The best golf betting providers 2022 tested

You are at the Are you interested in a par, eagle or birdie sport or are you passionate about playing it yourself? Then you've come to the right place: We have comprehensively tested golf betting providers with their odds, apps,live bets and bonus campaigns and tell you which bookmakers for golf bets are among the best in the industry belong. These are providers like our test winnerBetway that made it into our top list.

Top 5 Golf Bookmakers 2022
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What you can learn below? At this point we would like to go into more detail about golf betting so that you can find out everything you need to know before you start with a bookmaker. We not only show youimportant details about the sport, but also about the individual providers. You can also see which golf betting providers did the best.

Golf bookmaker selection

Golf is considered a popular sport and can therefore be found on most sports betting platforms. When choosing the right bookmaker, it is worth taking a look at topics such as bonuses, odds or betting offers.

Golf bookmaker checks

  • Valid sports betting license
  • Wide range of betting offers|| |208
  • Hohe Wettquoten
  • User-friendly app
  • Extensive live betting
  • Competent customer service

There are many reasons to opt for the Golf betting online to decide. For example, you can estimate very well which players should be among your own favorites and who can score points in the tournaments in the long run. Anyone who knows a bit or has done sufficient research will getvery good chances of winning.

The offered competitions for golf betting

Wenn du neu in die Materie mit einsteigst und bei einem Golf Wettanbieter deine Möglichkeiten überprüfen möchtest, solltest du dich zunächst einmal mit der Sportart selbst auskennen. Gerade bei bisher weniger Erfahrung ist es wichtig, zumindest einmal die leagues and tournaments, as well as favorite players - then golf betting online will work by itself.

Most popular leagues and tournaments

When it comes to tournaments, there are a few different levels to explore - it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them. The highlights include thefour major tournaments. These include the US Open, British Open, PGA Championship and the US Masters. However, if you want to place golf bets online, these are not the only tournaments that you can expect.

So there are also international tournaments like theEuropean Championship or World Championship to discover where you can cheer for your favourites. It is all the more important to find the right golf bookmaker who knows how to adequately cover all of these levels of competition for you.

Smaller leagues and tournaments from the best golf bookmakers

District, group and Landesliege are less popular among golf sports betting, as they do not seem quite as well known and their players and newcomers have not yet been able to gain quite as much recognition. However,smaller competitions of this type are very advantageous for bettors: while almost everyone bets on top players, here you can cheer on underdogs and thus achieve larger profits.

Wenn es um den Golf Sport geht, kannst du also eine Menge Möglichkeiten nutzen. Daher kann es für dich sinnvoll sein, auf einen Golf Wettanbieter zu setzen, der sich auf diese Sportart spezialisiert hat. Nur dann kommt dir auch wirklich die beste Auswahl zugute, sowie eine series of best odds. Find out more about this below.

Markets for Golf Betting in Kenya

When you encounter golf betting online you can come across different betting markets. Most golf bookmakers allow you to bet on the overall winners of international tournaments or national leagues, but a few bookmakers also allow special bets. You can also take advantage of the live golf bets, whichusually allow you to follow what is happening in real time.

  • Special bets – Spezialwetten beschäftigen sich meist mit besonderen Nebenereignissen, beispielsweise, dass ein Turniersieger weitere Trophäen erhalten kann.
  • Win bet – Here you bet on the winner of the entire tournament, i.e. your own favourite.
  • Three Ball Bet - This is a bet on which player can achieve the highest rank when it comes to counting points.
  • Head to Head Betting – These bets allow you to bet on your favorite in a duel.
  • Origin bet - Here you can bet on the nationalities of the players, or the best player from Europe, for example.

In golf, there are fewer betting options and types of bets to discover than, for example, in football or ice hockey. However, since there are numerous players per tournament and league to support and there are also group competitions, you havejust as much variety. In addition, there are the various countries that are offered by the providers.

The largest and most well-known golf leagues include those inEurope and America. In most cases, there is even a feeling of rivalry between the players on both continents, so that the competitions can be a real thrill for fans. You can also have fun and excitement when betting on this sport.

Golf bookmakers have long-term bets readyof course. These apply either to tournaments or the entire season or league. The main thing here is who ranks highest or lowest, or if the scores are equal.

Odds and Payouts

When choosing a golf bookmaker, you should also consider it Pay attention to who can offer you the best golf odds. Because: These fluctuate strongly in the market, so that you bring home different winnings with one and the same bet. Especially favorite bets with a very probable outcome are often giventhe lowest possible odds in order not to have to pay out high profits.

Best golf betting providers, on the other hand, offer you the Comparisonabove-average odds with which you benefit in any case. All you have to do is be lucky - or your knowledge must have given you a sufficient advantage. Either way: You can only make the most of the market with the best betting odds.

Golf bookmakers US Masters US Open British Open PGA Championship Ryder Cup
92.84% 92.59% 92.22% 92.95% 93.23%
92, 35% 92.20% 92.19% 92.37% 92.94%
92.73% 92.85% 91.89% 92.48% 92.12%
91.89% 91.05%| ||363 91,38% 91.04% 91.37%
92.66 % 92.40% 92.37% 92.51% 93.40%

Wie du siehst, schwanken die Quoten unter den einzelnen Ligen und Wettanbietern stark. Daher solltest du beim Golf Wetten online unbedingt beachten, dass du dich für die jeweils beste Option entscheidest. Es spricht beispielsweise absolut nichts dagegen, sich zeitgleich bei verschiedenen Anbietern zu registrieren, um die best odds of all categories.

Golf live bets and streams

You can also track and place golf bets in real time. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to see the result of the game in real time from various providers and thus cheer on your bet - on the other hand, you can also place bets during the ongoing game of golf and thus provide even more thrills.

In this case, the provider constantly adjusts the golf live betting odds, so that a comprehensive analysis of the game in real time precedes it. Since this is very time-consuming, there are not many golf betting providers that offer a comprehensive selection of golf live bets. If you want to take part in these bets, you should look for thebest providers in the industry.

Golf betting providers usually allow the event to be played out in real time follow the bird's eye view. However, the course of the game is not shown here via video transmission, but in the form of a sketch of the field. That makes theeverything easier to implement. Only very rarely can you experience the real game at bookmakers.

Bonus offers and promotions

The best promotions for this sport consist of deposit bonuses and reload bonuses that give you the individual Golf betting providers ready. You can also receive a bonus for particularly popular events that are specifically designed for the tournament – ​​but these don't happen that often. If you're looking to snag some generous bonus bucks, you can discover thebest new customer giveaway we've been able to find below.

Bester Golf Wetten Bonus

  • High new customer bonus
  • Extensive range of bets

If you want to take advantage of theSports betting bonus for new customers , you must first make a deposit. Afterwards you will receive a100% surcharge on your first deposit from many providers. With some bookmakers, you also get your stake back as a bonus if your first bet is lost.

Golf Wetten App

A very good news is that you can also learn about the sport via the respective Golf betting app to track providers. But not all apps are really advantageous: You cannot enjoy the same lavish selection of bets with every provider that you can discover on your desktop PC. It is therefore important to compare the providersalso in this category in advance.

The best app for golf betting
Das Golf Wetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.


You can also claim golf live bets at best via such an app. In order to get as much choice as possible, it should be thebest sports betting appof the providers. In that case,Betway can score - with a real-time selection that is almost as large as the golf sports betting range itself.

Golf Betting Strategy

When you play in anOnline Roulette Casino you can usually follow a certain strategy to get yourVerluste zu minimieren and to keep winning probabilities as high as possible. This is only possible to a limited extent with golf sports betting, but it is also feasible. We'll show you how this could work with our tips:

  • Stick to favorites that have proven themselves so far
  • View probabilities & statistics
  • First gain experience with simple betting opportunities
  • Don't be tempted by very high odds
  • See recent player achievements

You can build the best golf betting strategy by building on your own experience first. The more you know about the skills of the players, the better you can predict the outcome of the competitions - and youbuild your own approach. So get to know the world of golf betting before you act.

Best golf betting providers in detail

We have looked at the golf betting providers and would like to go into more detail about each one below enter into bookmakers. This gives you a brief overview of what to expect from the respective provider and why registering here is worthwhile. This is our best golf bookmaker list you can't go wrong withnichts falsch machen kannst.


Das Logo von Betway und eine Szene vom Golf. Betway relies on a wide range of sports, which are covered with umpteen betting opportunities. The betting markets include not only long-term bets or the usual options, but also special bets that you can use to get your money's worth even better. The company offers more than 30 sports – you can also place bets on golf live hereauch live tätigen.

Onlyeight in total Sports with Live Opportunities Provided - but golf is one of them. All in all,Betwaymobile is also available for you, so you can enjoy the best of the industry right here. What else can the provider score with? Numerous promotions and an eSports area that offers you more variety.


Das Logo von 22bet und eine Szene vom Golf. At22bet you can not only get a big bonus, but also over 1,000 events with betting opportunities every day. The clou:more than 10 payment methods are also available here, so that you can make your deposit for golf bets even better.

You want live golf Claim bets or place betson mobile? This is also possible with 22bet in a very advantageous way. Only slightly fewer duels are available to you during the current competition, so you have to make a few compromises in terms of variety.


Das Logo von Betano und eine Szene vom Golf. Somethingmore than 20 sports you can use atBetano if you want. Betano mainly relies on long-term markets when it comes to betting on golf - there is usually a lack of special bets here. Even in real time, the sport is not quite as well represented as with the other betting providers.

But here you have a decisive advantage: In addition to sports and live bets, you can also discover casino games and soexpand your pleasure. Nine payment methods also cover everything you need to make betting on golf easier.


Das Logo von Bet90 und eine Szene vom Golf. AtBet90not onlyan attractive welcome bonus is offered to you, but also a wide range of tournaments when it comes to Golf betting goes. The bookmaker also not only covers all the popular players, but also lesser-known names, giving you more choice.

Bet90 also offers a range of live golf betting that other bookmakers don't even offer Include assortment. In addition to the game view, you can also usea live game schedule to get a better overview. This should make it easier for you to bet on the right thing.


Das Logo von bet365 und eine Szene vom Golf. At bet365 you can bet on a total ofmore than 35 sports if you want to experience pure betting pleasure. You can not only use golf with numerous betting options, but also with live bets - and the number is not too limited. A lot of bonus promotions are also available to you here, as you will soon find out.

Bet365 providesspecial bonus offers ready for football or other sports so that you can live out your passion even better. You really don't have to do without anything with this betting provider - which is why the provider is one of the most popular bookmakers in the industry.

Facts about the sport

At this point we would like to take a closer look at the sport itself and introduce you to important facts and statistics. Because: The better you are familiar with the game and the best players, the easier it is for you to achieve attractive winnings. Check out the following paragraphs to expand or refresh yourknowledge.

History of golf betting

It is assumed today that the first rules were drawn up in Scotland - and that as early as 1744. It is already at this timeby a golf club the speech, which was reserved for men - but the discipline only became a sport with competitions and larger numbers of players a little later. It is also disputed when betting on golf began.

Most likely, however, the roots of betting on golf lie in England. The English started betting culture with horse racing and eventually expanded it for even more fun. So bookmakers soon began to includegolf as well – but this sport was not really widespread among bettors. Today, the sport is firmly one of the standards that a good online bookmaker should also have.


Tiger Woods and greats like Martin Kaymer are among the most well-known players in the world. The best players among the Canadians also include players likeSebastian Heisele, Stephan Jäger and Thomas Rosenmüller. Internationally, Dustin Johnson and John Rahm are among the best of the best - names to remember before you bet.

By the way, Kenya currently hasover 700,000 people|| |575, die sich zu den Golfern zählen. Knapp 7.000 Anlagen gibt es in ganz Europa zu entdecken, die den über vier Millionen europäischen Spielern den nötigen Grund und Boden zum Ausüben ihrer Leidenschaft bieten. Übrigens: Die meisten Golfer finden sich anteilig gesehen übrigens in Ländern wie Schweden und Irland wieder.

Curious golf sports bets

You can bet on the number of shots, among other things, if you place your | ||580Glück an Golf-Sportwetten want to try. However, very few bookmakers offer strange bets on this sport, as it does not have as many followers as, for example, football. This means: You have to do without funny or unique betting opportunities for the most part.

Thehandicap bets for golf, are also very rarely found. who prefer a weaker player. If you like to bet on this type of bet, you are well served withFootball bets or alsoIce hockey sports bets. It is therefore important to take a closer look at the selection before you submit your bet slip.

Conclusion: Golf bets are a great pleasure

So what can finally be said about golf sports bets? Best golf bookmakers allow you to bet on avariety of tournaments international and national types. This is also important, because in Europe alone more than four million people are enthusiastic about the sport - and may want to extend the fun with online betting.

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Have you signed up for anOnline bookmaker decided, you can enjoy a good range of live events andalso bet on mobile golf. With a web-based golf betting app, you are well taken care of when you are out and about when it comes to your favorite sport. All in all, however, the sports betting market has not yet taken up the sport quite as well as, for example, football.


Best golf betting providers clarifyall important information in advance, but it can always happen that you still have unanswered questions. We do not want to leave this open, but want to clarify it comprehensively at this point. In this way we want to help you to make an even better decision for the right bookmaker.

🥇 Which is the best golf bookmaker?

Best golf bookmaker bieten dir die größtmögliche Auswahl an Wettmärkten und Optionen, aber auch Live-Wetten. Dazu zählen nach unserem Test Anbieter wie Betway und bet365, die sich in der Branche längst einen Namen gemacht haben. Du musst dich nur noch zwischen den Betreibern entscheiden.

🤑 Who has the best golf betting bonus?

The bestGolf betting bonus not only offers you an attractive bonus amount, but is also characterized by fair conditions. According to our test, it is providers like bet365 and Bet90 who have come up with such offers for you. All you have to do is choose the right one before you start registering and playing.

✅ Are live golf bets possible?

You can also onLive Golf Wettenbet if you want to enjoy the real-time thrill. Although the selection here is not quite as large, you can track the game and have it broadcast. This also works via the betting app, which you can download or use as a web app.

🧐 Which betting provider has the best golf odds?

The betting providers we have mentioned are those that havebest golf odds to offer. However, it is important that you compare these beforehand and check them again and again - especially in live games. This is the only way to get an overview of how much the odds really fluctuate.

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