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The modern broker xCFD offers many options for trading CFDs and forex instruments . As a trader, you can easily open a trading account with this provider. This can be done either by providing the email address or via the Facebook account. In this way, a quick entry into trading is possible. The account starts as a demo account and offers beginners the option of getting to know trading from the ground up and without any risk. xCFD offers traders a large selection of tradable values ​​and makes trading via a web trader very easy. The broker is based in New Zealand and can convince with regulation by the VFSC.

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With a modern and fresh appearance, this provider differs from many other brokers in the test. There is also the fact that traders do not have to download any special software here. Instead, trading via the web trader offered is easily possible at any time. After the first deposit, real money trading can be started, so that traders can benefit from the attractive returns in forex and CFD trading. In the following, the provider is presented in more detail and this results in a comprehensive and varied insight into the offer of xCFD and the options offered here.

Our experiences at a glance

With the Broker xCFD offers extensive opportunities for trading in contracts for difference and currencies. Various options are available for deposits and new traders also receive a bonus for the first deposit. The first deposit only needs to be more than $200. The regulation offers a lot of security and shows that the provider can be classified as serious. xCFD has nothing to do with rip-off or fraud. The broker presents itself with a Canadian-language website and also offers a hotline that is intended for Canadian traders. In any case, this offers a lot of potential.

Company Global Capital Markets Limited
Address Level 5, 235 Broadway Newmarket, Auckland, 1149, New Zealand
Phone 0221 982-57010
Email No entry
Live Chat yes
Callback no

Aside from the web trader, there is also a selection of apps available for trading, so that trading is very flexible for traders and possible with a lot of comfort. The broker also offers video training courses for traders, so that trading itself is easy to understand. In addition, it is possible in this way to participate more effectively in trading and sometimes to achieve higher profits. The security of their own capital is of course very relevant for many traders. Therefore, in the following section you will find individual information about the security offered by this broker.

xCFD in check: fraud or serious?

With the broker xCFD one can basically assume that the provider is safe, reliable and therefore also reputable. As a trader, you can benefit from official regulation here, which is definitely an advantage. In this way, the provider does something to protect traders and is subject to extensive control and monitoring. Many other brokers in the CFD and Forex trading space do not. Thus, the regulation in the xCFD experience can definitely be seen as positive. As a trader, you can assume that the trading environment is safe and you can participate reliably in trading.

Even if trading CFDs is generally subject to a high level of risk, the trading process itself can be described as safe. This is also reflected in the fact that there are appropriate encryptions that ensure a lot of comfort and security for traders. All data connections are thus protected and as a trader you have the advantage that your own data or payments do not fall into the wrong hands. With the provider xCFD, security is guaranteed in any case and traders can expect a lot of comfort, especially due to the regulation offered.

The trading offer at a glance

With an extensive range of trading CFDs and forex values, the broker xCFD offers a varied and versatile trade. The offer is large and the conditions can also convince. More details and comprehensive information on individual areas of the trading offer can be found below:

The website of xCFD
Trading bei xCFDHandelbare Assets bei xCFD

These trading stocks are available for trading at xCFD

One There is a whole range of tradable values ​​at xCFD, so that the broker makes versatile and varied trading possible for all traders. A total of almost 40 forex values, various indices and goods as well as more than 700 stocks are available for traders with this broker, so that trading can be varied in every situation. For example, EUR/USD can be found in the currency pairs, aluminum or bitcoins can be found in the goods. Allianz, Bayer or even BASF are available for selection.

An interesting and individually designed trade with CFDs and currencies is possible with the broker for every trader. The extensive trading offer can be called up very easily and is consistently positive in the xCFD experience. The many trading values ​​can be selected from a list, but a search field is also available as an alternative. Thus, the traders have the opportunity to select exactly the values ​​with which they want to participate in trading. Of course, the corresponding conditions also play an important role.

The conditions for trading with Forex and CFDs

xCFD does not charge any commissions for the trade itself. The broker points this out on its website. Otherwise, unfortunately, there are no exact details about spreads, pips, etc., which is a bit of a disadvantage. However, the individual spreads can be recognized quickly in demo mode if you call up individual trading values. In this way, the costs incurred can be calculated in any case. There is also leverage for trading with this broker. This is a maximum of 200:1 and makes lucrative trading possible even with smaller stakes. With foreign exchange and contracts for difference, traders can thus trade profitably with xCFD.

Basically, it would be desirable to be able to call up the spreads and general trading conditions directly on the provider's website. According to the test, this could still be worked on. Overall, the conditions are appealing and in this way offer an optimal basis for trading effectively and sensibly with CFDs and Forex.

The trading options offered

When trading with CFDs and Forex you can as a trader with the provider xCFD benefit from many options and a lot of comfort. This provides an opportunity to set limits so that profits can be secured or losses can be reduced. This makes sense in any case for safe and lucrative trading with CFDs and currencies. The different options can be easily selected and defined in the broker's trading mode.

The demo account in particular should be mentioned in the trading options. This offers the opportunity to get to know the trade very easily. Trading with sums of up to 20,000 dollars can be simulated here without having to use your own money. In this way, beginners can find out what options the trade offers and what options they have. For experienced traders, the demo mode offers the chance to test individual strategies or to refine and adjust the trade itself. In the experience with xCFD, the demo account is very positive.

Video instructions are available for training purposes

xCFD also offers its traders one for more effective and successful trading with CFDs and Forex selection of training courses. Video courses are available here, which can be easily accessed via the login menu. These are also available in demo mode and can also be used in this way to familiarize yourself with trading.

Other training courses such as webinars or even seminars directly on site cannot be found with this broker. This is basically a pity, but overall it shouldn't be seen as a disadvantage. After all, there are often no training courses available from other providers of this type that traders could take advantage of.

The bonus for traders at a glance

From a deposit amount of 200 dollars, new traders receive a bonus from the broker xCFD. In this case, $70 will be paid out as a bonus. If more capital is paid in, the bonus increases accordingly. If you deposit $500, the bonus is 50 percent. With an even larger deposit, the bonus will continue to be at this level. With a deposit of 15,000 dollars the bonus is 5,000 dollars, so that only 33% is achieved here.

Deposit bonus: 70 to 5,000 dollars
Bonus terms : for deposits of 200 dollars or more
validity: no entry
Other bonuses: none| ||219

Der gewährte Bonus ist insgesamt lukrativ, bietet zudem auch die Möglichkeit, mit einem gesteigerten Kapital in den Handel einzusteigen. Für weitere Einzahlungen gilt der Bonus nicht mehr, sodass dieser nur für die erste Einzahlung gewährt wird.

There are no other bonuses

There are no bonuses for existing users at xCFD. In addition, no bonuses are available for further deposits. There is also no information about the process of bonus payments or other planning from the provider.

Deposits and withdrawals: This is how the account is managed

Deposits can be made very easily from a sum of 10 dollars be made. Various options are available with this provider, so that traders can easily fill up their account with funds. Deposits can be made by credit card, Visa and MasterCard are available for this. Furthermore, deposits can also be made by bank transfer or with the modern and currently very popular bitcoins. The flexibility is guaranteed in any case. There are also international payment methods, but these should be less relevant for Canadian users.

CashU, Skrill und Neteller gibt es ebenfalls, sodass die Trader umfangreiche Optionen zur Einzahlung auf das Handelskonto in Anspruch nehmen können. Internationale Zahlungsmethoden gibt es ebenfalls, diese dürften für deutsche Nutzer allerdings weniger relevant sein.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Zahlungsoptionen bei xCFD
Payment options: Credit card, Skrill, Neteller, CashU, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit: 10 Dollars
Fees: no
Account Management possible in: Dollar
Payout options: Credit card, Skrill, Neteller, CashU, Bitcoin, bank transfer

Pay out money easily and quickly

Traders can also use the various payment methods except for credit cards for payouts. As a trader, the first step is to upload proof of identity such as an ID card or passport and also provide proof of address in the form of a current electricity bill. This data is then checked by the broker within 48 hours before the payment can be requested. As a trader, you also have to verify your own telephone number, otherwise no payout will be made.

Information on minimum and maximum amounts for payouts can unfortunately not be found directly in the area of ​​payout information.

Security and regulation for traders in focus

Regulation by the New Zealand authorities ensures the safety of traders. In this way, a high level of security is guaranteed for traders and there is the possibility of assuming that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable broker. The broker has nothing to do with rip-off or fraud, but makes reliable and secure trading with difference contracts and currencies possible.

Furthermore, the broker also ensures a lot of security with payments. There is a protection mechanism for the account so that the trading account with the broker cannot slip into negative territory. Above all, this offers the security that traders cannot generate any losses that go beyond their own deposited credit. xCFD can therefore be rated as a safe broker and offers traders a high level of security. It is thus possible to take part in trading easily and conveniently, and there is no need to fear any negative events.

Support and customer service at a glance

Traders have many for simple support options and can therefore contact the provider quickly and easily. A hotline with a Canadian area code is available and you can also contact the broker via live chat. Thus, traders have the opportunity to clarify all open questions and problems quickly and directly.

Unfortunately, there is no e-mail address to contact us, so the contact options mentioned above seem to be the only ones. For the traders, however, the live chat plays a particularly important role, which ensures that the broker's support can be contacted quickly and directly without such a contact option is extensively possible.

Sicherlich wäre eine Mailadresse zur Kontaktaufnahme ebenfalls sinnvoll und nützlich, aber auch ohne eine solche ist die Option zur Kontaktaufnahme umfangreich möglich.

The user-friendliness of the website for traders

The website has a simple design and looks very modern with light colors. As a trader, you can quickly find your way around here. In order to receive further information, you must first register. In a direct comparisonto other CFD providers, this is a minor disadvantage, since as a new customer you definitely have to open an account in order to participate in trading.

Other than that, all information is easily accessible and the web trader in particular is a clear advantage here. This makes it possible to trade quickly and easily from any computer. Overall, the website is very clearly structured and offers access to deposits, withdrawals and trading itself. Only the possibility of retrieving data before registering is rather negative in the xCFD experiences. This is solved more cleverly with other providers, so that traders and interested parties can access all the details quickly and easily.

Mobile App

With xCFD, traders can trade from almost any device easily and easy access to your own account. A number of apps are available so that they can be accessed very easily using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. There is also an app for Max OS X. As a user, you do not necessarily have to use the web trader provided, which can also be seen as an advantage. In terms of functions, the apps provided offer a lot of convenience and thus enable simple and quick access to trading.

With the app, traders can easily participate in trading and gain insight into their own trading account at any time. The mobile app plays an important role in the experiences, but the apps for stationary devices are also important here in any case. For traders, the app offers direct and quick access at any time, so that account management is also very easy. Without the apps, there is still the modern, brightly designed and easy-to-use web trader - thus trading with the provider is possible with any device and in any situation with great comfort.

Conclusion: The Forex and CFD -Broker offers many options

The xCFD provider offers many options for trading currencies and CFDs. First of all, this provider has a wide range of tradable values ​​available and as a trader you can participate in trading in a versatile and flexible way. With attractive conditions, the broker offers a lot of potential for trading and makes it possible for individual trades to be very lucrative. In addition, xCFD also has a number of apps with which traders can also participate in trading on the go. Training videos are available for beginners and there is also the option of first getting to know trading in a demo mode.

As a trader, you have the chance to get to know trading without any risk and can participate in trading with a virtual budget . This option is particularly well suited for newcomers, but experienced traders can also benefit extensively from it. Overall, xCFD can be classified as safe, mainly due to the regulation from New Zealand. The broker is reputable, has nothing to do with rip-offs or fraud and thus offers the chance to trade CFDs and foreign exchange safely and easily. You should definitely take a look at this provider, so that you can participate very lucratively in trading here with little effort.

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xCFD offers a modern principle for trading with CFDs and Forex . There is a web trader that offers a lot of comfort for me.
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