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At the broker WorldWideMarkets you have the possibility as a trader to trade easily and versatilely with CFDs and with trade forex instruments. The broker offers official regulation and in this way already ensures basic security. At WorldWideMarkets, traders can use two different platforms for trading and thus participate in trading with MetaTrader 4 or AlphaTrader. It is very easy to start trading here and the simple account opening is particularly positive. This can be done within minutes and after the first deposit, your own trading account can already be used for CFD and Forex trading.

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The provider is based in the Virgin Islands and from here offers traders a secure and versatile option for participating in currency trading and trading in CFDs. Beginners have the opportunity to find their way around with a demo account and can easily get to know trading in this way. The fact that the provider is reputable is made clear by the regulation - so you can neither speak of rip-off nor fraud at WorldWideMarkets. In the following, various aspects related to the broker are presented in detail. Thus, traders and interested parties get a direct overview and can get to know the offer here in detail.

Our experiences at a glance

The experiences with the CFD and Forex broker WorldWideMarkets can only be described as positive describe and offer traders a lot of potential for successful trading. This provider has a very extensive range of trades and extensive services are available. Traders can benefit from this extensively and, for example, take advantage of an extensive collection of FAQs or demo accounts. In addition, WorldWideMarkets offers a mobile app, which makes it very easy to trade on the go. Above all, this offers a high degree of flexibility for all traders.

Company Trident Chambers
Address Number 146, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Phone 001 855-299-7498
Email [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback No

Especially the offers for new traders are very interesting here, the demo account offers maximum convenience and makes it possible to get to know the basics of retail and to get a better picture of it. Furthermore, the extensive range of tradable currencies, CFDs and metals etc. is also to be viewed very positively. There are many options for traders with this broker and participation in trading is always reliable and versatile. Of course, many traders also focus on their own safety. Therefore, the following section is also very interesting, which provides an overview of the security aspects of WorldWideMarkets.

Checking WorldWideMarkets: Fraud or serious?

By regulation, a broker offers traders already a basic security and is subject to the control and supervision of official authorities. The broker WorldWideMarkets has such a regulation, for which the British FCA is responsible. In this way, the provider is comprehensively monitored in all its activities and is subject to regular controls. Especially for the traders and their capital, this is an important thing for reliable trading. So you can't speak of a rip-off with this broker.

The regulation does not only apply to Great Britain or Europe for this broker, there is also a corresponding control for other areas such as America. Thus, traders from all possible countries can safely and reliably participate in trading with this broker. The comprehensive security measures are a crucial aspect and of great importance in the WorldWideMarkets experience. In addition, the broker's customer deposits are secured in the best possible way, which continues to ensure a lot of protection and security. As a trader, you can benefit from a high level of security on this basis and have an optimal basis for safe and equally reliable trading.

The offer for trading in currencies and CFDs

At WorldWideMarkets, traders will find an extensive and varied range ofTrade in CFDs andForex values. Thus, a varied and flexible trade is always possible. Among other things, the broker also offers a demo account that makes it easier to get started with trading. This can be opened with just a few clicks. The commercial offer is presented in more detail below. As a trader or as a possible new customer, you can get the best information on this basis:

The website of WorldWideMarkets
MetaTrader 4 bei WorldWideMarketsAlpha Trader bei WorldWideMarkets

These base values ​​are available for trading

At WorldWideMarkets offers traders a wide range of tradable assets. So traders can trade here with currencies that are available in large numbers. The currencies already offer a lot of variety and contribute to a versatile trade. More than 40 currencies are available here in total. You can also trade CFDs with this broker. There is also a wide range of contracts for difference. Among other things, indices can be found here. However, metals and more are also available for trading.

Due to the wide range of trading options, the broker can definitely be highlighted positively in the experiences. For a trader, versatile and varied trading is possible here at any (trading) time. In addition, there are also quite attractive conditions that make lucrative trading possible with this provider.

The conditions

A lucrative trading is certainly possible with this broker. However, it is a small disadvantage that you cannot see the pips before registering. An exact calculation of the costs incurred for individual trades is therefore only possible with difficulty. However, information can be found on the leverage that can be used to trade at WorldWideMarkets. A maximum of 400:1 is possible here, which creates interesting trading conditions even with small stakes. This applies at least to currencies; other leverages are possible for other commodities.

On the whole, WorldWideMarkets offers interesting conditions for trading on this basis, so that as a trader you can already achieve attractive returns on individual trades. Of course, you always have to factor in the fees and costs incurred. It would be positive here to make an exact overview of the pips incurred publicly accessible.

CFD and Forex trading in a simple way

As a trader, you can trade using a single account . Thus, the same trading account can be used for trading foreign exchange as well as for trading with contracts for difference. There are two platforms available for traders. The MetaTrader 4 is tried and tested and widely popular, plus the AlphaTrader, which can also convince with many functions.

Trade can be handled very easily with this provider and WorldWideMarkets does not require two different accounts to open. Instead, all trading is handled via one account.

Get to know trading thanks to the demo account

Beginners in particular have to familiarize themselves with it at the beginning and are usually not very familiar with trading in this area out. It is therefore a clear advantage that there is free demo access. This gives traders the opportunity to get to know trading without risk. Trading can be tried out and simulated here without costs or fees. Thus, the traders have the option to get an initial overview. Experienced traders can use the free demo account to try out new trading strategies or simulate individual trades. This can lead to more effective trading.

After using the demo account, the real trading account can be opened just as easily. This gives you the chance to start trading directly with your own capital. However, it is definitely advisable to use the demo account beforehand.

The bonus payments under the magnifying glass

There is no direct bonus for new traders. Instead, all traders can benefit from a bonus with this provider. This is granted from every deposit amount and is a flat rate of 10 percent. With a deposit of 250 dollars there is a bonus of 25 dollars. Deposits of $1,000 will be credited with $100 as a bonus.

Deposit bonus: 10 percent
Bonus terms: for one deposit| ||209
Gültigkeit: No entry
Other bonuses: None

There is a limit for the bonuses not with this broker, which is definitely worth it. Thus, traders can receive a bonus even with very high deposits. The bonus does not only apply explicitly to the first deposit into the trading account. It can therefore be assumed that the bonus credit will be granted with every deposit into your own trading account. As a trader, you can also benefit from additional capital for trading in the long term with every deposit with little effort.

No further bonuses for traders

WorldWideMarkets does not offer any further bonuses. For traders there are no bonuses for payouts and the broker does not offer free trades either. Overall, however, the bonus offer can be classified as very interesting in experience.

Deposits and withdrawals for trading

At the broker WorldWideMarkets, deposits are possible from a very small 25 dollars. Traders have four different payment options to choose from. On the one hand, deposits can be conveniently processed via credit card, so that the capital can be credited to the trading account very quickly. In general, the broker states a period of around one working day for the payment methods before the credit is credited to the account. In addition to the option of topping up your own account with your credit card, there is also the option of doing this by bank transfer. The provider does not charge any fees for this, but it may be that your own bank estimates costs for this.

Overview of the deposit and withdrawal methods
Zahlungsoptionen bei WorldWideMarkets
Payment options: Kreditkarte, Neteller, Skrill, Überweisung
Minimum deposit: $25
Fees: no
Kontoführung möglich in: Dollar
Payout options: Credit card, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer

Union Pay is also available ready.


Traders at WorldWideMarkets can also make payouts just as easily. However, these must be requested using a form. As a trader, you can choose which payment method to use. Wire transfer withdrawals are charged at $40. Other options are available free of charge.

Prior identification may be required by the broker so that payouts are only accessible to authorized persons. In the test, the deposit and withdrawal conditions were positive and as a trader you can act very flexibly with your money. Only the fees for withdrawals by bank transfer seem to be a little high.

The security of the traders and the regulation offered

The regulation is handled by the FCA from Great Britain at the broker. This offers traders a high level of security and shows that the provider has nothing to do with fraud. Regulation means that the provider is subject to official control and monitoring, which can be an advantage for traders in any case. Safe trading is thus guaranteed and regulation is therefore to be classified as very important. Nevertheless, there are also providers where no regulation can be found.

Furthermore, all customer funds are optimally secured with this broker for CFD and Forex trading, which continues to prove to be a clear advantage. As a trader, you can therefore assume that your own capital is protected as best as possible and that you can always access it. On this basis, a high level of security for traders and their capital can be assumed at WorldWideMarkets Online Trading Limited.

Support and customer service

So that as a trader you can solve problems quickly and clarify questions without any problems, appropriate support is required. The broker WorldWideMarkets has extensive support that traders can reach via email and an international hotline, among other things. Since there is no Canadian-language website, support is not to be expected in Canadian either. Traders can also contact the broker via a contact form, via social media or by fax.

The live chat offered by this provider is just as interesting and very convenient. This allows you to talk directly to an employee and all questions can be clarified within a very short time. The only thing the broker does not offer is a callback service, which is tolerable overall. The accessibility of the support is guaranteed overall and makes it possible to clarify all problems quickly. In addition, there is also an extensive area with frequently asked questions on the website.

The user-friendliness of the website

The website is clearly structured and offers direct access to all relevant areas. Only the language barrier for Canadian traders may be mentioned as a disadvantage. However, the broker offers a high level of convenience thanks to the clear division. In this way, the account opening can be processed quickly and easily and the lists with the tradable values ​​are also quickly available. As a trader, you can start trading directly and don't have to find your way around.

The live chat can also be accessed very easily on the website and in this way makes contact possible very quickly. This is a clear advantage, especially when it comes to questions or problems, which is correspondingly important in the WorldWideMarkets experience. Thus, the broker offers an optimally functioning website. No errors or problems could be found, so that a smooth process can be assumed. Ultimately, the way to the demo account is also clearly a positive aspect. As a trader you can use it to simulate trading and find your way around trading CFDs and Forex faster overall.

Mobile App

With the mobile app at WorldWideMarkets you also have the option as a trader to participate in trading with your own smartphone or tablet. This is particularly useful on the go or when traveling, so that you always have easy access to your own account. The app is available for Android and there is also an iOS version. This makes it very convenient to use and offers the opportunity to intervene in trading at any time and from any location. The app provides an overview of individual trades and it is also possible to place individual trades directly.

The app can be easily downloaded from the respective app store and then offers users the opportunity to simply log in with the known data. In this way, nothing stands in the way of a quick entry into trading and you can place individual trades or simply overview the trade. With the mobile app, WorldWideMarkets offers its traders and customers a lot of convenience and primarily enables flexible participation in trading with CFDs and Forex values. Overall, the trading environment of this broker can be classified as very versatile and positive.

Conclusion: CFD and Forex trading is versatile

Overall, the broker WorldWideMarkets offers an extensive range for the traders and can convince above all with a demo account, which is available here. In this way, traders can easily get to know trading in advance and get an accurate picture of it. In addition, the broker is regulated by the British FCA and can therefore also fully convince in the area of ​​security. The regulation creates a high level of security for traders and is therefore a clear advantage. Last but not least, the extensive range of offers for trading should also be mentioned as an advantage that traders can expect from this provider.

With a mobile app, the broker also provides an opportunity to take part in trading on the go. On this basis, traders can easily access the trading account with their own smartphone. The only disadvantage with this broker: A website in Canadian is not available. You can use flexible ways to contact support and get quick feedback on all inquiries via the live chat. A look at WorldWideMarkets can therefore be worthwhile in any case - for beginners as well as for experienced traders. The bonus granted on deposits increases the attractiveness again.

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For trading, WorldWideMarkets offers its traders a wide variety.
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