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Anyone who is a friend of the gambling, who knows that for a number of years it has been online casinos in particular that have provided the perfect mix of flexibility and a great range. The customer does not necessarily have to visit a casino in his area - if there is one - but can play conveniently via the computer or a mobile device. Brands like theWinner Casino up the ante again. Because here the customer can even place sports bets. The whole thing takes place absolutely securely, because the provider has a secure gaming license from Antigua and Barbuda. Fraud and rip-offs have absolutely no chance here. In the following, the test will not only deal with the license, but also with other aspects that are important for an online casino.

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Our experiences at a glance

A great offer, bonuses also for sports betting, extensive service as well as the possibility of being able to start on a mobile basis - all of this is brought to light here by the Winner Casino experiences. The range of games alone is impressive. There are a lot of online slots to play with, so boredom doesn't arise that quickly. And of course safety is not neglected here. The provider is equipped with a valid gaming license from Antigua and Barbuda. The service, which offers the customer some contact options, for example, also passes this test. Mobile gaming is possible via a corresponding mobile site, the customer does not have to download an app. However, he can download software to play with. However, there is also a small fly in the ointment. The website presents itself very opaque and wild in some areas, especially in the area of ​​bonuses. Last but not least, Canadian customers are left behind.

Company Zirconium Gaming Limited
Address P.O. Box 2642 Makati Post Office,Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Phillipines
Registration Number
Regulation/License Antigua and Barbuda
Phone 0800 6646 741
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat| ||147 ja

Winner Casino in the check: fraud or serious?

It is completely normal to ask this question in connection with an online gaming library. Because not least in some Hollywood films, fraud in casinos is often discussed. With Winner, however, such stories can also be safely pushed into the realm of fantasy, because the operator is serious. If it weren't reputable, it wouldn't have a valid Antigua and Barbuda gambling license either. But there are, and the operator does not hold back with this information. At the bottom of the page there is the relevant Antigua and Barbuda Gaming Authority logo. But it is not the license alone that gives an indication that it is a safe and clean provider. For example, there are also some logos from well-known payment providers at the bottom of the website. These companies would not offer their services if Winner was suspected of being improperly played. The same applies to the manufacturers of the games, who are also very popular and certainly do not want to be associated with a dubious provider.

Game offer

The offer here at Winners is very varied . It is also divided into several sections: Vegas and Slots.

Winner's website
Vorschaubild Lobby WinnerVorschaubild Support Winner


Slots have become an integral and important part of the gambling world. They come from a variety of manufacturers and come in a variety of different genres. A manufacturer of format that is represented here with some games is Playtech. But NetEnt is also represented, for example, with Starburst and other well-known slots. The slots all convince with their great graphics, strong animations and their simple gameplay. If you like the slot machines that have been available in real casinos for many decades, you've come to the right place at Winner.

Bonus for new customers

The bonus is on for most online casinos tried and tested means of killing several birds with one stone. In this way, you thank the customer for opening an account. At the same time, however, they also take care of customers and want to make the player's further stay palatable. The bonuses come with either a pure cash benefit, free spins or a combination of both. At Winner, the customer can rely on a number of bonuses, which also include sports betting fans. However, Canadian customers have to reckon with huge restrictions here. Overall, the bonus offer from this provider is quite wild and confused, so that the customer will certainly need some time to be able to understand the various bonuses together with the sales conditions.

Welcome bonus

Unfortunately, the coin here two sides. In principle, it is possible to get a bonus from Winner – but not for Canadian customers. For example, they are not entitled to request a registration bonus of 30 euros. This is only given to customers for registering. Unfortunately, the bonuses are not really clearly presented. For example, there are different offers for the Vegas and slots areas, which the customer must first rummage through. The bonuses and their requirements are not always easy to understand at first glance. Some interested parties may already lose interest in playing here, especially since Canadian customers are also excluded from deposit bonuses if they use certain payment methods.

Deposit bonus: Different deposit bonuses for different areas|| |196
Bonusbedingungen: Depending on the bonus
Validity: variable
Other bonuses: Registrierungsbonus

For example, there is a deposit bonus of 200 percent with a volume of 350 euros. In addition, cashback variants are offered in other areas. In the bonus area, for example, there is also a bonus for high or mid rollers.

Due to the variety and the admittedly very confusing arrangement of the bonuses, it is very difficult to adequately describe the individual conditions at all. The customer must be careful not to get entangled in the network of numerous bonuses. In this case, it is definitely advisable to contact support before claiming a bonus.

Deposit and withdrawal

Unfortunately, Winner does not have a proper list of deposit and withdrawal methods . This is annoying insofar as the provider has not been stingy with information when it comes to its numerous bonus offers. Interested parties can only get an idea of ​​​​a few logos before opening an account. These logos are displayed at the bottom of the page. For example, the logos of Mastercard can be found there. Credit cards are accepted in almost every online casino, not least these two big representatives. In addition, the customer can also use digital wallets. Skrill and Neteller are specified here and are ready for use. The same applies to the Paysafecard, which represents the area of ​​prepaid credit. The customer can transfer the credit from this prepaid card to the game account by entering a code. In addition, he can decide whether he wants to deposit the credit all at once or in smaller amounts.

The available payment options at Winner
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei Winner
Payment options: Skrill, Neteller , Mastercard, Paysafecard
Minimum Deposit:
Account management possible in:
Withdrawal options:

About the way how to withdraw funds nothing is known either. Of course, when the customer is logged in, he can easily see the variants. However, there is no way for interested parties to obtain information in advance. Unless you contact service. The only thing that is certain is that the Paysafecard is excluded, as it generally cannot be used for deposits.

Security and regulation

Security and regulation are two key issues when it comes to evaluating online casinos. Customers can rest easy with Winner. There is a valid gambling license from Antigua and Barbuda - at least that's what the logo says, which can be seen on the homepage at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, if you click on this logo, you will be redirected to a faulty or inactive page. This can lead to distrust from one or the other customer, since quite a few customers would like to query the current licensing status via such a link. If there is a technical problem, the makers of the Winner Spielothek should act quickly so as not to deter customers, but to show them that fraud and rip-offs have no place here.

So that a provider can create a When a gambling license is obtained, there are various guidelines and conditions that must be met. This includes, for example, conditions relating to data protection or fair play. Both are points that must not be neglected in an online gaming library if a proper license is to be issued.

Support and customer service

Service and support are two essential points, which can help a provider gain a better reputation. This is due, for example, to the fact that the customers then feel they are being taken care of and are in safe hands with such a provider. After all, questions or problems can arise again and again. Winner's service is absolutely fine. There are various ways and means available for the customer to contact the support. He can do this by phone, by mail or even by live chat. A toll-free number is available for Canadian customers. Customers can also contact the provider by post. The address is displayed in the service area. There is also an FAQ section. However, this is not helpful in all important questions and does not cover all subject areas adequately.

User-friendliness of the website

The user-friendliness of the website is sometimes a major shortcoming of this provider. There are undoubtedly many games from all possible areas available - but the customer can get lost in all the upper and lower categories. This becomes clear not least in the different bonus sections, some of which are difficult to understand and seem quite confusing. The “fine print” clearly exceeds the bonus text here. The translation into Canadian was not always successful either. It often looks very wooden. Less would have been a little more here.

Mobile App

An operator should actually have mobile gaming on board these days. Because at a time when smartphones and tablets are part of the daily picture, it would be almost foolish not to make such an offer available. Winner's offer is available on a mobile site, at least for Canadian customers. Although there are references to a corresponding app (Apple) on the Winner website, this app cannot be found in the Canadian store. The mobile site allows customers to access all of Winner's offerings. However, the Winner Casino test revealed that you have to be careful here if you want to do a mobile one. The Safari browser should be used for this, as other browsers can cause display problems. Basically, the mobile site has the advantage that you don't have to download and update an app here. In addition, this mobile site is also available for several operating systems and is compatible with them.

Conclusion: A good provider with weaknesses

Basically, the Winner Casino experiences show that the provider has potential. Unfortunately, however, the arcade spoils some of that. For example, the presentation of the individual bonuses and the associated sales conditions are very confusing. This also applies in part to the games, which are divided into several upper and lower categories, so that inexperienced customers in particular can easily lose the thread here. Another point of criticism is the gambling license. Although the logo of the Antigua and Barbuda authority is present, so that fraud and rip-off are not an issue - the link behind this logo is broken. This should be improved as soon as possible. The payment methods should also be revised and made more transparent – ​​especially for interested parties. On the other hand, the service is very good. The integration of a mobile offer has also been successful. If the provider is still working on a more convenient offer, there is definitely potential here.

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