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xtb is a provider that was originally founded in Poland but now offers its services around the globe. In view of the international orientation and consequently the extremely broad target group, the online broker manages to make suitable offers for specific requirements through a wide selection of underlying assets and the offer of several account types. Among other things, investors can choose whether they want to trade on the basis of flexible or variable spreads, or whether they prefer a kind of flat rate for trading. There is an impressive selection of different products available for retail, with a well-structured range available from all product categories. The outstanding trading offer is flanked by many opportunities for investors to educate themselves.

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xtb is obviously an online broker that takes the interests of its customers very seriously in many respects. We have now tested this provider extensively and checked what investors can expect when they decide to open an account with xtb. Of course, we also dealt with the question of whether this provider is a reputable representative who attaches great importance to the security of customer data and deposits and puts a solid stop to fraud and rip-offs.

The most important experiences with xtb

Before we go into the individual results and experiences that we have had with the provider xtb, first an overview of the impressions that we collected in the test. With the online broker, investors have a service provider for trading in financial products on the Forex market and in CFD trading, which offers them a wide variety of options in various respects. In our experience, it is very possible that customer groups with the most varied of retail requirements will find what they are looking for with this provider. First of all, the selection of underlying assets made available for trading by xtb offers many opportunities to pursue different trading strategies and to benefit from a wide variety of global trends. Base values ​​from the categories of currency pairs, commodities, shares, indices and ETFs are available for this purpose, which go well beyond the known values ​​of the first row.

Companies X-Trade Brokers DM S.A. Canadian Branch
Address Mainzer Landstraße 47 60329 Frankfurt am Main
Registration number HRB 84148.
Regulation License no entry
telephone +49 (0) 69 2475 249- 0
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
Callback No
Service times|| |141 keine Angabe

But as is well known, the selection of trading options alone is not enough to have long-term success on the market and not to let trading become pure gambling. It is also important to always get the latest market information and to convert this into promising trading strategies. This is also taken care of by the provider xtb and the investor can also rely on a solid offer beyond the trade. Worth mentioning here is a personal advisor who can be used with any of the three available account models without incurring additional costs.

Overall, xtb can be rated as an online broker that offers its customers a comprehensive trading offer also offers the full service and support that is necessary for a long-term and successful trading career.

Is xtb legit or not?

The overall very positive impression we got from xtb also fits in with the realization that this is a thoroughly solid and reputable online broker, where there is no need to fear rip-offs or fraud. Since the provider offers its business from different locations, different supervisory authorities are also responsible. Canadian customers will be particularly interested in the fact that xtb is also approved by BaFin as a financial service provider in Canadiany. However, since the company's headquarters are in Warsaw, the Polish supervisory authority is also responsible for regulation. As an EU member state, Poland is also obliged to apply the strict EU requirements, so that investors can rely on compliance with the current standards.

Large selection of stocks at xtb

Um die Möglichkeiten für den Handel, sowie die damit verbundenen Konditionen zu überblicken, ist es zunächst notwendig, sich mit dem System auseinanderzusetzen, welches der Online Broker xtb in diesem Zusammenhang entworfen hat. Grundsätzlich stehen dabei drei verschiedene Kontotypen zur Auswahl, bei denen jeweils eine spezifische Betrachtung der Konditionen vorgenommen werden muss. Dabei steht zunächst das Konto Basic zur Auswahl, daneben kann die Kontoversion Standard gewählt werden, sowie das Konto mit der Bezeichnung Pro. Erfreulich ist zunächst, dass bei allen Kontoversionen prinzipiell die gleichen Zusatzleistungen, wie etwa das umfangreiche Schulungsangebot, genutzt werden können. Auch der maximale Hebel ist mit einer Wirkung von 1:200 bei allen Typen identisch. Der Hauptunterschied der verfügbaren Kontotypen liegt dagegen darin, ob und in welcher Form die Spreads berechnet werden. Bei der Kontoversion Basic können die Trader dabei mit fixen Spreads handeln, während bei der Kontoversion Standard variable Spreads berechnet werden, die sich an der jeweiligen Marktsituation orientieren.

For intensive traders, the Pro account version also offers the option available to trade at the original market spreads. However, fixed monthly fees are due, which are based on the lot sizes that are traded. With a fee of 199 euros, up to 49.9 lots can be traded at the market spread, from a monthly fee of 1,499 euros unlimited trading operations can then be carried out at the original market spread.

Trade directly on the website of the provider
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But of course you can also trade with the other account versions at very competitive conditions. The fixed spread for the highly liquid euro/dollar ratio is 0.00016 points, while a value of 0.00012 can be expected for the variable spread. The original market spread for this product averages 0.00003 points.

Ultimately, it depends on individual trading habits which account is the cheapest. In our experience, it makes sense to start with the Standard account first, in order to analyze after about a month whether it would have been cheaper to trade with another account version. Switching to another version is possible without any problems.

A quick look at the trading offer itself: In each of the categories there is a wide selection of values ​​that has been put together quite sensibly. Depending on the account type, you can choose between around 50 currency pairs, 15 indices and 15 commodities. The selection of CFDs on shares and ETFs, where around 1,500 different products can be traded, is also much broader. You can bet on the most important global stocks as well as on some small caps. In the ETF area, various indices with a regional and industry-specific focus are also available. In any case, there is a high variety for trading, whereby generally favorable conditions can be assumed.

Currently no bonus for new customers

All in all, we have the online broker xtb as one got to know a very professional provider with a very wide range and many possibilities. If you now hope that there is also a bonus in the form of additional trading capital for this good offer, you will be disappointed. However, we do not want to interpret this fact to the detriment of the provider, because our experience has shown that many bonus offers are nothing more than incentives that motivate traders to behave differently in trading due to the conditions that apply in their context should. For example, a balance that has been significantly expanded by an additional bonus tempts many investors to adopt a riskier investment strategy.

On the other hand, providers who do not offer such a bonus offer a clear view of the actual conditions and possibilities. In any case, the broker has a lot to offer here.

Possibilities for deposits and withdrawals

Before real money can be used on the markets, it is first with xtb once necessary that the trading account is equipped with the required capital. To make it as easy as possible for investors, xtb also offers several methods that can be used for financial transactions. All methods are free of charge on the part of the provider, although some provider-specific fees must of course be expected.

First of all, the conventional bank transfer can be used. After registration, the investor receives bank details and a number to identify his personal account, which must be specified when making the transfer. In our experience, one working day can be expected for the money to be available on the trading account. The investor has to be even less patient if he uses the credit card for the deposit. The three most important providers are accepted with Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. As a rule, the transferred credit is available for trading after just a few minutes. In addition, the online providers PayPal and PayU can also be used, and rapid processing can also be expected.

Payment methods
Diese Methoden stehen für Zahlungen zur Verfügung
Payment options: Bank transfer, MasterCard , VISA, Maestro, PayPal, PayU
Minimum deposit: not applicable
Fees: No
Account management possible in: US Dollar, Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

Payments can only be made to the reference account, which is at specified in the registration. The payouts are ordered either directly via the customer's account, via a payout form or under a special telephone number. In our experience, it can also be expected that the paid credit will arrive in the customer account after one day.

Regulation at EU level

Regarding the precautions taken with regard to the Security of customer deposits are made by the provider, customers can be sure that the standards applicable in the EU are observed. The online broker is headquartered in Warsaw, and is therefore subject to European legal regulations, which are regulated by the relevant Polish authority. These stipulate, among other things, that certain security standards must be observed for equity capital in order to ensure the provider's liquidity. However, customer deposits cannot be accessed, as these are managed in separate accounts with banks that have been checked for creditworthiness. In this way, the customers' money remains safe even in the event that the company xtb should become insolvent. So there is no need to fear fraud or rip-off with this provider.

High standards of support and customer service

The customers of the provider xtb do not have to make any compromises when it comes to help and Get support from the online broker. First of all, xtb has its own branch in Frankfurt am Main, which investors can contact directly if they have problems. Even if no specific business hours are given, it can be assumed that someone can usually be reached during trading hours. Of course, email is also available to contact the service team. A live chat is offered as a third option, but communication is in English. The offer in the area of ​​support at xtb also includes the fact that the investor can use a number of options to expand and expand his trading knowledge step by step. For example, regular and free webinars are also available in Canadian. Furthermore, regular and up-to-date market analyzes can also be used to underpin one's own trading decisions. A special market radio is also available, which can be used to access interviews with market experts, for example. So there is no lack of content and impulses for systematic trading at xtb.

Sensible structure of the website

Where a large selection of options is available, it is of course all the more important that these can be targeted by the user. Here, too, the provider xtb helps with a clever design and a systematic structure of the website that both sporadic visitors and regular users of the website can find their way around quickly and reliably. A special tool makes it easy for the user of the website to access specific content on the website. With just a few clicks, the visitor gets to an overview page where he can find out about the most important conditions that have to be taken into account in connection with the selected account type. The design and layout of the pages makes an unexcited impression, the content is limited to the essential and necessary information. The platforms that are available for trading also impress with their well-structured and intuitive structure. In principle, you can choose between the xStation and MetaTrader4 solutions.

Mobile trading with the app

In addition to extensive and professional trading options, unrestricted flexibility is one of the features that investors nowadays can expect from an online broker. Flexibility is created above all by the fact that trading cannot be operated solely from the home computer, but is also available on the go via mobile devices. This option is also implemented at xtb through an app that investors can download onto their smartphones. Based on the trading software of the xStation, two versions are available that have been optimized for Android and iOS. In this way, the investor not only keeps an eye on developments on the markets, but can also react quickly by changing or re-entering an order. In addition, a number of functions can be used that are also available via the standard version.

Conclusion - professional trading at xtb

The online broker xtb offers its customers highly professional trading, by giving them access to numerous markets and therefore a huge range of products. But the trading options alone are not enough; numerous variations and options are also offered with which the investor can optimize the costs and fee structure in relation to his trading strategy. A fully functional demo account is also available to get a feel for trading. In order to systematically build up trading knowledge and experience, a wide range of educational opportunities is also provided. In addition, investors can rely on a thoroughly reputable partner who attaches great importance to the security of their deposits and who handles all transactions fairly and reliably. Thus, customers do not need to fear fraud or rip-off.

Roland Herrmann
The educational offer from xtb helps every trader!
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

Note: Trading CFDs also involves a certain amount of risk. Therefore, please note our risk warning!

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