Best Neteller Betting Providers in Kenya 2022 in Comparison

The popular e -Wallet is one of the important payment methods when it comes to online sports betting transactions. What speaks for a Neteller betting provider:Fast deposits and withdrawals as well as the very easy handling. Our test winnerBetway shows that Neteller sports betting works very well. As our number one, the bookmaker convinces with secure and quick payments as well as top ratings for odds, bonuses and betting offers

Top 4 Neteller Wettanbieter 2022
4.9/5.0 Best Neteller Betting Provider Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To Provider!
4.7/5.0 Numerous live bets Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!
4.6/5.0 Top odds for Neteller sports betting Bis zu 100CAD/EUR/USD 100% bonus To the provider!
4.4/5.0 Extensive range of bets Up to100CAD/EUR/USD 100% Bonus To the provider!

In the test, we not only dissect Neteller in terms of function and security. What interests us most: How good is the payment service in practice? It plays a role in the decision for a betting provider,for which sports bets Neteller is approved. Of course, we will also take a look at what bonus offers apply to wallet deposits.

The Popularity of Neteller Sports Betting

Sports betting Neteller

Neteller has grown into a major ePayment service since 1999. Many online betting providers rely on the easy-to-use e-wallet.

Betting providers with Neteller checks:

  • Deposits and withdrawals very easy possible
  • Transactions without disclosing the Account data
  • Easy access also via mobile devices
  • High security standards for transactions

With NetellerA payment service was created at the end of the 1990s| ||173, der sich inzwischen zu einem der Top Anbieter für internationale ePayment Serviceleistungen entwickelt hat. Das Wettanbieter Neteller so verbreitet einsetzen, hat mehrere Gründe. Auf der einen Seite geht es um die besonders gute Nutzerfreundlichkeit. Der Service lässt sich auch von Einsteigern ohne lange Einarbeitung bedienen.

The fact that Neteller is so deeply rooted in online betting providers is also due to the fast processing of transactions. As soon as you register with a bookmaker, you can selectfor sports betting Neteller as the payment method in the cashier, the money is available for the first bets within a few moments.|| |179

Die Beliebtheit von Neteller hat verschiedene Facetten. Sicher trägt auch dazu bei, dass sich Konkurrenten in den letzten Jahren teilweise aus dem Markt für Online Spielotheken und Wetten zurückgezogen haben. Mit Neteller – und dem ebenfalls zur Paysafe Gruppe gehörenden Skrill Wetten, which also belongs to the Paysafe group, two wallets have filled a gap.

Neteller betting and security

What characterizes the best Neteller bookmakers? Several aspects are noticeable here. On the one hand, the test report is about the seriousness of the betting provider - i.e.how reliably are credits stored and how fairly bookmakers deal with their customers. On the other hand, we are interested in whether payments with the ePayment service are subject to minimum security standards at all?

Neteller itself relies on modern techniques and standards to secure the transmission of payment data and your account information. Wherever electronic payments are sent back and forth, thieves also get wide-eyed. In the past, payments via Neteller have proven to be reliable. For example, the app usesbiometric features for authentication.

Reputable bookmakers also use encryption techniques. At the same time, the license plays a very important role here. At this point, it's about making you, the user, feel good - and simply conveying trust.A license from the EU or the approval in Kenya speak for themselves at this point.

  • Security through modern security standards
  • No sharing of account information
  • Authentication for example via fingerprint
  • Mobile payments via app possible
  • Deposits free of charge in most cases

The most popular sports for online betting with Neteller

For theNeteller sports betting comparison you should definitely take a look at the sports for which the payment method pays off particularly well. In principle, deposits for bets on all betting markets are conceivable. A very important aspect concerns the framework conditions for payments. At this point, one thing should always make you sit up and take notice: If the online betting provider should ask you for fees when you make your deposit.

In general, it is advisable towide selection of betting markets to set which will be covered. Sure - football and tennis orhandball sports betting are the main betting markets - but not the measure of all things. Especially in the side betting markets there are some surprises for sports bets that you can bet on with Neteller bets.

Soccer bets with Neteller

If Neteller accept betting providers as a payment method, it almost always works to bet on football. Various aspects flow into the evaluation of the betting providers. Betting odds always play a role. Withoutodds comparison it will be difficult to choose the right bookmaker. On the other hand, the eye for details - such as the betting variants - must be sharpened. Goal bets, handicap or special bets allow a lot of leeway here.

Over 175 100CAD/EUR/USD Nein 10CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the seller!
Over 150 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – 32,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!

Nur, wer sich die Wettanbieter für Fußball Wetten im Detail anschaut, kann richtige Entscheidungen treffen. Speziell die Selection of games and leagues can vary considerably. Not everyFootball bookmaker allows tips on the regional league. And the selection of foreign leagues varies quite a lot. Points that simply need to be put to the test.

Tennis sports betting with the Neteller payment method

You really want to bet on Grand Slam tournaments with an online bookmaker? Depositing money for tennis bets with Neteller is not a particularly big problem with the providers we tested. What is striking is that there are quite clear differences in the betting odds. In addition, with some bookmakers you even have the chance towatch the matches live in stream. Just a reference to a top Neteller bookmaker.

About 325 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the seller!
Over 250 100CAD/EUR/USD|| |332 Nein 10CAD/EUR/USD – 32,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!

For seriousTennis Wettanbieter it's all about delivering a well-rounded package. Neteller as a payment method is just one piece of the puzzle at this point. What definitely goes with it:Betting on tennis live and as a pre-match bet. At the same time, the limits - and this is shown in our table - should not put too many obstacles in your way as a sports betting fan.

Deposits and withdrawals at a sports betting provider with Neteller

Neteller is a ePayment service. Not only the possible uses have changed over the years. Neteller is constantly trying to improve. And the online bookmakers are also learning.How do deposits and withdrawals work with the wallet? The best Neteller betting providers try one thing in any case: to incorporate the greatest possible ease of use into Neteller's payment processing.

The deposit at a betting portal

Best Neteller betting providers want to make deposits as easy as possible for you . Nevertheless, the whole thing has to be based on certain framework conditions. First of all you have to register yourself with the payment service. Then simply open theaccount at the online bookmaker. This is the only way you will be able to deposit money. Important: Either you transfer money to the Neteller account in advance or you link a billing method to it.

In order to use Neteller as a payment method for online betting, the next step is to simply go to the cashier. Here you can select thee-wallet and the amount. For security reasons, the amount will not be collected immediately. Your transaction still needs to be authorized. Once credited, you can immediately use the money for your first pre-match and live bets.

  • Open an account with Neteller as a user
  • Registration with the top bookmakers
  • Go to the checkout area after logging in
  • Select Neteller as payment method and the amount
  • Authorize transaction for bookmaker

In order to be able to use Neteller as a payment method for sports betting, it does not require a particularly long period of training. Actuallyyou can start right away. But: We have to give you a warning to take with you. Using Neteller for initial deposits can boomerang if fees are charged. So keep this in mind.

10CAD/EUR/USD No Limit No Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 5,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 32,000CAD/EUR/USD None Immediate
10CAD/EUR/USD 10,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant

Betting Provider with Neteller deposit have several reasons to use the wallet. Ease of use and fast transactions are benefits that cannot be ignored. In this way, the payment service ensures that you deposit credit into the betting account very quickly and easily. In addition, theLimits are usually customer-friendly.

As a modern payment feature, Neteller has other advantages for deposits. This includes security. Neteller is not just a FinTech. As far as electronic payment processing is concerned,the payment service is in the top league. Accordingly, attention is paid to maximum security when it comes to payments to the user account with an online betting provider.

Payout with a Neteller betting provider

With Neteller, not only deposits into the user account are possible possible at the bookmaker. Payments can also be processed via the e-wallet. Caution: Here is a point to keep in mind. Only those who use Neteller as a deposit method for online betting canpay out credit via the wallet.

Anti-money laundering guidelines are responsible for this, which the bookmakers have to comply with when granting licenses. To cash out with Neteller, all you need to do is register with the bookmaker, in the cashier areasearch for the withdrawal section - and select Neteller. You then have to set the amount.

10CAD/EUR/USD No limit None 1 – 2 days
10CAD/EUR/USD 5,000CAD/EUR/USD None 2 – 4 days| ||504
5CAD/EUR/USD 32,000CAD/EUR/USD None 1 business day
4CAD/EUR/USD 30,000CAD/EUR/USD None 4 – 5 days

As you can see - even a payout with Neteller is not a particularly big hurdle. But: Before sports betting fans always reach for the e-wallet, here is a little tip. From the various test reports, we regularly notice that some betting providers charge fees if you pay out with Neteller. Always keep this point in mind when making your decision.Best Neteller bookmakers waive fees.

In general, payouts with the e-wallet work well. The usability is just as good here as in the deposit area. You only have to keep an eye on the topic of anti-money laundering. If you have not yet paid in with Neteller, theePayment Service is usually not available for any payout.

Bonus offers

For many sports betting fans, the bonus promotions of the individual bookmakers are a reason to take a closer look at the offer. In the test, we take the actions for a good reason. If it is a deposit with Neteller, you have to look carefully. Otherwise the following will happen: You overlook a very important point in theBonus conditions for sports betting with Neteller.

Background: We regularly notice providers in the reviews, where attractive welcome packages are advertised. However, you can only enjoy them,if money is not deposited with Neteller. However, this information only appears in the small print. We make sure our top rated bookmakers take a different route with Neteller.

150CAD/EUR/USD 6x 30 days| ||574 Test lesen!
100CAD/EUR/USD 16x 21 days Read test!
100CAD/EUR/USD 5x 30 days Test lesen!
100CAD/EUR/USD 30x 90 days Read test !

Furthermore, there are rarely bonus offers,which are directly tailored to Neteller. However, this cannot be completely ruled out. Ultimately, it is always the general conditions that count here. Since the scene is developing very dynamically, we too are constantly experiencing surprises. Tip: You benefit in any case from the general bonus offers, which also include free bets asSports betting bonus.

Sports betting apps with Neteller

In the meantime, no bookmaker can afford not to offer a solution for mobile sports betting. Either via a native betting app or the web app, you can react to the latest developments from the betting odds comparison at any time. The range of functions of the betting apps includes – at least for bookmakers who want to become the best Neteller betting provider –a payment function with the wallet.

Of course, this also applies to the mobile sports betting: usability and accessibility are key. For native apps, you can usually find the installation packages at the bookmakers.Access to the web app is much easier. Here you can go straight through the browser.

The Best Neteller Betting App 2022
Das Sportwetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.

1,000+ Sports Betting Daily|| |643

How dobest sports betting apps look like? We reach all areas in our tests with a tap of the finger. In addition, thedisplay of odds and events is just as transparent as on the PC. Sports betting providers with Neteller also rely on the fact that the payment function is also available via mobile phone and tablet.

The best live betting providers with Neteller

Live betting has become a special betting market in recent years. Like what happens on the field, the odds change here within a few seconds. Very goodLive betting providers not only rely on sports that represent the mainstream -such as football, tennis or basketball. Speziell Nischenmärkte wie eSports betting or snooker provide the necessary variety.

In the table below you will find bookmakers which we believe to be the best Neteller Live Betting providers count. On the one hand, theselection of sports bets is decisive for the decision. On the other hand, aspects such as bonus campaigns are of course also included.

100CAD/EUR/USD 500+ No No To the seller!
100CAD/EUR/USD 500+ No No To the provider!

Deposit with Neteller sports betting balance puts you in able to bet on live bets as well. This area has become an absolute trendsetter. When choosing a betting provider, pay attention toservice features such as live streams and statistics in addition to the betting offer. Online bookmakers feed these directly into the platform. In this way you can follow current developments.

New Neteller betting providers

Sports betting is a dynamic area that has changed a lot recently. New bookmakers are regularly added to the established bookmakers. This is very heavily relied onWallets like Neteller. The fact that online betting providers accept Neteller for payment depends primarily on the many advantages that the payment service can put on the scales.

How do the "newcomers" manage to bethe best profile new bookmakers? Various aspects are responsible for this. On the one hand, innovative features give rise to this rating. In addition, the providers try – in our experience –to score with the betting odds. Of course, modern payment methods are also on the list.

100CAD/EUR/USD 5.0/5.0 2010 To the provider!
100CAD/EUR/ USD 4.9/5.0 2005 To the provider !

In our tests, we cannot confirm that new Neteller bookmakers have to put themselves under the footstool compared to the "top dogs". Rather the opposite is the case. With the betting offer, the providers show why “new brooms” sweep well. In addition,The bookmakers are tightening the reins, especially when it comes to services and are stepping on the gas.

The advantages and disadvantages

That Neteller has developed into a wallet that is so important for online bookmakers is due to the advantages. Since Netellerprocesses the balance very quickly for payments for sports betting, the money is available within a very short time - usually within a few moments. It's no wonder that the best Neteller betting providers don't miss the opportunity to outdo the competition with their payment service.

There are other advantages in favor of the e-wallet. You can also use Neteller for withdrawals. At this point, the transfer is also processed comparatively quickly. In addition, thehigh security standards highlight the e-wallet. You don't reveal any account data to the bookmaker - which many sports betting fans find very pleasant.

Use very simple Neteller Nutzerkonto nötig
Online and mobile payments Set up credit or billing method
Fast processing of transactions Not permitted for every bonus campaign

Using Neteller as a payment method for sports betting is particularly easy - it doesn't matterwhether live betting or in the pre-match segment – as soon as you have already set up a user account with Neteller. Here you can bypass the registration with the payment service. Otherwise sports betting fans will unfortunately have to swallow the bitter pill and first register with Neteller.

We have to award one or the other negative point at Neteller, however. In order for deposits to be processed, you need additional funds on the Neteller account or you have to deposita clearing method (bank account or credit card). In addition, we notice again and again that some bookmakers charge fees for Neteller payments.

Neteller alternatives

Since Neteller offers betting providers as a deposit and withdrawal method, the view outside the box has actually changed completed. Wrong: We'll still look at which alternatives you can use for transactions. Here we immediately noticeSkrill, Trustly or MuchBetter. With some providers you will even come acrossPayPal bets.

All options mentioned have the advantage of beingsimple and fast Paid solutions to be. In terms of usability and security standards, they reach a comparable level to Neteller. The portfolio of available payment methods also includesVisa betting providers or bank transfers. The latter has proven itself in everyday life, but has some disadvantages - such as very long processing times.

About the company

Neteller wasfounded in 1999 und operierte ursprünglich von Kanada aus. 2004 zog das Unternehmen schließlich nach Großbritannien um. Neteller wird heute als Kern der Paysafe Gruppe angesehen, die einige der wichtigsten Bezahldienste für Online Zahlungen betreibt. Mittlerweile ist Neteller ein E-Geld Institut. Seit 2015 sind Neteller and Skrill are jointly subsidiaries of Paysafe Group.

Company name: Paysafe Financial Services Limited
Website: Neteller
Address: London
Year of establishment: 1999
Employees: 400+ (2019)
Founder: Stephen Lawrence

The payment service now operates internationally and wraps payments in the millions every day. Due to the possibility of transferring money quickly without a bank, Neteller has established itself for cross-border payment transactions. TodayMillions of people use Neteller not only for sports betting, but also for online shopping and other web services.

Conclusion: A recommended payment method

Moderne Bezahllösungen sind ein Must-have für Online Buchmacher. Dass dabei Wettanbieter Neteller als ePayment Service ins Portfolio aufnehmen, wundert uns nicht. Neteller ist Ende der 1990er Jahre entstanden und inzwischen eines der wichtigen E-Wallets. Fast deposits and withdrawals and ease of use are just two reasons why the payment service has gained so much importance in recent years.

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What pushed this development forward are the benefits, which deposits and withdrawals via the Bring payment service.Best Neteller Casinos have recognized that slots, roulette or blackjack alone are no longer enough to attract new customers. In the meantime, it's also simply a matter of scoring points with banking - to achieve anexcellent rating for the overall package.


Neteller hat bei Online Sportwetten Anbietern den Fuß in der Tür. Zu den Gründen gehört die Schnelligkeit, mit welcher der ePayment Service Transaktionen abschließt. Und auch das Thema Sicherheit steht bei uns auf der Agenda. Noch nicht genug Infos? Im FAQ verraten wir dir noch einige Infos und Fakten rund um das E-Wallet Neteller.

🥇 Which betting providers accept Neteller

Best Neteller betting providers you can easily find them via our online bookmaker comparison. In practice, it is noticeable that a wide range of providers are now working with Neteller. You will find the payment service at reputable and transparent bookmakers.

✅ Are sports bets safe with Neteller?

Security with Neteller bets plays a major role in the evaluation of providers for sports betting and payment services. Neteller itself is based on very high security standards. Betting providers tested by us rely on licenses – often even from EU member states. Additional security is provided by test certificates from independent organizations such as eCOGRA.

🤑 Why should you use a sports betting provider with Neteller?

There are very different aspects that speak in favor of deposits and withdrawals with Neteller. In the test manyadvantages of bookmakers with Neteller become obvious. This includes, for example, the ability to deposit money quickly and easily. Combined with the high security standards, Neteller becomes a payment service that is interesting for a large target group of sports betting fans.

🧐 What are the limits for Neteller sports betting?

TheNeteller bookmaker deposit limits vary. You can find out how high the limits are simply by looking at the payment guidelines or our test reports. Keep in mind that Neteller payment limits don't just apply to deposits. You also have to follow certain rules when it comes to payouts.

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