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Ta Petro

Diesel, Unleaded and Alternative Fuel

TA and Petro gas stations across the United States

Fast, Quality Fueling For All

Saving you time at the pump with the industry-best dispensing technology for a more efficient fueling process. TA and Petro fueling stations located across the United States, are customer focused and committed to value! Whether you're stopping for diesel, unleaded gasoline or an alternative fuel, we have you covered.   

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Tax Exemption Forms

If you refuel in Indiana, the state may consider your sales tax exempt. Click here for more information

truck driver pumping diesel gas in semi

Diesel & DEF Fuel

Diesel exhaust fluid will help you to reduce the amount of air pollution created by your diesel engine. Bulk DEF is available nationwide with on-island DEF dispensers.

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Consumer Gasoline

We offer quality fuel you can depend on at the value you deserve! Get better performance and gas mileage for your vehicle when filling at one of our convenient locations.

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alternative fuels electric charging station

Alternative Fuels

From LNG to Ethanol to electric charging stations, we are always on the cutting edge of new technologies that help the environment as well as the life of your vehicle.  

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