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The companywikifolio has stood for social trading for several years, is the second largest provider directly behind the test winner eToro in the field and has been bringing top traders and followers together on its platform. For the investor, this has the advantage that he can choose his favorites from a huge selection of strategies. In addition to being able to understand a trader's decision one-to-one, wikifolio has gone one step further. Followers can also follow top traders with a certain trading volume via a certificate, which is issued directly via the exchange by a partner company. So "following" a top trader is not only very easy. Another advantage is the possibility of being able to sell the certificate on the stock exchange at any time, so that you can access the tied-up money very quickly.

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And another important part of trading on wikifolio should be mentioned here : According to the Web 2.0 idea, the exchange should not be a one-way street. Lively discussions about the current situation and investment decisions can be held at any time via social exchange media. In principle, it is also possible to determine an investment strategy together.

Video preview of wikifolio

In the following video you will find a summary of our experiences with wikifolio. We will also show you how the registration works and also show you the first steps with the provider.

Watch the video now to get a preview on wikifolio:

Our experiences at a glance

The company wikifolio has modeled its name on the famous online encyclopedia and emulates the principle of social intelligence, also known as swarm intelligence. In principle, the company, which has been active since 2011, is nothing more than an internet platform on which different dealers are brought together. On the one hand there are the so-called top traders who publish their self-managed portfolios and are looking for imitators, so-called followers. On the other side are the “normal” investors who are looking for an investment strategy that is ideal for them. Successful and long-term active top traders can have their portfolio bundled as a certificate, so that the investor can participate directly in the strategy of the top trader by purchasing such a certificate. Traditionally, certificates are initially issued at an issue price of EUR 100, so that the performance can also be read directly from the value of the certificate. As with a fund, you receive a share certificate that allows you to participate directly in the performance of the portfolio of the respective top trader. But even if a corresponding strategy is very inexpensive compared to the purchase of funds, a wikifolio certificate is of course not free. In addition to the annual fee of EUR 0.95, the investor also pays a performance-related fee that can amount to up to 30 percent of the return achieved. In any case, you should find out more about this in advance so as not to be nasty surprised if he is happy about a decent performance. Last but not least, the regular order and custody account management fees of your own bank or broker must also be planned for. Wikifolio does not operate its own custody accounts, so the investor must open one at their own bank. The possibility of entering wikifolios that have fallen in the course is also interesting. Here, the performance fee is initially waived as long as the price moves below the starting price. But here, too, you should take a close look and deal with the reasons for the previous price decline.

Company wikifolio Financial Technologies AG
Address Berggasse 31, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Registration number FB-Gericht Wien, 311504w
Regulation/License Magistrate District Office of the 1st District Austria
Telephone DE: +49 (0) 211 247 907 70
Phone AT: +43 (0) 720 303 812 70
Phone CH: +41 (0) 435 080 689
eMail: [email protected]

Based on our experience, wikifolio can be considered a very reputable company . In addition to the lived transparency about the respective strategies and decisions, strict standards are also set for potential top traders. This prevents fraud from the outset. However, this does not mean that investors sometimes take an unwanted risk when they decide on the product of a certain top trader.


The range of different products on the The stock market is so diverse is the range of different wikifolios. First of all, it is important for the investor to know that there are a number of different risk classes in which extremely high risks are sometimes taken. In addition to classic shares and ETFs, speculative strategies that work with massive leverage are also possible as a basis for a certificate. As a platform, Wikifolio has set itself the task of helping you with your decision with an optimal selection tool. A wide variety of criteria can be used for the search. In addition to simple performance indicators, this extends to the mainly traded values. Here you can set priorities in different regions, such as the USA or Europe. You can also search for products with an explicit dividend strategy. The trading strategy of the top trader can also be used as a selection criterion. A distinction can be made between "actively diversified", "heavy trader" or "medium to long-term". In addition, the criteria that can be used for the selection also include personal characteristics of the top trader, such as communication behavior. It is thus possible to use wikifolio's sophisticated search function to filter out the strategies that best suit your own situation from a multitude of strategies.

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Die Vorteile der Geldanlage bei Wikifolio im ÜberblickDas Social Trading bei Wikifolio erklärt

One Another special feature is that publicly known actors and institutions also publish and offer their own wikifolios. In this way, the investor can acquire the certificates of many business newspapers such as the Handelsblatt and benefit from their specialist expertise. However, common sense on the part of the investor is always required. Because every follower of social trading should always make one thing clear: Ultimately, you act at your own risk and are also liable for any wrong decisions by the top trader. Especially in the case of highly speculative strategies with strong leverage, social trading is and remains more of a gamble from the follower's point of view.

Last but not least, a general risk should be pointed out when trading with certificates: that of the issuer risk. If the bank that issues the certificates, in the case of Wikofolio this is Lang and Schwarz, goes bankrupt, this is equivalent to a total loss for the current holder of the certificate. Against this background, you should also question yourself with what amounts he entersSocial Trading. The alternative would be direct copy trading or mirror trading, in which the portfolio is replicated automatically or manually by the investor. Disadvantage here are comparatively high transaction fees, which are incurred with the large number of trades.

Bonus for new customers

wikifolio does not currently have its own program for recruiting new customers or bonuses for existing customers . However, additional income is tempting if you rise to become a top trader. Then he can collect a kind of bonus with every certificate sold.

Deposit and withdrawal

Since wikifolio is not a classic broker, you cannot deposit money directly here or yourself cash out. The entire trading process takes place via a regular bank institute or an online broker, with which the customer must register if he does not yet have a securities account. If this is the case, he can in principle also buy certificates in addition to his existing assets in the depot and place them in his depot. The case is somewhat different in automatic copy trading or mirror trading. Here the depot is coupled to the signal generator. An additional agreement between the bank, dealer and wikifolio is required for this.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal options at Wikifolio
Für den Handel bei Wikifolio müssen die Einzahlungen in den verbundenen Depots getätigt werden
Payment options depending on the selected deposit
Minimum deposit: depending on selected depot
Fees: depending on the selected depot
Account management possible in: depending on the selected depot
Auszahlungsoptionen: depending on the selected depot

Security and regulation

First of all, the certificates issued in cooperation with wikifolio do not belong to any official supervision. Compared to conventional products such as shares or funds, this generally represents an increased risk, since the respective top trader is not controlled by anyone. However, in order to avoid incalculable risks or even rip-off or fraud, wikifolio has built in some security instances. First, every top trader has to legitimize himself before he can advertise for followers. In addition, wikifolio reserves the right to sanction any misconduct, such as a violation of the trading principles it has set itself, and in the worst case to remove the top trader from trading. This can be the case, for example, if, contrary to his profile, he consciously takes a higher risk.

The second level of security is wikifolio's customers themselves. As with other Web 2.0-based projects, the community is called upon to report any misconduct. Wikifolio hopes that misconduct will be quickly discovered and punished. However, there are no fixed rules for this. Nevertheless, our experience shows that in most cases it is transparent and serious.

Support and customer service

Of course, wikifolio also has customer service ready. Email is offered as the most important contact medium, through which the customer is supposed to present his problems. In view of the complexity of financial products, this is sometimes very laborious. Two numbers are also given for telephone advice, although the investor seeking advice sometimes has to be patient. As a rule, personal contact is not necessary at all, since a large part of the information is distributed via FAQs, a blog and a regular newsletter. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the current trends in social trading. In addition, there is always the possibility of following the information policy of the top traders and contacting them if necessary.

User-friendliness of the website

Overall, the wikifolio pages are very intuitive and comprehensible designed and built. In principle, you can always get the information you need with just a few clicks. The search function is also designed to be extremely user-friendly, with which you can easily find your way through the jungle of many offers.

For some time now, the wikifolio offer has also been available via a mobile app. The status and development of individual wikifolios can then also be tracked with a mobile application. The app also offers access to the community, so that you can also discuss with other investors on the go. In addition, as already mentioned, the trades themselves must be processed via the depot operator, so that the wikifolio app cannot be used for these purposes.


The wikifolio platform provides the professional implementation of an innovative idea that is based on the principle of funds, but above all relies on the intelligence of the masses and maximum transparency. This can certainly result in opportunities for investors. The prerequisite here, however, is that he thoroughly deals with the philosophy of the top trader. Especially with long-term strategies from experienced traders, there is a good chance of consistently high returns at comparatively moderate costs. However, the more speculative a certificate is, the more the strategy resembles a highly speculative game of chance. Investors should probably trust their own lucky hand here. Because he always bears the risk alone.

Roland Herrmann
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Wikifolio makes a really good impression on me. The company is reputable and I get my payouts on time. Customer service is exemplary. Nothing to complain about for me at this point!

written 73 months ago


Wikifolio is something like the inventor of social trading and you can tell that as an investor too. Huge selection of top traders and the very best conditions for finding the right strategies.

written 63 months ago

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