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Xforex is a broker that has been active on the market for several years and its possibilities available in around 140 countries worldwide. The provider offers a lot of convenience for trading CFDs and currencies, making it easy for traders to participate in trading. High yields are possible and the provider creates a very high level of security with comprehensive and multi-layered regulation. For traders, this means that XForex can definitely be classified as reputable and offers a high level of security for trading. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this CFD and Forex broker offers a variety of options for successful trading.

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The broker provides two different account models for trading so that traders can easily choose a suitable account. There is also a bonus for the first deposit, and there are also other bonuses. There is more detailed information on this later. Below you will find various information about the XForex test. These relate to the security of traders when trading, the offer for trading and other details. Thus, traders and interested parties can easily obtain information and get a quick overview.

Our experiences at a glance

The XForex experiences can be summarized in any case as very positive. Above all, the extensive regulation by numerous supervisory authorities plays an important role here. Thanks to the regulation, fraud can be ruled out with certainty. The broker also offers its traders an extensive range of tradable values ​​and thus provides some variety. With the live chat offered, a high level of comfort and service is also available for customers when it comes to support, so that they can easily clarify open questions and more. XForex offers trading from a first deposit of just $100, and new traders have an attractive first deposit bonus that can be used to trade foreign exchange and CFDs.

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A range of training courses helps traders with the provider XForex to improve their own trading easily and conveniently. Of course, the spreads also play an important role in the test. After all, as a trader you want to participate in trading as cheaply and thus lucratively as possible. The same applies to the leverage, which is at an interesting level with this provider. It is therefore possible to invest with outside capital - this offers a lot of potential, but is also associated with risks. This is therefore only recommended to a limited extent for inexperienced traders.

XForex under review: fraud or serious?

The trader's own security is of course of very special importance and refers to a secure environment for trading, but also safekeeping of client funds. Unlike many other brokers that are only regulated by one or no supervisory authority, this broker offers very extensive and comprehensive protection against fraud or rip-offs. The broker is regulated by a large number of supervisory authorities, which of course offers traders some security. Unfortunately, there is no exact information about the headquarters of the broker XForex, which is in any case a less convincing aspect.

With a very high level of security, however, XForex offers traders peace of mind. Among other things, the British FCA is responsible for regulation, so that traders can easily and conveniently benefit from a high level of protection and security. Furthermore, the platform for trading with this broker is highly secured, thus creating a safe and reliable environment for tradingCFDs andForex.

The trading offer with CFDs and Forex

The trading offer naturally plays a particularly important role in the experience with XForex and should therefore also be presented accordingly. As a trader, you have the opportunity with this broker to take part in trading extensively and in a variety of ways and can access a large range of tradable values. In this way, versatile and varied trading is always possible and the two existing account models also come into play. The following is a comprehensive picture of what XForex trading has to offer:

The Xforex website
Handelsoptionen bei Xforex im BlickDie Kontoauswahl bei Xforex

The range of tradable assets

For trading stands XForex offers a very extensive range of CFDs and currencies. There are more than 40 tradable values ​​to choose from when it comes to currencies, so there is a wide variety here. In this way, versatile trading in the Forex area is possible in any case and traders can choose from an extensive range. Such an offer is of course ideal for trading in foreign exchange and there are also numerous CFDs available for trading.

Around twenty stocks and more than ten indices are available for traders in the form of CFDs , so that a lot of variety awaits the trader at the broker. There is also a selection of commodities that can be selected for trading in CFD form and Bitcoins are also available for this purpose. On this basis, every trader will always find a suitable asset for trading with the provider XForex and boredom never arises.

On the whole, the trading offer is very extensive and offers a lot of variety. But the large selection is only one thing, the matching conditions must of course also be right.

The conditions at a glance

The conditions describe the costs and fees incurred for an individual trade attack. When trading currencies, this is usually the spread. This is fixed at XForex and has a fixed value between 4 and 6. This is a rather large spread, but still offers an optimal and cost-effective basis for trading. Particularly relevant: The costs can be calculated ideally. In addition, the provider offers a maximum leverage of 400:1 for trading currencies, which provides interesting trading opportunities. In this way, as a trader, you can achieve high returns even with small stakes of your own capital and thus actively benefit from a high return.

When trading CFDs, the leverage is 50:1 or 200: 1 and thus also offers great potential. In addition, there are no commissions here, so that trading in this area can also be carried out inexpensively. With the very volatile bitcoins and a leverage of 10:1, an attractive and lucrative participation in trading is also possible here.

The conditions with the broker XForex are therefore very interesting and the experience here is primarily based on this positively , that the provider lists specific information about the fees and trading conditions here.

The trading accounts with the CFD and Forex broker

As a trader you can choose between two different accounts with the broker XForex, so that you can certainly find the right account for your own needs. A spread of 4 to 6 is the norm in the standard account, while spreads of between 2 and 5 await traders in the premium account. The second account is therefore more attractive in this respect, but also requires a higher minimum deposit. Instead of just 100 dollars, 1,000 dollars are required here.

There are also differences in the training courses, so that it can definitely be worth using the premium account with a corresponding budget. There are no costs for either account type. There is an exception if the trader's own account is not actively used. In this case, a fee of five dollars will be charged.

The training courses for the traders

So that the traders can always improve and thus participate more effectively in trading, training courses are also available at the broker XForex. These can be easily accessed online and provide an optimal basis for effectively optimizing your own trading with CFDs and foreign exchange. Individual training courses are also available for traders in the premium account, so that the traders are looked after intensively and alone.

The bonus payments at a glance

Between 20 and 60 percent bonus offers the broker his traders for the first deposit. The percentage granted depends on the size of the deposit. From a deposit of only 100 dollars, an additional 20 percent bonus is granted. If you pay more capital into the trading account, the bonus increases accordingly. From $2,000, a 60 percent bonus will be credited. For sums of 10,000 dollars or more, the bonus can be negotiated individually with the broker's support. All in all, this bonus for the first deposit is of course only interesting for new customers at XForex. Further deposits will no longer be rewarded with a bonus credit.

Deposit bonus: from 20 percent
Bonus conditions: for first deposit from 100 Dollar
Validity: Not specified
More bonuses: Bonus for account verification

Nevertheless, the Bonus, of course, has great potential and makes it possible to effectively start trading with increased capital.

Additional bonus for account confirmation

Furthermore, XForex also offers traders one Bonus if your own trading account is verified with this provider. This is possible without any problems after the first deposit in the customer account and makes it necessary for the corresponding proof to be provided. This can be, for example, an ID card or a passport that confirms the identity of the trader. For this, a bonus of 25 dollars will be credited again.

This sum is rather low, but account confirmation is necessary to receive payouts anyway. In this respect, this bonus also pays off.

Deposits and withdrawals from the trading account

Unlike other forex brokers, XForex does not offer too many options to fill your own account with capital. For this you can use your own credit card as a trader or make a transfer from your bank account. The deposit is always possible from a sum of just 100 dollars. If the deposit is made by credit card, it is necessary to provide the provider with a copy. In this way, deposits can be made easier and faster in the future.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal methods
Zahlungsoptionen bei Xforex
Payment options: Credit card, UnionPay, bank transfer, online -Payment methods
Minimum deposit: 100 dollars
Fees: no
Account management possible in:|| |268 Dollar
Payout options: Credit card, UnionPay, bank transfer, online payment methods

On the XForex website you will also find a reference to Sofortüberweisung , CashU and other services that can process payments. In the FAQ, however, these are not explicitly listed as payment options. Here, the broker should definitely offer even more convenience and make other payment methods available.

This is how you can process payouts

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information on payouts on the website, so no Statement on any minimum and maximum amounts for payouts can be made. In principle, withdrawals should be just as easy after verification with this provider as deposits. Likewise, one can assume that payments can be made using the same payment methods. In any case, this offers traders a high degree of comfort and payouts can therefore be carried out very easily.

Security and regulation

At the broker, as a trader, you will find a comprehensive concept, which that brings safety to a high level. The broker is supervised and regulated by a number of authorities, which is primarily an advantage for a trader. Such a broker voluntarily submits to the control and supervision of various authorities and can therefore not carry out any dubious machinations. Therefore, it is fair to say that XForex is legit and has absolutely nothing to do with fraud. Trading in CFDs and Forex is not a rip-off either, although it is of course possible to lose money here. This is also the case when trading stocks or binary options.

Furthermore, money transactions are also well protected and all data is transmitted in encrypted form without exception. Thus, as a trader, you can benefit from safe and reliable trading with the XForex broker, which offers many options In order to be able to contact support quickly and easily, various ways of contacting are of course desirable. These are always available with this broker. As a trader, you have the option of sending the broker an email or using one of the many international hotlines. A hotline is also available for Kenya, so that questions can be answered quickly and in your own language. In addition, this provider also offers the option of using a live chat directly via the website.

Der Support und Kundendienst auf dem Prüfstand

Um bei Fragen oder auch auftretenden Problemen schnell und einfach mit dem Support in Kontakt treten zu können, sind diverse Wege zur Kontaktaufnahme natürlich wünschenswert. Diese stehen bei diesem Broker auch in jedem Fall bereit. Man hat so als Trader die Möglichkeit, dem Broker eine Mail zu senden oder aber eine der vielen, internationalen Hotlines zu nutzen. Auch für Deutschland steht dabei ein Hotline zur Verfügung, sodass Fragen schnell und in der eigenen Sprache geklärt werden können. Darüber hinaus gibt es bei diesem Anbieter auch die Möglichkeit, direkt über die Webseite einen Live-Chat zu beanspruchen.

The live chat is flexible and available in various languages. In this way, you can also discuss all questions in direct chat with an employee and hope for quick solutions. The broker offers a lot of convenience when making contact, but there is no callback service here. In the end, however, that is hardly relevant in the XForex test.

The user-friendliness of the website

Overall, the website is designed to be very customer-friendly and offers direct access to all relevant areas. With just a few clicks, the account information can be called up and the details of the regulation can also be found so quickly. Furthermore, as a trader or interested party, you can quickly call up the support area and start a live chat with just a few clicks.

The website is bright and friendly and is available in various languages. This also includes Canadian. There is therefore no language barrier when using the website of this broker, which is a great advantage for Canadian-speaking traders. This is especially true in comparison to other brokers, where there is often no website in Canadian.

Mobile App

There is one for iOS from Apple, for Windows Phone and for Android multifunctional and therefore very practical mobile app. You can simply download the app from the website or the corresponding app store and then install it on your smartphone or tablet. After that, the login is possible and your own trading account for CFD and Forex trading is always available on the go or on the sofa.

The mobile app is free and offers traders a variety of functions . So you can not only get an insight into your own account or an overview of what is happening on the market, but also actively participate in trading and place individual trades. Thus, the XForex app is always ideal for following the trade - so as a trader you can trade flexibly and with a high degree of comfort.

Conclusion: XForex offers a lot for its own traders a lot of potential

At the broker XForex you will find optimal conditions as a trader to trade currencies and CFDs effectively and easily. Not only does the extensive and varied regulation by a large number of authorities play an important role, other aspects are also relevant here. There is a practical mobile app and there are various training courses available for traders. With fixed spreads and attractive leverage, interesting and lucrative trading is possible.

A comprehensive trading range of more than 40 currencies and numerous CFDs offers a lot of variety and makes trading with this provider always varied . Finally, as a clear advantage in the XForex experience, one can also mention the bonuses that are paid here for the first deposit from 100 dollars. A bonus of up to 60 percent (or even more) is possible here, which can definitely be worthwhile for traders.

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Xforex is easy to trade with the web trader . There is a wide range of tradable values.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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