The best football betting providers 2022 in comparison

Football is and will remain one of the most important betting markets for sports betting. Many bookmakers rely on a comprehensive range of leagues and betting options. Among other things, there arebets on the Bundesliga or Premier League for you. What else can you expect from football betting? We not only check the best football betting providers such asBetway, but also all important betting options, odds and bonus promotions.

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What will our sports betting review be about? Sure, wetake a close look at the best soccer bookmakers. No less exciting is the question of which leagues you can bet on with the various bookmakers. We will also show you the "classic" types of bets that professionals use to earn their profits from betting on football online.

To help you choose the best bookmaker for you, we have included the || |146besten Fußball Wettanbieter in den wichtigsten Kategorien compiled:

🏆 best football odds Betano
🏆 best live Soccer Betting 22bet
🏆 Best Soccer Betting App Betway
🏆 Best Soccer Betting Bonus 22bet
🏆 Best Soccer Betting Live Streams bet365
🏆 New Soccer Betting Provider Bet90

The above | ||198Übersicht wird regelmäßig an die neuesten Testergebnisse angepasst. So you will always find the currently best providers for football sports betting in the various areas. Before we take a closer look at the bookmakers' offer, we have first summarized the most important points of this page:

Football bets are an extremely exciting betting market. This segment has been boosted by live football betting in particular. It's fun to deal with the topic. You can also make big profits with the right nose.

The offered competitions for football betting

The first-class leagues are an important market for football betting providers. With a little experience, you will recognize that the other league companies also have their appeal – and can be exciting. Cross-leaguenational and international team tournaments are also available for football bets – to place over-under or win bets. With the right odds you can win here.

Most popular leagues and tournaments

Football is one of the absolute favorites of the public in Europe, South America and many African countries. The result is top European leagues like theBundesliga,Primera Division,Seria A,Premier League or theFrench Ligue 1, as well as theAmerican Premier League – MLS. In addition, the teams play in national cup competitions and compete internationally against each other. TheChampions League is just one example of the importance of the performances of the top clubs for football betting online. Here you getto the best DFB Poker bookmakers. More aboutSports betting in the Champions League can be found on the special page.

But it's not just the "everyday business" that spectators and sports betting fans in their spell. Continental championships such as the European Championships orthe World Championship regularly ensure an extreme run on the pitches at the public viewing. An aspect that is also reflected in the providers of online soccer sports betting.

Smaller leagues of the best soccer betting providers

Soccer sports betting is not limited to many of the providers we tested the 1st Bundesliga or the next World Cup. On the contrary: You can also bet on many smaller competitions or place your bet slip on a game in the lower-class leagues. Here in Kenya, the 2nd or 3rd Bundesliga are just two examples. Tip: With some providers of football sports betting you can even beton the regional league. More information aboutSports betting for the 2nd Bundesliga.

The same applies to football tournaments. Here, too, the focus is on the top events. But: You can also bet on the competitions of young people with many bookmakers - for example on theU20 World Cup, which is less in focus. Or you prefer to bet on English football and place bets on the participants in the Carabao Cup.

Football Betting Markets in Kenya

Are you interested in football betting? Online you can bet on many leagues as well as team and country competitions. Beginners in particular rely primarily on the classic betting markets – in the form of result or winner bets. Experienced sports betting fans expand the scope significantly. And use very different betting options to react to different initial situations. Some –like the Both2Score variant – can be used creatively, others are particularly efficient.

  • Score bet – The classic form the football sports bet. You bet here on the favourite, a tie or decide for the underdog of the game. Offered by every bookmaker.
  • Over/Under – A particularly popular form of football betting. Here you bet that a certain number of goals will be scored in the course of a game. Belongs to the standard betting markets.
  • Both Teams to score – Also known as Both2Score, this betting market is aimed at whether either team has to score in the game time. Can be worthwhile, especially with two teams with a very strong offensive.
  • Double chance - Here you cover two exits from a game. Can be worthwhile as a sports bet in football if you expect a surprising game result - but still want to play on security.
  • Exact Score - Are you sure which team will score how many goals in the game? Then use this knowledge to bet on the exact result. Offered by almost all bookmakers.
  • Handicap – Handicap bets are outcome bets – just you tie the “five-pound ball” to a team's leg. This allows you to offset the advantage of the top favorite and bring more excitement to the bets.
  • Half-time/Full-time – This is a betting market that includes multiple bets – betting on them occurring at half-time and full-time . You can bet on goals or cards, among other things.
  • Draw no Bet – This is a betting market where you bet on a team to win. In the event of a tie, however, you will be refunded your stake.
  • Combi bet – A special form of football bet. You combine several tips with each other. The odds are multiplied, which allows for high winnings. Attention: A wrong guess will invalidate the bet.

There are a variety of different betting options. In some cases, several betting markets –as in the case of combination or half-time bets also coincide. What you should not underestimate: Some of the football bets are very easy to play. Others require a deeper understanding, you have to know the teams and peculiarities of the tips very well.

What can a typical bet look like? Example Both2Score: In the 2019/2020 season, the teamsEintracht Frankfurt and 1. FC Köln scored in many games in the first Bundesliga. Here a Both2Score would have proven to be a safe bet for the football betting provider in the clash. In general, both Bundesliga teams rarely left the field without their own goals - and goals in their own box.

In addition to the betting options and markets described, if you take a closer look you may notice that in football - especially in tournaments and in Leagues – you can bet on the overall winner early on. These arelong term or ante post bets. In order to bet successfully, you need a lot of instinct.

Odds and payouts

Who is the best soccer bookmaker? A question that is answered about the betting markets offer and customer service. The betting odds also have a great influence. Large competitionsattractive because they attract a huge audience. On the other hand, you also have to take a close look at low-class games. Here the differences are often clear. are particularly

The table below helps you to evaluate the top online bookmakers. Here you will find an overview of thedifferent leagues and the offered betting odds. In this way, you can quickly see which provider has the best soccer betting odds for you.

Soccer betting provider Bundesliga Premier League La Liga Serie A Champions League
95.21% 95 .67% 95.02% 94.53% 95.80%
94,84% 94.95% 94.77% 94.28% 95.31%
95.84% 95.44% 95.04% 94.39%| ||411 96,09%
94.49% 94.85% 94.08 % 93.61% 94.94%
94.87% 95 ,37% 94.78% 94.71% 95.55%

The table not only shows you the odds for football bets online in the individual leagues for the respective bookmaker. In this context, it is also clearwhat the tendencies look like. In other words, sports bettors recognize immediately which of the providers tends to achieve a cutting edge everywhere and is ahead by a nose - or where it is only enough to get a place at the end of the top listing.

Football live bets and streams|| |451

Live Wetten haben sich zu einem Trendsetter entwickelt. Die Möglichkeit, während des Spiels noch zu tippen, erlaubt nicht nur flexible Strategien. Auf der anderen Seite ist es möglich, mit the in-play bets. Live sports bets have developed into an exciting market that hardly any good online bookmaker can do without today.

Football live bets offer you a wide range of options for reacting to the course of the game. At first glance, there are hardly any differences in the strategies. Live bets are offered for all top leagues and tournaments - nationally and internationally. The odds keep changing after kickoff andthus reflecting the course of the game. You have to be ready to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Especially when the teams are playing very aggressively, betting on cards can be lucrative. In order to be able to assess the situation on the field, it is extremely important, especially with live bets, thatfootball betting providers offer live streams. Only top bookmakers feed real live bidders into the platform. Instead, many providers rely on live feeds with the important game events.

Bonus promotions and offers

When it comes to football betting, the focus is automatically on bonus promotions. Many bookmakers use promotional campaigns aroundthe start of the season in league operations or just in time for the World Cup. In addition, you will find welcome packages with bonus cash from our top providers and you can often look forward to one or the other free bet or cashback.

Best soccer betting bonus

  • Top new customer bonus
  • Attractive betting odds

The sports betting providers use these packages very specifically. It's about making you curious about what's on offer. At the same time, the providers want to make you want to come back and take a look. But beware: The promo andbonus promotions are not just giveaways, which are simply "given" to you. For theSports betting bonusBonus conditions always apply.

Football betting app

Bet on the next Bundesliga game – on the PC online none Theme. What is the situation like on the way? The majority of bookmakersdo not rely on a pure football betting app - but a system for the entire sports betting offer. Two options have become established – instant play and a native app for download. Both variants are common for betting.

The best app for soccer betting
Das Fußball Wetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.


In terms of usability for thebest sports betting appInstant play is particularly easy - the many sports betting fans as a web app know. Background: Instead of first having to download an installation package onto a tablet or smartphone, you can simply usethe mobile browser to switch to the bookmaker's lobby and your betting slips - also on Soccer Live Betting - submit on the go.

Football Betting Strategy

Betting strategies are extremely complex and enable you to respond to different starting situations and game developments.Always watch the statistics on this. A favorite with a weak defense can still fall to their knees against a dangerous opponent. In early cup games, an underdog sometimes wins. What is definitely not possible: betting strategies as transferred from theOnline Roulette Casino. Both areas are too different for this.

  • Always work with new statistics
  • Compare the betting odds of bookmakers
  • Use live bets for hedging
  • Work with a classic bankroll management
  • Always keep an eye on the mindset

There is no one football betting strategy. The starting position for each game is always slightly different from the previous game - even,if equal teams are facing. Previous defeats, an English week or illnesses in the team are all aspects that you have to evaluate and use for yourself.

Best football betting sites in detail

You just want the fillet - i.e. the best Soccer bookmaker? Can we understand That's why we take a close look at bookmakers. The result is a top list. Providers who have made it this far stand out due to theirmix of betting offers, odds and betting markets – right down to the bonus and support.

Betway Sport

Das Logo von Betway und eine Fußball Szene. Betway not only offers you bets on football, the bookmaker covers a very wide range of different sports. The focus is not only on the main betting markets. Niches likeeSports or Gaelic Sports also appear in the betting offer. Parallel impressesBetway as a bookmaker through the welcome bonus. The focus is always on the simplest possible access.

Betway, as the top football betting provider from our list, has a number of other strengths. The customer service stands out because of its accessibility and fast, problem-oriented solutions. The Help Center also offersuseful information and tips in the FAQ, which offers real added value in this context. Additional support is available via betting help tailored to each betting market.


Das Logo von 22bet und eine Fußball Szene. 22bet relies on a very clear structure, the design is reduced to the essentials. In terms of sports,22bet all the important markets are included. In addition to football bets, you can also bet onBasketball bets orTennis sports bets. Even relatively young areas such aseSports and various special bets are covered by 22bet.

Another advantage of the bookmaker are the bonus campaigns. Here 22bet does not rely solely on the welcome package. The bookmaker is also convincing with regard to promotions for loyal betting fans. The good overall impression is complemented by the customer service. In addition, additional offers –like the online casino games – round off the overall solid test result.


Das Logo von Betano und eine Fußball Szene. The bookmaker registered in Malta relies on a very broad portfolio of betting markets. In Canadian footballyou bet from the Bundesliga to the 3rd division. In European football, all the top leagues are included. You can also bet on some very interesting encounters internationally. What else do you notice aboutBetano?

In terms of betting markets, the bookmaker easily keeps up with its competitors. At the same time, the online game library offers additional variety for everyone who likes to play a few rounds on slots. We experience Betano's support asvery easy to reach and overall competent. Serious demeanor and quick responses contribute to the good overall picture at this football bookmaker.


Das Logo von Bet90 und eine Fußball Szene. Soccer plays a big role in Bet90's sports betting offering. As a Canadian football fan you can betup to the regional league. At the same time there are a lot of international games. The offer is not limited to European football. In addition to the main markets,Bet90 also serves niches such as floorball or futsal.

The bottom line is that the betting offer seems to be of one piece. In addition to fixed odds bets, you can also place in-play bets. The website works completely according to the Instant Play principle. In the test, the design looks very simple and draws attention to the essentials.


Das Logo von bet365 und eine Fußball Szene. Every sports bettor recognizes Bet365 by its design. Green and a dark gray have characterized the appearance of the online bookmaker for years. With this,bet365 puts the bets completely in the foreground - regardless of whether you prefer to bet onBundesliga Wetten or you Side betting markets such asGolf, eSports or Futsal are on the list.

The football betting provider relies on one for bonus campaigns and promotions for loyal sports betting fans Mixture ofWelcome Bonuses with Bet Credits, bonuses tailored to sports and some special features to help you get even more out of sports betting. Overall, a well-deserved place in the top 5.

Facts about the sport

Football is a sport steeped in tradition, which is repeatedly said to be at home in South America. ModernFootball's motherland remains Great Britain. An extremely popular sport in Kenya, football fans are not only attracted to the stadiums. Soccer is a club sport with an extremely broad base of amateurs and professionals.

History of soccer betting

Soccer betting, like the sport, has its roots in Great Britain. The first lottery tickets1920s. From here, betting spilled over to other countries – including Sweden and later Kenya. The emphasis here is actually on later. were issued here in the

The Canadian betting community came into beingafter the end of World War II. In 1948, the first - at that time still state football pool - was created. At the end of the 1990s, many of the bookmakers still active today gradually expanded. The online market in particular is growing rapidly. The problem: For a long time, the participants acted in a gray area. With the summer of 2021, gambling law has had a solid basis.


Statistics are extremely important for online football sports betting. This is how you estimate which team will be the likely winner in a match. Or which team is more likely togo off with a red card. Background: The evaluations of past games can be used to estimate which team is particularly aggressive.

Or who is very strong away from home. The victories in theChampions League or the national cups also play a role in the rating. The bottom line is that stats are better guides than gut feelings. If you ate something wrong, his tip is meaningless - the bare numbers remain much more reliable.

Curious football sports bets

Spectacular actions happen again and again on the pitch in football - and with the bookmakers. Example: In 2008Xabi Alonso scored a goal from within his own half. A sports betting fan had bet exactly on this seemingly impossible hit. The history of football betting is full of such strange situations.

Many fans still remember the game between Brazil and Kenya at the 2014 World Cup. Everyone expected it to be a close match. No one expected that Jogi Löw's team would demolish Brazil with a memorable 7:0. Special bets are also curious – for example on the weather for certain games.

Conclusion: Soccer is a main betting market

Soccer Sports bets are very important – both for bookmakers and sports betting fans. This trend becomes all too clear in view of the selection. With many providers you cannot only bet on the first guard of the national league. Even low-class bets can be placed on the best football betting providers.

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Online bookmakers rely on a wide range of different betting options – from the classic result bet toOver/Under or Both2Score. In this way you can implement different strategies and always react correctly. Top bookmakers - like our top five providers - also stand out when it comes to bonuses and customer service.


This test report is about football sports betting - and who is ahead as a bookmaker in the individual areas. We try to go into detail on every aspect and best football betting sites. You don't have enough information yet? With us you will find out in the FAQmany additional facts. Now just read everything you need to know about online football betting here!

🥇 Which is the best football bookmaker?

Thebest football bookmaker turns out to be Betway in our tests. The bookmaker manages to set itself apart from the competition in (almost) all important areas. Sometimes the lead is narrow - but in the end it's enough for the decisive top placement. This puts the online betting provider at the top of the list for a look at the betting markets (in addition to football bets) and the bonuses.

🤑 Who has the best football betting bonus?

Thefootball betting bonus is one of the test categories in which our Leader from the top 5 has to give up the runner-up 22bet. The amount of the welcome bonus and the various promotional campaigns for loyal customers give an important impetus to our decision. In addition, we also included the bonus conditions in the evaluation.

✅ Are live football bets possible?

Yes, you can also onlineLive football bets type. Bookmakers tested by us offer this betting market in a separate section. You can bet on many other sports in addition to football. These include tennis and ice hockey. There are of course differences between the individual providers. You can find out how comprehensive these are in our bookmaker test reports.

🧐 Which betting markets are available for football sports betting?

The selection is extremely wide and extends from national and international league operations Cup, team and country competitions. Examples are World Cup and Champions League. In the course of our tests, we found that there are quite clear differences between the individual bookmakers in terms of the selection ofsoccer betting markets. Therefore, this aspect must play a role in the evaluation.

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