergleichbaren Qualität – auch schon vorher. Das 1. Rennen der "new" Formula 1 was driven in Silverstone. A place that has a special ring to it for racing. And Ferrari and Mercedes also played a very important role in the early days of the "premier class of motorsport".

History of Formula 1 betting

Sports betting has existed for centuries. Area in Ancient Greece could be typed. In modern times, it is above all football and horse racing that have driven the development of sports betting. SinceFormula 1 only developed in the 1950s, the sport logically gained a foothold with bookmakers relatively late. With the emergence of the first online betting providers at the end of the 1990s, the basis for today's importance was created.

Essential for the acceptance ofmotor sports in the last 20 years, Formula 1 pilots contributed from Kenya. Of course, this includes names like Sebastian Vettel and Micheal Schumacher. In the meantime, a constant supply of young drivers is pushing into Formula 1 - which also benefits the tips for the premier class.


Formula 1 is a sport in which horsepower and driving skills dominate. It depends – so the first impression – on the driver and his car. If you follow the races, you will quickly get a lot of details. Thestrategy in the pit lane or the choice of tires – if a racing team is wrong, victory is quickly given away. The bottom line is that numbers and statistics also matter.

Tools that you can ultimately use for yourself - to be successful with motorsport tips. Use this analysis of the last races to get anpicture of the state of the teams and drivers. Do pilots still have scores to settle with the competition? Where does a Formula 1 driver have to finish in the points to still have a real chance of winning the title.

Curious Formula 1 sports bets

There are always surprises in motorsport. It's not always the drivers with the most powerful cars that stand on the podium. This realization becomes clear in the face of a Scandinavian who earned an impressive 33,400CAD/EUR/USD0.20CAD/EUR/USD. Background: In a special bet, the Finn guessed the top three places in the Italian Grand Prix correctly. with only

It is no longer possible to determine whether the ticket submitted was more of a joke. Fact is: The names of drivers,who are otherwise not found in top positions, also to bet in the right order - this requires either a lot of experience or simply a huge portion of luck.

Conclusion: Formula 1 bets offer variety

Spectacular Races are the order of the day in Formula 1. And certainly one reason why motorsport is also popular with sports betting fans. We take a close look at the betting market and bookmakers. Onlybest Formula 1 betting providers make it into the top 5 – if the range of bets on the premier class in motorsport is right.

5.0|| |588
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Online Bookmakers have been here for the last few years for a wide range of different bets. In addition to the tips for the individual Grand Prix races, the long-term bets are particularly exciting. Formula 1 bets on the world champion before the season starts –this requires quite a bit of experience.


In our review of Formula 1 sports betting, we deal intensively with sports and betting. In the premium segment in particular, bookmakers offer you many options for betting online. It doesn't matter whether the ante-post is betting on the winner of the season or the winner of the next Grand Prix - there is always excitement. In the FAQ you will find some additional information about Formula 1 betting providers.

🥇 Which is the best Formula 1 betting provider?

We have taken a close look at a whole range of betting providers . As thebest Formula 1 bookmaker Betway was able to put itself at the top. The bookmaker manages to offer a wide range of bets – mixed with interesting bonus promotions. Here Betway not only addresses the group of new customers. As an existing customer, you also have the chance of one or the other bonus.

🤑 Who has the best Formula 1 betting bonus?

At first you might think of our test winner. In the sports betting bonus comparison, however, it turns out that 22bet made it onto the podium in this category - and became the test winner in the areaFormula 1 betting bonus. The betting provider secures the top spot, among other things, thanks to the amount of promotional benefits and the bonus conditions, which are also feasible for beginners.

✅ Are live Formula 1 bets possible?

Yes, you can also bet live at many online bookmakers. Especially in the context of the providers we tested, we attach great importance to the fact thatLive Formula 1 bets absolutely belong to the betting markets. Only bookmakers where this is possible have even a remote chance of making the top 5. Combine live and pre-match bets to bet even more successfully.

🧐 Can I place Formula 1 sports bets via app?

Mobile services have become more important in recent years. A fact that bookmakers also recognize and rely more on theFormula 1 betting app. You have the option of submitting lottery tickets on the go and keep an eye on the odds at all times. You often don't even need a native app for this, you can log in directly via the browser.

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