Best Skrill Betting Providers in Kenya 2022 in Comparison

Fast Transactions and simple operation characterize the popular e-wallet for sports betting. In practice, Skrill bookmakers are great for sending money back and forth without a bank account. In our comparison,Betway turns out to be the best bookmaker for Skrill bets. In addition to the quick and secure deposits and withdrawals, the test winner convinces with lucrative odds and its bonus offers ||51

Top 4 Skrill Wettanbieter 2022
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We take a close look at the payment method and Skrill bookmaker. You can read all the results in this test report. On the one hand you will find information about the payment service. But it's all about the question ofwhich sports bets Skrill is particularly well suited for - and where the e-wallet might reach its limits.

The Popularity of Skrill Sports Betting

Sports betting Skrill

Skrill is one of the important e-wallets for bookmakers. Payments are processed quickly and are still secure.

Betting sites with Skrill checks:

  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Payment without a bank account
  • Zugriff auch über mobile Endgeräte
  • High security standards for payments

Skrill was created in the early 2000s – in 2001 to be precise. The payment provider is now based in London. Why do bookmakers use Skrill? One reason: In recent years, theuser numbers of the payment service have grown significantly. In addition, PayPal has withdrawn from parts of the iGaming market. And Skrill also closes this gap.

Sports betting and Skrill can now hardly be separated from each other. The strong connection between the two is also created by the particularly easy handling. After logging in, you can simply selectSkrill as your payment method in the checkout area, set the amount and use the money to redeem betting slips within a few minutes.

Especially this aspect – and the fact that Skrill offers a particularlyquick way to pay out – make it so important. In addition, a Skrill user account is also useful for online shopping. In the meantime, many shops also accept the ePayment service from Great Britain.

Skrill betting and security

Best Skrill betting providers attach great importance to security. In our test reports, we regularly point out the importance of the license. In terms of banking and payment processing with the ePayment Service, this is only one side of the coin.Payments with Skrill are extremely secure because the payment service lives by securing every transaction.

Skrill uses modern encryption techniques for this. These are also used by many of theOnline bookmakers – like the state-of-the-art SSL encryption. In our test, we also tested Skrill on mobile devices. Here your release can be linked to biometric security functions – keywordfingerprint scanner.

Placing bets with Skrill is safe and reliable in our eyes. Online bookmakers who accept the payment service are checked by us with regard to the license. Only those betting providers are shortlisted,where the regulation promises security.

  • Security through very good encryption
  • No sharing of account information
  • Authentication of the transaction
  • Mobile payments possible with Skrill
  • Deposits are free with many providers

The most popular sports for online betting with Skrill

In order to bet on sports with Skrill and not experience any unpleasant surprises, various aspects are important. This includes, for example, that the betting providerno fees for a deposit are charged. If this is the case, you have to be suspicious. Also, always look at the design of the payment limits – especially when it comes to your payouts.

Also pay attention to the selection of betting markets. Football or tennis and basketball are important areas. How well are online bookmakers positioned in niche sports? In addition, thebetting odds generally belong to the test bench. Unfortunately, the variance of the sports betting providers with Skrill is quite large here, which you will always feel with your winnings.

Soccer betting with Skrill

Soccer is one of the top betting markets. What makes the Skrill bookmakers we tested so good? It's a mixture of very different aspects. To belong to the group of the best online bookmakers,you need first class betting odds. In addition, a comprehensive portfolio of different betting options and the transmission of live streams or live feeds are important to us.

Over 175 100CAD/EUR /USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the seller!
Über 150 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – 100,000CAD/EUR/USD For Provider!
Over 100 150CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/ USD – No limit To the provider!

In order for bets on football via Skrill to keep the tension curve high in the long run, thrilling duels are needed. In the test, we noticed again and again that the selection in the leagues was very different. Very good providers are able toalso depict third and fourth-class games. Attention: Some of theFootball bookmakers also have Virtual Sports - the virtual version of the most popular sport.

Tennis sports betting with the payment method

Tennis is and remains a sport that is firmly anchored at many online bookmakers. The big Grand Slam tournaments are simply crowd favourites. In order to stay on the ball when it comes to tennis betting with Skrill, you need the right betting provider. Here the odds are right, the betting offer and the opportunity to be there live on Center Court. Top bookmakers also use tennis forinteresting bonus offers.

Over 325 100KES/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – No limit To the seller!
Über 250 100CAD/EUR/USD No 10CAD/EUR/USD – 100,000CAD/EUR/USD To the seller!
Over 250 150CAD/EUR/USD No 10KES/EUR/USD – Kein Limit To the provider!

Tennis bookmaker with Skrill as payment method bet on a total of wide portfolio of betting offers. On the one hand, this applies to pre-match bets. But the live bets also showed a very clear picture in the test. You can bet on the next single or combination bets immediately after your deposit.

Deposits and withdrawals at a sports betting provider with Skrill

Using Skrill as a payment method means above all to pay attention to the flow of transactions. In other words, how can you deposit credit into the user account with the individual betting providers and in what form are funds debited again. Best Skrill betting providers proceed with the necessary transparency at this point. It is crucialwhat the payment guidelines look like in detail.

The deposit with a sports betting provider

First step for the deposit with Skrill is always the registration with the payment service and online betting provider. Without one of the two accounts, the transaction cannot work. Important: In order to be able to deposit with Skrill, you either have previously deposited funds into the wallet account ormust have an account/credit card on file. Tip: The best Skrill betting providers will also briefly summarize the process themselves.

In a second step, go to the bookmaker's checkout area and select Skrill and the amount for your deposit. The deposit must then be authorized. Authorization takes place directly via a pop-up window by approving the deposit with your Skrill account. As soon as theOnline betting provider credits the money to the user account, you can place your sports bets.

  • Register your user account with Skrill
  • Register with your favorite online bookmaker
  • Go to the checkout area after logging in
  • Select amount and Skrill as payment method
  • Authorize payment for bookmaker via Skrill

Regarding the sports betting Skrill deposit, the general process is relatively simple. Even beginners will find out relatively quickly that the wallet can be used to deposit credit relatively easily. But: There are some very clear differences between the betting providers -for example in the fees. The table below simply summarizes the info.

10CAD/EUR/USD No Limit No Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 100,000CAD/EUR/USD None Immediately
10CAD/EUR/USD 2,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 1,000CAD/EUR/USD None Instant

Betting Provider with a Skrill deposit use the advantages of the payment service very cleverly. As a sports betting fan, you can quickly top up money this way.Credits are made immediately or within a few minutes. With regard to the limits, there are no particularly serious shortcomings in the betting provider test.

What else do we notice when researching the Skrill test? The ePayment service is an extremely convenient way to deposit money into a bookmaker's user account. In addition to the easy handling, thefast processing of the transactions also stands out. The bottom line is that Skrill is a modern solution for depositing money for sports betting – and getting started straight away.

Payout at a Skrill bookmaker

Of course, sooner or later the moment will come when the first A payout from the betting account is considered. If you are a sports betting fan and use Skrill as a deposit method for online betting, you can easily (usually) pay out the balance via the wallet. Unlike Klarna,Payments in both directions can be processed simply and easily.

You simply call up the area for payments in the cashier. You can then enter theamount for the payout and select Skrill as the payment service. If the wallet is not available for this, this may be due to the fact that no deposit has been made with Skrill so far. This is usually a prerequisite for online bookmakers to cash out with Skrill.

10CAD/EUR/USD| ||507 Kein Limit None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 100.000KES/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 2.000KES/EUR/USD None Instant
10CAD/EUR/USD 1,000CAD/EUR/USD None Within 24 hours

Payouts with the ePayment service are not a problem for many bookmakers. In practice, it's all about the details. Best Skrill betting sites do not charge any fee for the transaction and at the same time the withdrawals are processed very quickly. ThatMoney is booked to the user account within a few hours after release.

TheUsability is completely in in this context Order. What is striking: Anyone who has not made a deposit via the e-wallet as a sports betting fan should not be surprised at the following experience. Online bookmakers usually only allow payouts if credit is also paid in via the relevant payment method.

Bonus offers

Bonus offers are the focus of the betting provider test. However, we see the bonus promotions only as a component of a serious evaluation. With regard to Skrill, there are occasionally providers with offers specially tailored to the payment service, but you will normally be able to take advantage of the generalWelcome packages for sports betting with Skrill.|| |567

Achtung: In der Praxis stoßen wir regelmäßig auf Buchmacher, die Skrill von der Freischaltung für den Bonus ausnehmen. Pay attention to the promotion conditions. Corresponding information is almost always available here. In the table we summarize all the important facts and information about the bonus promotions of our best-rated bookmakers with Skrill.

100CAD/EUR/USD 6x 30 days Read test!
100CAD/EUR/USD 5x|| |607 30 Tage Read test!
100CAD/EUR/USD 5x 90 Tage Read test!
150CAD/EUR/USD 5x 45 Days Read test!

Bonus campaigns that are specially tailored to the Skrill payment service are unfortunately rare. However, we see no reason for frustration and anger. On the contrary: Many of the online betting providers with Skrill use a whole range of other bonuses and promotions as a "consolation". These include welcome promotions with a100% deposit surcharge or free bets as aSports betting bonus.

Sports betting Apps with Skrill

Mobile betting has become significantly more important in recent years. In the meantime, there is actually no betting provider in our tests that does not rely on this approach. In order to be able to use the sports betting app to its full extent,an integrated payment function such as Skrill is required. According to our experience from the tests, the wallet can now be used for transactions in many apps

The bookmakers usually rely very heavily on usability and good accessibility.Native apps to download can be found on the website of the respective sports betting provider. Background: There are very strict rules for gambling in the app stores. To install it, you must give permission for third-party apps on tablet and smartphone.

The best Skrill bookmaker app 2022
Das Sportwetten Angebot von Betway auf verschiedenen mobilen Geräten.

1,000+ Daily sports betting

So thatbest sports betting apps also deserve this designation, several aspects must come together. Easy access is part of it, but also the possibility to make deposits with modern payment options. Sports betting providers with Skrill meet this requirement - like our top favorite. But:Security in data transmission and consumer protection criteria are just as important.

The best live betting providers with Skrill

It would be impossible to imagine live betting from the offer of betting providers today. What makes in-play betting so appealing is the excitement. The course of the game can change within a few seconds – and with it theTurning odds in a completely different direction.Live betting providers bet on a wide range of different betting markets. It's a mix of mainstream sports like football and tennis - but also niches that include snooker and cricket.

The best live Skrill betting sites include the bookmakers listed below. There are several reasons why these are top favorites. On the one hand it is the selection of bets. On the other hand, it is also about aspects such asthe bonus programs and campaigns. Even the customer service adds to the overall picture of our sports betting experience with Skrill.

100CAD/EUR/USD 500+ No No To the seller!
100CAD/ EUR/USD 500+ No No To the seller!
150CAD/EUR/USD 250+ No No To the seller!

When it comes to Skrill sports betting, the first thing you probably think of is pre-match betting. In the meantime, live betting slips are extremely important for bookmakers and sports betting fans - and an exciting area. Our top favorites noticed this development and correctly interpreted it. The offer is right and thanks to Skrill you canimmediately bet on the next live events.

New Skrill betting providers

If online betting providers Of course, accepting Skrill as a payment method has good reasons.Easy handling and fast processing are two reasons why new bookmakers choose Skrill as a payment service. A trend that is becoming apparent in the medium term. Based on our experience, it can be assumed that Skrill will continue to play a major role.

In our tests - also new bookmaker - it is noticeable thatbest new betting providers E-wallets likePaying a lot of attention to Skrill. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the wallet is widely used in online shopping. Many sports betting fans already use Skrill. On the other hand, the fast payment processing creates advantages.

100CAD/EUR/USD 4.9/5.0 2010 To the seller!
100CAD/EUR/USD|| |810 4.8/5.0 2005 To the provider!|| |822
200CAD/EUR/USD 4.7/5.0 1996 To the provider!

New Skrill betting providers have to assert themselves against long-established competitors. In the end, the betting offer is a way to distinguish yourself. On the other hand,Bonus promotions play a not insignificant role. But: In banking, the chaff and the wheat are separated. New bookmakers give themselves a modern look - and therefore have to deliver when it comes to payment options.

The advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of payments with Skrill is the fact that you || |847Guthaben sehr schnell transferieren can. Nobody wants to wait days for the credit. Deposit and hand in your first lottery ticket straight away – that’s how sports betting fans imagine it all. With Skrill this is possible. In this respect, the provider puts an important advantage on the scales.

A second aspect is the combination of simple applicability in practice, easy access and high security standards. The bottom line is that Skrill becomes an e-wallet thatcan demonstrate its advantages in many areas. But: The whole thing also has disadvantages. No money transfer is possible without credit or a payment function stored with Skrill.

Easy to use Can only be used after opening a Skrill account
Online and mobile access Prepaid top-up or payment method required
Transactions processed quickly Not permitted for every bonus campaign

Guthaben für Wetten mit Skrill einzuzahlen ist eine bequeme Möglichkeit, um innerhalb weniger Augenblicke in Pre-Match Sportwetten oder bei den Live Wetten einzusteigen. Die Vorteile des ePayment Service sind in diesem Zusammenhang einfach offensichtlich. Du kannst – sofern bereits ein Skrill Nutzerkonto registriert ist – Start making payments directly to the betting account.

Thanks to the possibility of making mobile deposits, Skrill is a very good solution for online sports betting providers. The disadvantages must not be overlooked. Only being able to deposit funds with a credit balance or with a deposited payment method is a point. It must not be forgotten thatSome online bookmakers charge for Skrill.

Skrill alternatives

The Skrill bookmaker as a payment method acceptance is only one side of the coin. A whole range of alternatives stands out in our test. These includeNeteller, Trustly or MuchBetter. All three are modern payment services that allow fast transactions.PayPal betting providers are still present in the sports betting area as an ePayment service.

The fact that sports betting providers with Skrill allow deposits and withdrawals lies in the usability . Alternatives such asNeteller Wetten or PayPal work just as well and are also interesting payment options in terms of processing times. In comparison, abank transfer takes considerably longer. In this respect, it is questionable whether this payment option actually has a real chance as an alternative to Skrill.

Information about the company

Skrill has developed into an important e-payment service within a few years. Originally created as Moneybookers, the service started in 2002. Skrill has been an e-money institute since 2003. Since 2015,Skrill belongs to the Optimal Payments Group, from which finallythe Paysafe Group emerged in a rebrand.

Company Name: Skrill Ltd.
Website: www.skrill.com
Address: Rathausufer 23, 40213 Düsseldorf
Year of foundation: 2001
Employees: 500+
Founder: Stephen Lawrence

Since the takeover, the payment service has belonged to a universe in which subsidiaries such as Neteller and paysafecard have found a home. After its foundation, Skrill has developed a growing customer base over the years. The payment service is now internationallyactive in several hundred countries. Transactions in the tens of billions are processed every year.

Conclusion: Deposit with Skrill at reputable betting providers

There are various reasons why betting providers offer Skrill as a payment solution. The test shows how well the e-wallet works in practice. Simple registration, easy to use even for beginners and very fast in processing transactions. Skrill can scorewith many advantages. No wonder that the ePayment service has presented itself excellently in recent years.

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Thanks to the benefits, Skrill has not onlysuccessful for Deposits and withdrawals at online bookmakers established. We also encounter the e-wallet again and again when it comes to slots and roulette. Anyone who is in the top 5 in the reviews and can call themselves thebest Skrill Casinos must also score here with the range of games and excellent bonus offers.


With our test of Skrill as a payment service, we examine very different areas. On the one hand, there is the question of how the wallet works. At the same time, we will clarify for you which bonus you get with deposits via Skrill. And which betting providers stand out in relation to the payment service. With the FAQ we pick up additional facts when bookmakers accept Skrill.

🧐 Which bookmakers accept Skrill

Best Skrill bookmakers are not automatically leaders in our general Sports betting provider tests. A whole range of bookmakers are now using the payment service. Our ranking list is guaranteed to have the right bookmaker for you.

✅ Are sports bets safe with Skrill?

Because theSafety with Skrill bets is extremely important, on the one hand the transactions must meet high standards. On the other hand, it is about the seriousness of the bookmaker. The license is crucial here. Providers tested by us generally only offer sports betting with a valid license - ideally issued by the Malta Gaming Authority or another well-known authority.

🥇 Why should I use sports betting providers with Skrill?

Hierfür sprechen vor allem die advantages of bookmakers with Skrill speak for this. Means: You can deposit money into the user account quickly and securely with the payment service. In addition, withdrawals are possible at any time via Skrill. In combination with all other advantages, there are several reasons for banking with the e-wallet.

🤑 What are the limits for Skrill sports betting?

In general, this varies from bookmaker to bookmaker Look at the payment guidelines necessary. Background: With regard to banking, the Skrill bookmaker has cash out limits anddeposit limits. Without a detailed look at this area, it will be difficult to evaluate the individual online sports betting providers objectively - and then to make a selection.

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