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The platform fromYoBit.Net has not yet made a particularly big impression in Canadian-speaking countries. This does not have to be proof of the bad work, but in this case it should have something to do with the missing Canadian translation. At first glance, the provider has a lot to offer, since numerous exotic coins can be traded in addition to well-known coins. What that means exactly for traders and what our YoBit.Net experiences look like in detail, we will now take a close look at below.

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Our first look at the YoBit.Net test report is on the seriousness of the provider. After all, every user wants to be able to rely on safe trading that actually flushes the return into their own wallet. There have been some dubious offers on the market in recent years, but YoBit.Net is clearly not one of them. The provider offers great protection for its users and works reliably and seriously. In our opinion, doubts about the correct way of working are superfluous.

Overview of our YoBit.Net experiences

First of all, it can be mentioned that the users of YoBit.Net go directly into the trade can get in. When you open the start page, the trading interface is called up immediately, in which numerous price values ​​and developments can be seen. At first glance, the whole thing seems a bit unsorted, but after a short familiarization phase, every user should be able to orientate himself.

More than 100 currencies are traded here, including well-known majors such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as some exotic coins belong. In addition, YoBit.Net offers a wallet for the corresponding coins, so that they can also be conveniently stored with the provider. Not quite so typical for bitcoin exchanges: Dice, a dice game in which bitcoins can be won and of course lost, can also be found directly on the platform’s homepage.

Company YoBit. Net
Registration Number
Phone –| ||121
E-mail Ticket system
Live Chat No

In our experience, an essential part of the offer is also the chat for the users. This is quite helpful for beginners, as often interesting news and messages can be followed. The chat is available in various languages, including Canadian. However, the website is only available in English, Russian and Chinese so far. In general, it can be said that the provider is very reluctant to provide information. If questions or ambiguities arise, however, a ticket or a private message can be written to the support.

YoBit.Net Check: Fraud or serious?

That a YoBit.Net fraud or the provider proves that a rip-off can be ruled out on various levels. For one thing, many users trust the provider, which is always a sign of a job well done. In addition, great importance is attached to the protection of user data and their coins. All sensitive user information is protected with SSL encryption. In addition to this, users can rest assured that most of their assets will be secured in a cold wallet, protecting them from access by hackers or criminals. In addition, the entire platform is secured with DDOS protection against attacks from outside.

Of course, the two-factor authentication is not missing here either, after all it can be described as the absolute standard on the market. This ensures that a security key is required in addition to the login to access your own account. The yobit codes must also be entered for the processing of transactions, which means additional protection. In this respect, we can clearly state that YoBit.Net has put a lot of thought into user protection and offers a secure framework for trading.

Overview of what YoBit.Net offers

At YoBit.Net, visitors to the website basically go straight into trading, because the main part of the website is the trading interface. An additional download is not required, after opening an account and depositing you can start trading immediately. The account opening can of course be done free of charge, the step is carried out by clicking on the "Registration" button, which can be found at the top of the website.

The YoBit.Net website
Die Homepage von yobit.netMarket bei yobit.net

Zunächst einmal werden sich die Besucher sicherlich orientieren müssen, da die zahlreichen Informationen und Kurse auf den ersten Blick durchaus Verwirrung stiften können. Wiederum gleich beim ersten Hinsehen verständlich ist der Kurschart, der sich im oberen Bereich der Webseite befindet. Hier können verschiedene Filter für die Anzeigen definiert werden, so dass zum Beispiel Verläufe der letzten Stunden, Tage oder sogar Monate möglich sind. Das Order-Buch lässt sich in diesem Bereich ebenfalls abrufen. Wiederum noch ein Stück weiter oben findet sich der Bereich „Market“. Ein Klick hier zeigt die Auflistung aller aktiven Währungspaare, bei denen es sich nicht selten um mehrere Tausend handelt. Mit dabei sind zahlreiche prominente Paare, wie zum Beispiel BTC/USD, BTC/RUR, ETH/USD oder DASH/BTC. Darüber hinaus können hier auch viele exotische Paare gehandelt werden.

If you want to get a closer look at the currencies, you should head to the "CoinsInfo" area in the trading interface. The individual currencies are all listed here, a total of well over 150 coins. As already mentioned, in addition to majors such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash, minors such as UCoin, TrickyCoin, iCash or Crave can also be traded. All in all, a very interesting portfolio, which should also be interesting for all experienced traders due to the large selection. The dice game Dice, which is also offered in manyBitcoin Casinos, is at least worth a mention. The users have to decide whether the number rolled is above or below a certain value and in the best case they can book a profit.

YoBit.Net's fees

YoBit.Net charges a fee of 0.20 percent when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This value applies across the board, so it is completely independent of the value or volume of a trade. A pleasant decision for customers, especially since 0.20 percent can be described as perfectly reasonable and average. The provider does not provide any reason for complaint in this context.

Deposits and withdrawals

In general, it can be said about deposits and withdrawals that the overview of the payment options and possible Fees is only available to logged in users. This is a bit unfortunate, because for many traders, possible fees are a reason to accept or reject the offer. Nonetheless, there are some interesting options available with credit cards, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Qiwi and bank transfer. The bank transfer is certainly only partially attractive, since a certain waiting time always has to be accepted. Whether fees are charged for the deposits can be seen in the cash register area of ​​the platform. However, fees are by no means incurred for all transactions.

Payment options at YoBit.Net
Payment options: Qiwi, bank transfer, credit card, Perfect Money, Webmoney
Minimum deposit:
Fees: variable
Account management possible in: EUR , RUR, USD, CHY
Payout options: Bank transfer, credit card, Qiwi

According to our YoBit.Net experience, payouts are also associated with fees in some cases, where again the checkout area of ​​the provider should be checked. The transactions are processed with the known payment options, whereby the time it takes for the account to be credited depends on the respective payment method.

Security and regulation

Only very few providers can nowadays have a license from a regulatory authority. YoBit.Net is no exception, but this is not due to the dubious way of working, but simply to the unregulated market. Nevertheless, every user can rely on an absolutely secure framework. There are several reasons for this, such as the secure two-factor authentication for access to the trading account. In addition, the provider protects itself and its users with the help of SSL encryption and DDOS protection. The data and stocks are therefore well protected against access by criminals. These factors indicate that fraud can be ruled out.

The separate storage of assets is also interesting in this context. Only a very small part of the inventory is kept in a hot wallet for day-to-day business and is therefore potentially and theoretically at risk of being attacked by hackers or other criminals. The larger part of the inventory is in a cold wallet and is therefore not accessible to criminals at all.

Customer Support

If anything is unclear, users can contact YoBit.Net contact customer support. A telephone hotline or live chat is not available, but there is a classic and widely used ticket system. This enables a message to be sent, which ideally will be answered after a few hours. Canadian users have to take the language into account, because support only answers in English. At least a few small language skills would be an advantage here. In addition, a private email can be sent to support, which in this case is just another name for the ticket system. This private mail isn't any faster.

In our opinion, it's also a bit of a pity that there is currently no FAQ area at all. Thus, no user has the chance to search for the answer to his question himself. This is a bit unfortunate, because normally an FAQ section can be counted as part of the "basic equipment" of all Bitcoin exchanges. In the area of ​​customer support, the maximum has not yet been reached and there is potential for improvement.

Usability of YoBit.Net

Admittedly, YoBit.Net's portfolio may seem overwhelming at first glance. The entire website is filled with rates, currencies and history. It is therefore not easy for newcomers to find their way around here. However, we can also give the all-clear, because after a short time the ambiguities should have disappeared. In principle, the design is even and can be described as absolutely minimalist. The platform offers a huge portfolio and tries to present it as “lean” as possible. In our eyes with success. However, at this point I would like to point out once again: Unfortunately, the homepage cannot yet be called up in Canadian.

Mobile App

The fact that the provider does not have a mobile app is quite surprising YoBit.Net App provides. Most providers now rely on a mobile alternative, so that users can easily trade their currencies while on the go. Here, however, you have to go back to the website because the mobile display has not been optimized. So if you want to access the mobile offer with your smartphone or tablet, you should have good eyesight, because all parts of the website are extremely small. A download app is not available at all.

Conclusion: Stable offer without major highlights

According to our YoBit.Net experience, the large selection in the portfolio can be described as the real flagship of the provider leave. Several thousand currency pairs can often be traded, and the list of coins also includes well over 150 different currencies. In addition to the prominent representatives such as Bitcoin, there are also many minors to be found here, which the majority of users may not yet be familiar with. In any case, it can be said that the platform is primarily suitable for experienced users. Other Bitcoin Exchanges are a bit more sorted in their appearance and can therefore be described as a little easier to understand for beginners. Nevertheless, according to our experience, nothing stands in the way of safe and successful trading.

Steffen Breitner
YoBit.Net offers a large selection Commercial values ​​and is therefore also suitable for experts.
3.5 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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