Our yuan Pay Group experiences 2022

You want to invest in Bitcoin and make money with the exchange of cryptocurrencies? You shouldnot necessarily rely on Yuan Pay Group as a broker, as our test has shown. Because: We have received many disturbing reports, so that we have done further investigations. According to our Yuan Pay Group experience, it is better to rely on reputable companies likeBinance to really make the most of your investments.

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What awaits you below? We'll show youwhat distinguishes a good provider from a bad one and what you need to look out for when making your choice before registering. We also make it clear why Yuan Pay Group is not necessarily one of the trustworthy providers and why you should by no means rely on the company.

Yuan Pay Group experiences at a glance

We looked at the ratings and reviews for the Yuan Pay Group broker and found that there are hardly any real customer reviews to see. Instead, there are false reviews of fictitious people on the website as well ashigh promises and facts that are definitely not true. But more on that later.

Die Webseite der Yuan Pay Group.

If you search online for the Yuan Pay Group Broker, you will findmany negative impressions of the company. According to our Yuan Pay Group test, most of the positive reviews come from the broker itself and can be found on the website. Since these impressions can hardly be trusted, we cannot completely rule out a Yuan Pay Group fraud.

Therefore we suspect Yuan Pay Group fraud

How the company was able to win customers? This is a system that many black sheep in the industry follow. In this way, users are specifically addressed who are looking for opportunities to invest in Bitcoin and who registerfor example for a newsletter. The provider then usually sends e-mails that initially do not indicate a supposed Yuan Pay Group Fake and invite you to register.

The purpose of the whole thing is to get you to register. Why? Because this is the first step in getting you as a customer. This is usually followed byhuman contact, which should convince you further.

This is how you can recognizeYuan Pay Group| ||117 Betrug:

  • Intrusive online ads
  • Simple registration form
  • Call center calls
  • Wrong reviews

Once you are registered, you will receive numerous call center calls. These should further convince you to deposit money with the company. That's not surprising either: With aminimum amount of $250 per customer the company's amounts add up quickly.

Die gefälschte Rezension von Prominenten zur Yuan Pay Group.

That alone should make you think of a think possible Yuan Pay Group fraud. However,often statements from celebrities from China are also used as advertising to gain trust. Yuan Pay Group did not do this. The fictitious ratings are in the foreground as an indication of the lack of trustworthiness.

Yuan Pay Group Test: What we know about this broker

A lot can also be found about the company on comparison websites. This shows that so far no customer has had a positive experience with the provider, so you should not assume that you are really making money here. We therefore find that the provider is on a wavelength with brokers likePatron FX andBitcoin Bank that you should definitely avoid. Also ourBitcoin Exchange Blacklist you should take a look to avoid black sheep in the industry. If our Yuan Pay Group test showed anything, it's thatover-advertising is an important indicator of lack of security.

You think that you already been cheated? Here are our tips

You think you've already been affected by a Yuan Pay Group Fake? Then you shouldn't let the supposed Yuan Pay Group rip-off sit on you - after all, this is a lot of money that is required as a minimum contribution. Check out theBaFin to find reviews on the company andstop all deposits. You can also seek legal assistance to claim any damages.

Safe Alternatives to Yuan Pay Group

Of course, there are some alternatives among theForex brokers andCFD brokers that offer you safe opportunities to increase your capital with the help of cryptocurrencies. From our point of view, this also includes the companyeToro, which can fulfill all important security features. For example, the provider isequipped with a European license. You will also find a demo version here, with which you can practice in advance and get to know the website first. A good exercise before you start buying Bitcoin.

Yuan Pay Group compared to eToro

If you compare Yuan Pay Group seriously with eToro, you will immediately notice several important differences. In contrast to eToro, Yuan Pay Group is not licensed and is not listed with institutions such as CySec. These are already strong indications of possible fraud, so you should not register with the Yuan Pay Group Broker. eToro, on the other hand, has complied withall important security features.

Yuan Pay Group vs eToro Yuan Pay Group eToro
Is the broker registered and has a trading license? ✔️
Is the broker on the CONSOB register or at CySec listed? ✔️
Is the company located in a non-tax haven country? ❌| ||210 ✔️
Does the provider point out any risks? ✔️
Are the ads and reviews real ? ✔️
Have users made any profit with this broker at all? ✔️| ||240

An dieser Stelle möchten wir euch wieder verdeutlichen: Mit einer Anlage in Kryptowährungen und dem Geschäft derselben you always take a risk. This is also the case with the best broker, which you should think about beforehand.

Introduction to investing in Bitcoin safely

Want to invest in Bitcoin in a safe way? Then you should contacteToro and register with the provider. The process does not take long and requires little information, so that you can start depositing and investing after a short time. It may be that averification of your account is due. However, this is quickly completed if you submit the relevant documents.

Conclusion on Yuan Pay Group

You want to invest money in cryptocurrencies and came across Yuan Pay Group? Then you can now breathe a sigh of relief and confidently choose a better provider - because this one is definitelynot the right place for safe investing. But don't worry: We have enough alternatives for you.

Roland Herrmann
eToro keeps a reserve of 20,000 euros per customer for your protection serves.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann

We have all secure providers viewed after we had our own Yuan Pay Group experience. Of all the providers tested, eToro caught our eye the most as a crypto trading platform. Why? Because this company has really proven itself andcares about your security.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

On this one We would like to go into more detail on frequently asked questions so that we can give you everything you need to take with you. You still haveObscurities and questions? Then you've come to the right place.

Does Yuan Pay Group really work?

OurYuan Pay Group experiencesaccording to our experience you can not be sure with this provider that you can make real profits with the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Instead, there are many indications that this is a dubious provider with little beneficial intentions that you should avoid.

Why is Yuan Pay Group a scam?

You can we are not talking about aYuan Pay Group fraud, but there are many indications that the provider does not work seriously. For example, there is a lack of a license, but also security measures for your payments. A very high minimum payment is also required.

Are there safe alternatives?

If you want tosafe alternatives you are right with us. We have selected the best companies for you and will show you what is important for them. You will encounter numerous advantages here, which is why we can also recommend registering all round.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

OurComparison|| |305 nach gibt es einige wichtige Kriterien, die ihr für die optimale Auswahl beachten könnt. So sollte der jeweilige Anbieter eine Lizenz europäischer Art mitbringen und eure Zahlungen verschlüsselt absichern. Des Weiteren ist es wichtig, dass der Anbieter seriös vorgeht und einen erstklassigen Kundenservice bereithalten kann.

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